Sun Transit in Gemini Image Source: Prokerala

Sun Transit in Gemini

The sun transits each sign of the zodiac every month. The sun stands for the king, governance and the authorities. It is the position of the Sun that determines our determination, courage, integrity and willpower. Diseases affecting the head, blood pressure, etc. are to be analysed from the placement of the Sun in the natal chart.

During this transit of the Sun in Gemini, an air sign and the domain of Mercury, there is going to be strong and powerful communication exchanges. Governments will succeed in establishing ties through diplomatic communications. There will be ordinances and by-laws that will be made and circulated in plenty. There will be discussions that will decide the fate of countries. Foreign relationships will be fostered through a diplomatic approach.

Let us see how the sun’s transit in Gemini on the 21st of May, 2023 according to the Western astrology, will be according to your moon sign or rising sign.


You will be a master communicator and will ace in strategic communications. You may have to be careful in your communications with your lover. There could be some strong words exchanged which may create schisms in the relationship during the transit of the Sun in Gemini. Your confidence will witness a boost with your ability to communicate assertively. You will get favours from the government. You may get scholarships if you are a student trying to get any. You will be extra creative during this time, which will further boost your confidence.


You will make some great investments during this transit of the Sun in Gemini. There is a great chance for you to settle in a foreign land if you are planning a relocation. Your mother will inspire you and advice you to make some great investments. You will enjoy exotic foods during this time. You will have an increasing influence on your family members. But make sure you do not dominate them. This is the right time to start studying a foreign language.


You will think about how to communicate effectively all the time. You may also regret the exchange of hostile communications. You have to be careful not to communicate via writing or speaking, anything that you may regret. You may communicate with your siblings a lot. You may go on some short trips as well. You will feel very daring during this time. You may lose your temper often, though. Stay careful so that you do not to let your blood pressure spike.


You may have issues with some of your family members. There could be verbal fights that you should avoid at any cost. You may have a greater liking for spicy food, which may create problems with your health. You may spend a lot of money on food. You may lose some valuable asset during this time. This is an ideal time to settle abroad with your family. You may also see a temporary separation from some of your family members during the Sun’s transit in Gemini.


You will get a lot of inspiration from your friends that will help you with bringing success into your business. You will get a favourable stance from the government in terms of the approval or financing of a project. You will become more ambitious and your friends’ circle will be filled with influential people. You may network with foreigners during this transit of the Sun in Gemini. You may see an increase in your income. If your job or business entails foreign connections, then you are in for an abundant time.


You may think about quitting that job or winding up that business of yours. This could be a hasty decision. You should try to remain diplomatic and at ease. You should be careful not to lose your temper and blurt things out which may jeopardize your career or reputation. You may have to travel abroad as a part of your job. You may be so drowned in work during this transit of the Sun in Gemini 2023.


You may get that long awaited opportunity to go abroad during this transit of the Sun in Gemini. You will make money through serendipity. You will have a general increase in the inflow of money, though. Your superiors may suggest a pay hike for you as well. You may get a favourable stance from the government. You will be more attached to your father or any father-figure during this time, and he will prove to be of great inspiration for you. You will enjoy more influence and authority. Your friends will look up to you for inspiration.


You may have some problems at your workplace that may be related to miscommunication, or loss of data or communication. You may have some controversies at the workplace due to office politics which you should stay away from. You may get foreign grants for your work as well. You may do great if into research and development during this transit of the Sun in Gemini.


Your spouse will bring you energy, money, and influence. If single, you may get married during this transit of the Sun in Gemini. You could end up with a spouse outside your culture or country. You will get lucky with finding the right partners for your business. Your business partners will bring you luck. If you have been planning a foreign trip, now is the time, and your spouse may accompany you.


You should be careful not to get into any controversies. You may make enemies fast during this transit of the Sun in Gemini. You may lose your temper often. You may get into litigations as well. You should be careful not to get involved in illegal activities. There may be punitive action from the government’s side which you have to be careful about. Your enemies could bring you losses and they may seem to be of stronger and more powerful during this time.


You may get married to the love of your dreams. You will fare well in studies, if you are a student. You will feel more confident during this transit of the Sun in Gemini. You won’t need external motivation to forge ahead. You will partner will the right people which will help you march ahead in business and life. You will think about your spouse often. Your spouse will prove to be lucky for you in every way. You may conceive if trying for a baby.


You may face some frustrations at home during this transit of the Sun in Gemini. There could be some litigation related to your house or property. It could be governmental action as well. You should make sure the papers related to your vehicle and house are up-to-date. You may have some friction in your relationship with your mother. You should be careful not to get infuriated while communicating with her. You should take care of her health as well.

The Sun transit in Gemini is going to bring in energy into different aspects of your life. You should make sure that you tap into the right aspect that will help you grow. Cheers to sunny days!