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Swati nakshatra is the 15th of the 27 nakshatras according to Hindu astrological beliefs. This corresponds to the western star name Arcturus. This nakshatra is a symbol of creativity and art and freedom.

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Swati ചോതി (Chothi) சுவாதி (Swathi) స్వాతి (Swati) स्वाती

Basic information about the nakshatra

"Swati" which means purity or more precisely the pure first drop of rain, defines the characteristics of this star. The Sanskrit word also means sword that indicates sharpness or talent as exhibited by the natives of this nakshatra. The nakshatra in fact spans through the constellation Scorpio. This arena is owned by the Lord Vayu and is also impacted by Rahu. As a result, both of these leave their effects on the nakshatra, imparting it attributes such as independence, spontaneity, complete freedom and restless behavior.

The individuals are generally characterized by self confidence and immense knowledge that they possess.

General characteristics of Swati nakshatra

The natives of Swati nakshatra are people of strong resolve and huge self confidence. Their freedom of thought or expression, possession of immense knowledge and revolting any kind of confinement in their work or other areas are the most prominent personality traits that can be noticed. They are good learners and have excellent communication skills. Their curious outlook and flexibility to handle situations of life are among the other personality traits which can be observed easily.

Behavioral Characteristics

They are quite affable and friendly in nature, but due to effect of Vayu, adamant attitude is one of the conspicuous behavioral characteristics that they generally possess. The natives are very helpful and are proactive in helping someone who needs their help provided it does not conflict with their freedom. They do not like criticism of their work or criticism in general. There not being impacted much by the position or stature of a person and giving them limited respect is another behavioral characteristic that can be easily noticed.

Positive Traits

Mentioning the positive traits of the individuals belonging to this nakshatra, they are very knowledgeable and witty, they have a high self respect and posses a strong liking to work in freedom, and that is to say they are very much independent and competent. They are god fearing and religious people and are helpful and truthful in nature which defines some other positive traits found in these people.

Negative Traits

Although with so many positive features to their personality, their being strong freedom centric attracts some of the negative traits found commonly in these individuals. They are generally found to be stubborn and adamant. They are not ready to listen on work with some people if they feel that their freedom is even slightly compromised. This may lead to disturbance in the work life and personal life also. The other negative traits generally found are restlessness and uncertainty in decision making. Because of these traits they may not be very popular in the society.

Career options for Swati nakshatra born people

The intelligence and knowledge that these natives generally posses make them excellent in their professional lives. In spite of this fact, they tend to get success in the later part of their lives and not in the earlier stages. Their career interest is generally in the financial and legal domains where they can utilize the skills to the maximum. Apart from that they are found to have career interests in gold business, acting, textile, traveling, mechanical engineering and astrology as well.

Swati nakshatra compatibility and incompatibility

These people do not enjoy a very happy married life in general and thus need to choose their partners carefully. They are compatible with nakshatras like Punarvasu, Chitra and Hasta, while the incompatible nakshatras are Rohini and Bharani.