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Vishaka is one the twenty seven nakshatras according to Hindu astrological beliefs. Agni and Indra are the ruling elements of Vishaka nakshatra and it spans across the constellation Libra in the night sky.

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Vishaka വിശാഖം (Vishakham) விசாகம் (Visakam) విశాఖ (Vishakha) विशाखा

Basic Information about the nakshatra

Vishaka nakshatra, is ruled by the Indra and Agni which symbolizes power, position and authority. Hence this nakshatra has also got similar traits as its ruling forces. Vishaka nakshatra is known to signify purpose. It also has several other meanings including poison vessel, branched or forked. One of the other meanings of this is "Radha" which signify delightfulness and this name also happens to be the love interest of Lord Krishna.

Basic Characteristics - Personality Traits

The natives of this nakshatra have got attractive physical characteristics. They have a round and bright face and possess a good looking personality. Apart from nice appearance, there are other personality traits of these individuals that endear him to the people surrounding him. The native is very highly energetic and full of vigor and vitality. He has firm belief in god and has a strong religious inclination. He possesses intelligence and truthfulness and leads life with his own principles. He doesn't like orthodox ideas and modernity and adapting to modern ideas is another of his important personality traits.

Vishaka nakshatra natives have a jubilant personality and thus bring in an air of joy and celebration wherever they go. They respect others point of views and give sufficient weight and consideration to other's views , and this behavioral characteristic makes them good listeners and learners. They are religiously inclined but do not have blind faith on religious rituals and procedures. Another worthwhile behavioral characteristic that they possess is their belief in Gandhian thoughts of non violence and austerity.

Positive Traits

The natives of this nakshatra are very sharp and keen to learn new things, due to this positive trait they like to be more inclined towards modern practices and do not like orthodox procedures and beliefs. They are full of energy and enthusiasm and quite single minded. Their resolution to something that they decided to do is another of their positive traits, and they will work exceptionally hard and go to any lengths for their accomplishments.

Negative Traits

Describing the negative traits of natives of this nakshatra, it is important to state that due to their being extremely focused towards their goals to achieve them , any wrong influence on them might make them prey to unsocial elements and practices like drug abuse, sex and alcohol habit. They are quite restless in nature and never feel contented with their achievements. This negative trait might lead them to frustration and continuous worry about what they lack , instead of enjoying what they possess.

Vishaka natives have a strange habit of making simple stuff complex and the other way round and they often achieve their objective with problems and hurdles created by them. Their constant search of something next leads them to the quest of the profound truth.

Career Interests

These individuals have varied career interests. They are naturally good orator and have the capability of attracting people with their interesting speeches. Due to this capability, they have a tendency to enter the political arena. Other career interests in which they have a good possibility to succeed is doing independent business, high responsibility jobs like those of administrative arena and teaching profession or mathematician.

Compatible and Incompatible nakshatras

Since the natives of this nakshatras do not generally get the abundance of love from their family particularly mother because of some reason or other , it is very important for them to select their marriage partner with care. The compatible nakshatras are Swati, Ashwini and Bharani while the incompatible ones are Ardra and Purva Phalguni.