The Saturn Transit Report analyses the position of Saturn in your birth chart and gives you current transit predictions. It checks the possibilities of Kantaka Sani, Sade Sathi and Ashtama Sani and suggests you the remedies. The report also lets you know about Dasa – Apahara periods.

Report will be delivered immediately via Email.

Rs. 1099/-

See what's in it for you:

  • Effects of Saturn Transit on various aspects of life
  • Studies the transit in comparison to your birth chart
  • Lordships of Saturn
  • Direct & Special aspects of Saturn
  • Summary of transit effect based on Ashtakavarga
  • Detailed near-term predictions based on Kakshya

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Saturn is the planet who tests your endurance and gives you valuable lessons of life. Being so, it is important to know the effects of Saturn’s transit. This personalised report helps you to know about those possible effects or changes in your life.

The Saturn transit report includes

  • Analysis of Saturn in Birth Chart
    • Lordships of Saturn in your birth chart
    • Sign of Jupiter in your birth chart
  • Transit predictions based on
    • Transit house from birth moon
    • Current transit sign
    • Direct aspect of Saturn
    • Special aspect of Saturn
    • Summary of transit effect based on Ashtakavarga
  • Detailed near term predictions based on Kakshya