Full horoscope report is a comprehensive horoscope analysis, covering 12 important areas of life, such as education, career, marriage, health, wealth etc.

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Rs. 1000*

Detailed horoscope! It includes

  • 25 years detailed Predictions & Remedies.
  • Education, Career and Marriage predictions
  • Your Doshas and their remedies.
  • 35+ pages

*All prices are exclusive of 18% GST

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Before purchasing, please check out the sample reports to know what will be included in the personalized report.

Sample Full Horoscope

The report lets you know about the Yogas, its effects on various spheres of your life and makes a detailed analysis of Ashtakavarga and Shadbala. It can help you foresee your future up to the next 25 years and gives a clear forecast of the immediate future (5 years). Also, through precise analysis of planetary positions, Full horoscope lets you know about your fortunes, education and suitable career. You can have a Kuja Dosha check and know its remedies too.