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All about the 4th nakshatra Rohini

In the entire celestial horizon, Rohini nakshatra or 'Aldebaran' is supposed to be one of the brightest possible stars. Governed by 'Brahma' who epitomizes the essence of creation; Rohini nakshatra symbolizing essential fertility is depicted by cart drawn by a couple of oxen.

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Rohini രോഹിണി ரோகிணி రోహిణి रोहिणी

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Basic information about Rohini birth star

Governed by 'Prajapati Brahma' and led by the planetary influence of moon, general characteristics involving Rohini nakshatra encompass the essence of fertility, conception, growth and development. The highly productive birth star epitomizes the quintessence of natural growth, sustenance and development. Redness associated with this birth star brings out its general characteristics of passionate warmth and vigor.

Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics

Personality traits of natives born under the birth star of Rohini include apparent calmness and gentleness. Intrinsically stable with an aura of poise and serenity, people belonging to Rohini Nakshatra, exude substantial charm and sex appeal. With their attractive physical features and essential charm, they rely more on gestures rather than words in turning a situation to their advantage.

In their personality traits they display their orientation towards nature and environment. Essentially creative, imaginative and talented; question of personal gain or success generally depends on their ability to combine imagination with action.

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In spite, of their intriguing calmness natives born under the influence of Rohini nakshatra display an ardent desire for creativity and self expression in their behavioral characteristics. With art and creativity being the star's main fulcrum, the natives of Rohini nakshatra often shape out as paragons of art and ingenuity. With perseverance and strong familial ties marking their behavioral characteristics, they can also give in to fleeting spells of imagination and restlessness. At times, they prefer being a part of their self created world of make-belief.

They are equally appreciative of beauties and decorative luxuries of life. Persevering and hard working natives thus reap the benefits of creative ingenuity together with material success. Sensitivity and vulnerability to emotions also count among the leading behavioral attributes of such natives.

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Positive traits of natives born under the ascendance of Rohini Nakshatra include their temperamental sweetness and gentleness. In their creative and imaginative ingenuity, they outshine the natives born under other birth stars. Essentially fine tuned they seldom get into fits of temper. Softly affectionate nature which does not hold offence or revenge is one of their leading positive traits. Natives upholding a blend of perseverance and imagination are generally found prospering.

Lack of purpose and stability characterizing the natives influenced by Rohini Nakshatra count among their major negative traits. Owing to their susceptibility to imagination, they often prefer idle imagination to action and struggle. Indecision and fickle mindedness and lack of singularity also feature amongst their negative traits. It also includes the lack of endurance and patience.

Career Options for Rohini Nakshatra Born People

Natives born under the star sign of Rohini can turn out to be efficient sculptors, artistes, musicians, danseuse and creative directors. Photography and editing can also feature among their career options. They can curve a niche in careers related to agriculture and environment. They can make mileage out of career options including advertisement, writing, marketing and jewelry designing.

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Rohini Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Mrigashirsha nakshatra symbolized by the creative source of a female snake is the most compatible nakshatra with regard to Rohini. Uttara Ashada nakshatra symbolized by the 'yoni' of male mongoose happens to be the most non-compatible. Ashwini and Bharani nakshatras along with their female counterparts in Revathi and Shatabhisa are compatible with Rohini nakshatra.

As a nakshatra symbolized by the 'yoni' of snake, it is neutral to male and female counterparts of tiger. Apart from its compatibility to the mentioned ones and neutrality to Vishakha and Chitra, Rohini is inimical or incompatible to the remaining birth stars.