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Going by the system of Vedic astrology, Revati nakshatra happens to be the twenty seventh one in the cosmic firmament. Deriving its divine power from ‘Pushan’- one of the twelve Adityas, Revati nakshatra completes the entire series of birth stars.

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Revati രേവതി ரேவதி రేవతి रेवती

Basic information about Revati Birth Star

Existing in the zodiac sign of Pisces, Revathi nakshatra etymologically implies power to transcend. Endowed with an intrinsic hopefulness, the nakshatra includes in itself the potential to see beyond the mundane mediocrities characterizing everyday existence.

Apart from this being one of its general characteristics, Revathi nakshatra with the predominating influence of Saturn and Jupiter; upholds the general characteristics of idealism, benevolence and sustenance. Another essential characteristic of this nakshatra is its ‘Kshiradyapani Shakti’- by virtue of which it is able to protect and nourish, despite its essential detachment.

General characteristics of Revati Nakshatra

As one of the most pleasant nakshatras, natives born under its benign influence reflect elegantly polished sense of refinement in their personality trait. In spite of their helpfulness and elements of graceful sociability; they are potentially capacitate in remaining untouched by pressures of situations. Seldom affected by twists and turns, theirs is a gracefully illumined presence with streaks of knowledge and educational excellence.

Bearing proportionately elegant features and physique, their poise and cordiality together with wisdom and fathoming ability are the leading facets of their personality traits. It also includes in its purview wonderfully keen intellectual acumen together with the passion for learning.

Behavioral characteristics

Reflecting affectionately caring ways in their behavioral characteristics, natives born under the predominating influence of Revati nakshatra do not mind reaching out to people. Sympathetic approach to people and situations leads them into commanding awe, reverence and love. Ability to reach out and serve others being the major fulcrum of their behavioral characteristics, they are often seen holding magical sway over others.

Interestingly, in spite of their fine tuned social skills; a sense of detachment from the surrounding practicalities characterizes their behavioral mannerisms. Looking beyond the physical reality, they are prone to inhabiting the world of fantasy and imagination. Strict compliance with the calls of conscience is another asset of their behavioral characteristic.

Positive traits

Besides being pillar of strength and support to people and society at large, their orientation towards religion, ethics and principles counts amongst such natives’ positive traits. Similarly appreciable are their sense of decorum, sophistication and culture. Intrinsically constructive by nature, their optimism is another aspect of their positive trait.

Negative traits

Owing to the malefic influence of certain planets natives may be susceptible to idleness and depression. Apart from these, his strict adherence to principle and expected norms of behavior may give way to the negative traits of obstinacy, temper and head strong ways. This in turn may contribute to the negative traits of orthodoxy and superstition.

Career Options for Revati Nakshatra Born People

Career opportunities based on scientific research, archaeological survey, poetry and literature are suitable for natives with Revathi in ascendance. Putting into use his wisdom and social acumen he can also be successful in careers related to administration, astrology and astronomy.

Revati Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

According to the principles of nakshatra obstruction, Magha and Revati are mutually incompatible. In keeping with the norms of instinctive compatibility or ‘yoni kuta’, Bharani and Revathi are most compatible, with both being symbolized by male and female elephants respectively. Elephant’s hostility with lion makes it incompatible to Purva Bhadrapada and Dhanistha; on the other hand its friendly orientation towards monkey, sheep and snake makes it compatible to nakshatra symbolized by the same. Consequently, Revathi nakshatra finds itself on a compatible wave length with Shravana, Uttaraashada, Krittika, Rohini and Pushya nakshatras.