Sun Transit in Aries Image Source: Prokerala

Sun Transit in Aries

Aries is the fire sign that belongs to Mars and this March 20th, 2023, the Sun is making its annual visit in Aries, which is also its sign of exaltation, according to the Western astrology. The fiery male planet does bring in the energies of courage, grit, and leadership. The world leadership will show its aggressiveness during this phase. Those in positions of leadership will show responsibility and duty consciousness even more. Defence, police and the public health sector are going to get more active during this time globally.

The energies of the Mars will bond with the sun's energies and create a synergy of powerful responsibility and vigour. Government will become pro- active in passing laws that they had been hesitant to act upon for quite sometime. Red tapism is going to vanish and the governmental actions will reflect the urgency to make justice available at any cost. Sun is the father energy and with the Mars, it brings in protective vibes, in general.

Now let us see how the sun in exaltation in Aries pans out for us.


Sun transit in Aries which will multiply the fire in you. You will feel more confident and behave in an arrogant fashion. You will be worried about your children. You will feel the ego bursting within you. Your children will make you proud. You will feel more ambitious about yourself and your children a lot. You will plan to make more money. Power will be more alluring to you than ever. You may have ego struggles with your lover, which may even bring about a break-up. You may be worried about your health as well. You will plan ahead for your children. You will get opportunities to study abroad if you try for it. Your leadership abilities will become more prominent during this period. You may be more blunt and outspoken during this phase. You will be energetic and will shine in sports.


Your mother's health could suffer. You should try to be as calm as possible. There could be legal hassles, governmental troubles, or tax issues regarding your house or property. You may also sell off your property during this time. If you are aiming to settle abroad, this is a favourable time to make the move. You will feel uncomfortable in your own house. If you are planning to sell your vehicle, this time is ideal. You may face maintenance issues of your vehicle and your vehicle will be accident prone during this time. So be watchful.


This transit of the Sun in Aries will bring you powerful friendships who will help you achieve your goals. Your younger siblings are supportive of your ambitions and will boost your morale. You will earn money through writing. Your communications will bring in powerful contacts. You will get favours from the government this time. You will enlarge your network in an aggressive way. You may pay visits to your friend’s place more often. You will be more daring during this time and your friends will back you on all your missions. You may go on adventure trips with your friends.


The transit of the Sun in Aries will bring you power and respect in your workplace. You will lead people into progress. You will speak your way to success. But you should be careful not to lose your temper at the workplace. You may speak harshly sometimes, which you should be wary about. You will micromanage your business into success if you are a businessperson. You may get into family business during this time and make it a huge success. This is a great time to get into medicine or weapons/ surgical equipment/ sports equipment related businesses. Your family issues may affect your work. You may buy assets during this transit.


You are going to be physically and mentally at the best. You may become more interested in sports-related activities. Your father will enjoy good health. Your father will inspire you and help you achieve success. You may go on a pilgrimage to a far off place. You will get favours from the government. You will find yourself more spiritually inclined. You will travel abroad. Students can get into higher education, especially in foreign universities.


This transit of the sun in Aries may make you shell out money on the occult. If into research, you will put all your energies into research and perhaps get a foreign or government funding for your research. You may become sexually overactive and become physically weaker. You should stay out of controversies and avoid scandalous behaviour. You may lose an inheritance from your father's side.


Your spouse will be your ally in fulfilling your ambitions. You will benefit from your business partners. One of your friends could turn into a business partner and help you become more established in your business. Your spouse will bring in monetary abundance. Your spouse will help you enhance your networks and bring you prosperity.


You may face issues with your job. There could be job related litigations. Your enemies may try to ruin your reputation. There would be trouble makers at your workplace who will cause hindrances to your work. You may have to work in a hostile workplace. You may think of quitting your job because of job stress. You may have to face a lot of criticisms from your superiors.


This transit of the sun in Aries will bring a lot of fortune to your children. If you are a student, you will do great and get into foreign universities for higher studies. You may find your dream lover. You will be extremely creative and you will be recognised for your talents. Your father will support you in your goals and he will be the source of your fortune. You will be in a religious bend of mind during this time.


The transit of the sun in Aries is going to be not so good for your mother. You may sell off your property. You will spend money on your vehicle or home. You may be inclined towards foreign occult practices that could be practiced at home. You may inherit land during this time. You may have to meet the expenses related to your mother's health.


You may meet your spouse through online sources. Your siblings will support you and may become your business partners. You may get a foreign spouse during this transit of sun in Aries. You will be confident and courageous enough to go propose to your love interest directly. You may go on some short trips with your spouse. You may have fights with your spouse over the phone or do 'fexting', which may have long-term and intense repercussions.


You will make enemies with your arrogant and harsh speech. You may make enemies within your family as well. You may get food poisoning during this transit of the Sun in Aries. You should also be warned of lifestyle diseases, especially blood pressure and cholesterol. You should pay good heed to your diet and stress at healthy eating. You may end up with court cases if you do not control your temper and your speech.

Let the sun bring you the warmth of a winter morning and not the harsh summer heat! Wishing you the best of sunny days!