Marriage is considered as solemn and sacred by all; it is a bond never to be broken and so divorce is never an option once a man and woman are bound through wedlock.

For the Hindus also, marriage is a serious mater, a lifelong union. Therefore, they desire to make it an auspicious life for the boy and the girl who desire marriage where there is harmony and prosperity. For this reason, they consult the source for looking into the future life of the boy and the girl together. This source is none other than the poruthams. It is a must for them to consult the poruthams before giving a green signal to a marriage. The mental attitudes and temperaments of the individuals contemplating marriage are studied through astral science to avoid sorrows and strife in marriage.

The factors which are considered through the poruthams are health, prosperity, longevity, harmony, fortune, children, mutual affections between the man and his wife, their temperament and sexual compatibility. If through poruthams, the marriage alliance indicates incompatibility, then the alliance is called off.

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According to the sages of ancient India, there are 27 birth stars for a person arrayed in an oval form called the nakshatras. These have astral influence on that particular person through the nine planets. All these together comprise one’s zodiac sign. They then studied the zodiac signs of the boy and the girl and studied their compatibility with each other for marriage. Accordingly, they charted a methodology laying down the parameters for a compatible marriage. This methodology is popularly called the poruthams. There are ten poruthams which are considered: dinam, ganam, rasi, rasiyathipaty, yoni, rasi, vedha, vasya, mahendram and stree deergam. Compatibility status of a marriage alliance is given through the poruthams in three ways: good (uttamam), mediocre (madhyamam) and bad (athamam).

In a marriage alliance, the parents and the elders of the families of both the girl and the boy come together to find out if there is compatibility in the couple for their marriage to proceed. If compatibility is not found the elders and the parents find it wiser to cancel the alliance. In these times of modern technology of internet and mobile phones, one can now consult an astrologer online or through a mobile phone for a marriage alliance through the click of a button and get results rapidly. Plenty of software is also available for easy, unhindered access for the same. One just needs to submit their date of birth, time of birth and the year of birth.

Sthree deergha porutham ensures the female counterpart's well being, longevity and prosperity. If the boys star counted from girl star exeeds 13, there is Stree Deergha Porutham.

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