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Inhabiting the realm of Aquarius, Satabhisha nakshatra, ruled by the planetary power of Saturn and divine power of Varuna; symbolizes spiritual and physical healing. The lunar node of ‘Rahu’ also has its influence on Satabhisha nakshatra.

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Shatabhisha ചതയം (Chatayam) சதயம் (Satayam) శతభిష (Satabhisa) शतभिषक् (Shathabhishak)

Satabhisha Nakshatra September 2023

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Timing
Sep 27 07:10 AM - Sep 28 04:29 AM Duration: 21 hour 18 minutes Next is Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra →

Next Shatabhisha timing is on Oct 24 03:28 PM - Oct 25 01:30 PM

View October 24, 2023 Panchang → * Timing is in IST for Ujjain, India

Basic information about Satabhisha Birth Star

Also known as the ‘veiling star’; Satabhisha nakshatra involves the general characteristics of mysticism, spirituality, secretive vision apart from healing. The star symbol of ‘empty circle’; representing this nakshatra pertains to the realm of illusory perception or ‘maya’. Attraction for the cosmic reality and a mysterious inclination towards concealment are the other general characteristics of Satabhisha nakshatra. Etymologically connoting the concept of medication or ‘bhesaja’; Satabhisha nakshatra influences varying forms of aquatic life.

General characteristics of Satabhisha Nakshatra

Essentially opinionative by nature, natives of Satabhisha nakshatra include in their personality traits the elements of care and healing. Often found to be secretive and visionary, their personality traits uphold a blend of rational and mystical aspects. With their intrinsic affinity with reclusive loneliness, such natives are as much prone to scientific attitude as to philosophy, meditation and reflection. Intrinsically characterized by strong likes and dislikes, the natives of Sathabhisa nakshatra can give in to bouts of depression and mood swings. Etymologically implying “hundred physicians”, they include in their personality traits of remedy and healing.

Behavioral characteristics

Usually conventional in their behavioral characteristics, natives of Satabhisha nakshatra do not believe in going beyond the trodden paths of tradition and convention. Endowed with a keen intellect and power of intuition, natives are found to be hardworking and methodical in their approach. Strict adherence to discipline and rigid compliance with norms also characterize their behavioral characteristics. As far as social interaction is concerned, they keep to a limited circle of friends and acquaintances; seldom going beyond it. With their essential regard for simplicity and tradition, the natives are found to be spendthrift in their dress and desires. Despite their intrinsic attraction for philosophy, spirituality and celestial domain, they are also acutely rational and scientific.

Positive Traits

Natives born with Satabhisha in their ascendance reveal the positive traits of hard work, determination and discipline. Reason and research oriented nature with an emphasis on tradition also counts amongst their positive traits. It also includes in its purview the ability to cure and heal. Powers of intuition and meditation along with a bent for educational excellence are equally appreciable traits. Methodical approaches together with pleasing skills of presentation also characterize the positive facets of their personality. Endowed with sharp and impressive features; their intellectual faculty together with powerful memory are also to be included in their positive traits.

Negative Traits

Susceptible to obstinacy, they are usually adamant and head strong. Apart from these, their farfetched seriousness and flair for loneliness also count amongst the leading negative traits. Given to bouts of angry outbursts and depression, negative traits of such natives include in their unfriendly mannerisms, inadaptability, long drawn insistence on tradition and inability to innovate. Laziness, rudeness and absence of social skills also characterize their negative traits.

Career Options for Satabhisha Nakshatra Born People

On account of their academically oriented nature, memory and skilled faculty of intuition; they shine exceptionally in careers revolving around medicine and psychology. Career opportunities revolving around astrology and astronomy are also suitable for them. Owing to the predominating influence of Rahu, natives of the given nakshatra are prone to making careers out of politics, business and in those areas where leadership skills are required.

Satabhisha Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Represented by the ‘yoni’ of male horse and female horse respectively; Ashwini and Shatabhisha are instinctively compatible. Likewise with horses’ instinctive compatibility to snake and monkey; the nakshatra is also compatible to Rohini, Mrigashira, Purvaashada and Shravana nakshatras. Bearing in mind, the nakshatra’s instinctive inimicality with buffalo; both Hasta and Swati nakshatras are incompatible to it. According to the principle of ‘Veda dosha’ also Satabhisha and Hasta are mutually incompatible.

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