Sun Transit in Aquarius Image Source: Prokerala

Again, the house of Saturn! And here goes the Sun into Aquarius on the 20th of January,2023, according to the western astrology.


Drum rolls for you, Mr. And Ms Popular! With the sun transit in Aquarius, you are going to be the celebrities in your workplace and your colleagues are going to adore you. You will make friends in foreign lands. Money is going to flow in the fast and furious ways. You are going to have relationships in foreign lands that will benefit you financially as well. Your kids may join employment. You will bond well and maybe share a pizza with your kids or watch movies or do fun things together! You will feel a want to help your friends who are in need of your advice or guidance.


Sun transit in Aquarius brings in the power punch to you, Taurus. Sun transiting the career area is definitely a winner situation for Taureans. Life will be a little turbulent at the home front. You will enjoy the power element in your job. You could be promoted to a higher rank. You will do good to others because of your position. You will be feeling charitable this time. So you would allow some decluttering in your house and will bring out a box of goodies to be donated. Your superiors will be extremely lenient towards you during this transit of the Sun. You may get involved in governmental assignments or projects.


With this transit of the Sun in Aquarius, you are going to have a lucky time ahead of you. Those wanting to travel or settle in a different country will have their wishes fulfilled. You will help out your younger siblings. You could have difference of opinions with your father though and you should take the advice of your father only after due consideration. You will clinch some great deals if you want to buy a new laptop or a mobile.


This transit of the sun in Aquarius may bring ego clashes with your significant other. If planning to get hitched, there could be differences of opinion regarding the ceremony and related stuff. Make sure you keep your calm when discussing things with your family. You should get your head cool at all times. There will be this tendency for you to scream your thoughts out. Your words will bring you enemies. Be careful this time! You could have small fights with your family members.


Sun transit in Aquarius brings the regal energy to the seventh house. You will give intellectual inputs to your wife, which will help her enormously. Your wife will be involved in activities which will make you proud. You could get irritated fast with your spouse or business partners. You may find them having huge egos to match yours. You will have the dream of being a power couple in life and it may materialise during this time. If unmarried, you may marry or hook up with someone from a different culture. You will benefit from foreign collaborations.


You should be careful about not lending money to anyone as there are very few chances of it getting repaid. You should be careful about your health and make sure you have a health insurance and keep it up to date. You could make enemies due to your ego and power fights. Your hidden enemies will be exposed. No competition against you can thrive. You may spend money on humanitarian activities. You may even give away your energy as well as money for charitable purposes.


During this transit of sun in Aquarius, you may splurge on a swanky TV or living room décor. You will be favoured by your boss for a salary hike and related perks. You will be at ease in your relationship with your superiors. You will enjoy their good will. There may be a verbal clash with your friends and you could get hurt. You will network with powerful people who will be of great help in your endeavours. Your children could start earning during this time. If single, someone in your inner circles is eyeing you. So watch out for those pretty eyes and heartbeat skipping moments. You may spend money on your kid’s education.


Sun’s transit in Aquarius comes, and your mother will bring you brilliant suggestions and will get involved in many social drives for good causes. She will make you proud of her intelligence and the inclination to support noble causes. You may do work from home or invest yourself in home projects. You will enjoy working and micromanaging your workplace. Managing your subordinates will be easy as they will accept and recognise your superiority fast.


When Sun transits Aquarius, Sagittarius is going to fire up their communications. They will awe others with their powerful communications and intelligent instructions. Life will appear to be smoother and you will make short trips to foreign countries. Your trip to the foreign country will be fruitful as will your communications with foreign people. Your younger siblings may also have an opportunity to go abroad during this time. You may be gifted with a quality laptop or Mobile phone.


You may not be able to keep your word with your superiors. Your talking without thinking will bring you losses. You could incur losses if you follow your family’s advice. You could lose a relative to an ego clash or otherwise. You may gain an inheritance during this transit of the sun in Aquarius.


Sun is transiting in Aquarius itself to bring you powerful associations. You will reunite with your partner or significant other. Your partner will boost your confidence. You may get married during this time as it looks like an ideal situation for you. You will clinch some good business deals. You will be able to convince others to join your business with your charisma and confidence.


Sun’s transit in Aquarius is in the twelfth house and it suggests that you take care of your health. You may have expenses related to healthcare. You may lose sleep over petty fights and headaches. There are chances for your hospitalisation. You may face hidden attacks from enemies and worry about it at length. You may volunteer at a place like an old age home. You should also be careful of your cardiac health.

Sun in Aquarius, which is an intellectual air sign, will bring in a lot of information and help in empowering ourselves and others through humanitarian activities. Hope this transit of the Sun will guide and lead us into sunny days! Cheers ☀️