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Planet combinations for marital success

Astrology is a divine science which is supposed to lend light to its seekers, hence the name 'Jyotish shastra' . Astrology is depended upon in different phases of a person's life, especially with regard to marriage compatibility.

Checking' Ashtakoot', saptam bhava (7th house), and saptamadhipa (lord of 7th house) pretty much sums up kundali matching; along with checking Mars dosha (Mangal dosha), the coincidence of troubled periods (dasha sandhi), and paapa samya (the measure of destructive tendencies) in both horoscopes. As checking ashtakoot or nakshatra compatibility is based on the moon sign, the effects are based on the mind and mentality towards marriage and marital life. In contrast, planetary compatibility is more of a marriage compatibility on a physical and material realm. Thus, checking marriage compatibility with reference to planets will be to check the seventh house, its lordship, and the planets occupying the house, along with the aspects in both the horoscopes.

The seventh bhava, or the kalatra bhava, stands for the wife or husband in a person's kundli. While the second, fourth and twelfth house from the lagna, Moon, and karaka planet is also considered in checking marriage compatibility, thus resulting in marital happiness. When any of these houses are afflicted, unhappiness is likely to arise in the marriage. For instance, when the seventh house lord is retrograde, the married life is unhappy due to the partner. The fourth and second houses rule home and family; thus, any affliction will bring about unhappiness due to the members signifying the house rules by the afflicting planets. Likewise, the twelfth house being the house of bed pleasures, any affliction will bring impediments in conjugal happiness due to factors indicated by the afflicting planets or the houses owned by them. In such instances, horoscopes that will remedy the affliction should be considered.

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Planets and Marital Bliss

When the planets in the seventh house or its lord are malefic or weak and enemies to the house in which it sits, there is little marital bliss to be expected. But when Jupiter aspects the seventh house or seventh lord, it will bring happiness to the pair, but the aspect of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu will bring about unhappiness. Venus rules the sex life in a male horoscope and Mars in a female's; hence the affliction or, if badly situated, will bring unrest in a marital bond. Mars, connected with the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses along with other malefic planets, causes disturbance in married life and may even lead to divorce/separation.

Positioning of planets

There are several methods of analyzing the success of a marriage. Planetary compatibility is one of them. When the seventh house is analyzed in horoscope matching, planets and the lords of the house being friendly or standing as equals aid in marriage compatibility as it signifies the nature of the planet with reference to its mutual relationship and positioning. According to Brihat Parashara hora, the planets and their friendly, inimical and equal in status planets are mentioned in detail. Briefly, Sun is friendly towards Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon. Venus and Saturn are its enemies, and Mercury is it's equal.

Moon is friendly towards the Sun and Mercury and it has no enemies. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are considered its equals.

Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are friends of Mars, but Mercury is its enemy. Venus and Saturn are its equals.

Venus and Sun are friends of Mercury, and the Moon is considered an enemy, while Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are considered equals.

Sun, Moon and Mars are friends with Jupiter, while Mercury and Venus are its enemies, and Saturn is considered it's equal.

Mercury and Saturn are considered to be the friends of Venus, while Sun and Moon are held as its enemies, and it is equal with Mars and Jupiter.

Saturn considers the Sun and Moon enemies while Venus and Mercury are considered its friends, and Mars and Jupiter are seen as its equals.

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While Saravali states that Rahu considers the luminaries- the Sun, Mars and Moon to be its enemies, while Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are considered friends and Mercury as neutral. Ketu is said to consider Mars, Venus and Saturn as its friends while the luminaries are considered its enemies, and Mercury and Jupiter as neutrals.

Remedies as Rectification

Thus, remedial astrology takes into consideration the afflictions, 'not so conducive' placements and recommends remedies according to the horoscope. Generally, for successful marriages, worshipping Lord Shiva and Parvati, and Lord Mahavishnu is recommended. Doing fasts on Mondays and Thiruvathira; and visiting temples like Thirumandamkunnu, Chovaloor Shiva temple, Mammiyoor temple in Kerala; and other temples where Shiva and Parvati reside together, are recommended for ensuring lifelong marital bliss. Remedies aside, we should understand that it takes some adjustments and understanding to make the journey of marriage sail smooth!

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