This Super Combo Report contains

  1. your horoscope based on birth date
  2. your numerology report based on your name and date of birth
  3. personalised birthstone recommendation - weight of stone, type of stone to wear etc...

Report will be delivered within 3 to 48 hours via Email.

Rs. 1500*

In-depth horoscope with remedies

  • Bhava Chart & Predictions
  • Personality assessment – strengths & weaknesses
  • Education, Career, Wealth etc.
  • Marriage & Relationships
  • Health Indications, possible ailments
  • Favourable periods for dream home, business etc

*All prices are exclusive of 18% GST

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Before purchasing, please check out the sample reports to know what will be included in the personalized report.

Sample 3-in-1 Astrology Report

In-depth Horoscope Report with Predictions & Remedies

  • Horoscope with predictions, remedies & pariharas including manthras and yantras for next 25 years.
  • If there are obstacles in you horoscope, steps to overcome them
  • Favourable periods for marriage, property purchase, business growth etc. for up to 60 years.
  • Predictions about your personality, marriage, career, assets etc...
  • Forecast about your next 5 years.
  • Yogas for health and prosperity.

Numerology Report

  • Numerology based analysis of your personality, health, career etc..
  • Suggestions about your marriage and life partner
  • Health tips and information on critical times.
  • Lucky and unlucky days and numbers, favourable directions etc...

Birthstone / Gem Recommendation

  • Your birthstone recommendation based on horoscope
  • Exact carat weight of gem to be used for favourable results
  • Details about the right metal to set the gem
  • Recommendations on how and when to start wearing your birthstone / Gem stone