Vara shula (vaara soolai or vara shulai / vara shulam / shoolam) is a guiding principle which advises people to avoid travelling in a particular direction on a particular day of the week. Every day of the week has a shoolam direction and travelling in that direction is considered inauspicious and is sure to bring bad luck, loss of assets etc. Direction in which Lord Shiva's trident (trishul) lies when placed on the ground decides the shula direction.

Shoolam direction for Monday and Saturday is East. It is recommended not to travel from your residence (or from the place you stayed the previous night) in East direction on these days. Similarly each week day has a shoolam direction which has to be avoided. However, if a travel in the said direction is inevitable, there are certain remedial measures which may mitigate the ill effects to a certain extent.

Week Day Wednesday
Sunrise Time 06:43 AM
Shoolam Direction North
Shoolam Duration 6 Hours and 24 Minutes *
Remedy Travel After : 13:07 PM *
Remedy Milk *
*It is better to avoid this direction totally. If it is necessary to travel then use the remedies to reduce the ill effect.
Place : Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Date : Mar 3, 2021
Time Zone : EST (-05:00)
Vara Shoola Calculator

Shula is not to be considered for your routine travel, but for very important purposes like marriage, job interview, business meetings, long journeys etc... Although there is no remedy which completely mitigates the ill effects of travelling in soolai direction, it is widely believed that taking these steps could reduce the damages to some extend.

  • starting your journey after the peak shula hours ie., a certain duration after sunrise
  • performing poojas, chanting remedial mantras and offering donations
  • consuming certain food items (jaggary, curd, milk or oil) on specific days mitigates the effects of shoolam
  • starting your journey by travelling 3 or 4 kilometers opposite to the shoola direction, staying and doing something there(like have something to drink or purchase something) before continuing your journey in shoola direction

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