Sun Transit in Pisces Image Source: Prokerala

Sun Transit in Pisces

Sun, the VIP in the planetary world, claims its royal territory in Pisces on the 18th of February, 2023, according to Western Astrology. Sun is the signifactor of the soul and our mental resilience. He is cruel and demanding at times. But he makes and stands by the rules for the wellbeing of his subjects. He punishes and rescues. He is benevolent to those who deserve it. Hail to the king of the planetary realms- the Sun, and welcome to the water sign of Pisces!


During this transit of the Sun in Pisces, your ego can flip your love interest off. You may come off as too strong and dominating. You will love to be in control and show it out on your lover. This may turn sour this time. Make sure you shower all goodies, love, and attention. Keep a leash on your anger as well. If you are looking to go abroad for your education, the sun will make a way for that! You may want to be dominating in bed as well. Pay attention to your partner’s interests as well. Being compassionate will help! You may lack self-confidence during this period.


Sun in the eleventh is going to elevate your ambitions. You will enjoy attention and the respect you craved for. You will be the royal presence among your friends. You will get influential friends. If any benefits are accruing from the government, this time is the most favourable. You will achieve the goals and aspirations of yours during this transit of the sun in Pisces. Your relationship with your spouse will be good. This is an ideal time to make some wise investments.


You will gain respect in the society during this transit of sun in Pisces. You will be the leader in your workplace. Your father will become more influential during this time. If you are into business, you will become extremely successful. You will become very confident and guide others to success. You will communicate efficiently and forcefully in your workplace.


This transit of the sun in Pisces will bring you the opportunity to travel abroad. If you are aiming for higher education, especially in foreign lands, your dreams are more likely to come true. You will be successful in your profession. You will become more inclined towards spirituality, especially towards spirituality practised in foreign lands. You should be careful not to enter into any fights with your father, mentor or bosses during this phase. If planning to settle in a foreign country, this is the ideal time.


Your spouse may speak harshly during this transit of the sun in Pisces. You will become interested in the occult practiced in foreign lands. You may not be that interested in sex during this phase. In case you are, you will feel the urge to dominate the scene. There will be losses due to the Government or government policies. You may get an inheritance from your father’s side. Your health may suffer and make sure your health insurance is up-to-date.


The transit of the sun in Pisces is in the seventh house for Virgo. You will have ego clashes with your spouse. You will have a great sexual appetite, but you will have performance anxiety. You should develop a milder approach towards your spouse during this time.


You may have some friends who will turn into enemies during this transit of the sun in Pisces. A friend could also get you into a law and order situation. So be careful and think twice before acting on your friend’s advice. You will easily defeat your enemies. You will also do well in competitive situations.


This transit of sun in Pisces, for Scorpio, is in the fifth house. You will feel dutiful towards your children. You will become more ambitious towards powerful positions. You may toil hard for a promotion, which you most probably will get. Your standing in your career will be well appreciated and you will think about achieving more success in your career .


Sagittarius will have a fourth house sun during this transit of the sun in Pisces. You may make some improvements in the home front. Your mother’s advice will prove to be helpful to you. It may come out in a very dominating way and you will be tempted not to heed to it. Your parents may have some difference of opinions. Your father may need to stay grounded at home due to health issues.


This transit of the Sun in Pisces in the third house for Capricorn indicates more courage and enterprise. You should be careful while signing documents. You will have some communications with government officials. You should be careful not to post offensive comments online. You may upgrade your phone or lappy.


The transit of the sun in Pisces will bring in governmental favours. You will have an authoritative and powerful tone in your communications, which will boost your image as a leader. You may have some fiery verbal sparks with your spouse, which may lead to some unrest in your family. If your spouse had been away from you, due to job or other reasons, you will have a reunion during this period. But be warned against any caustic remarks that may slip out of your mouth.


Your enemies or opponents will cause you mental unrest. You will want to make sure that you relax well. Trying yoga or tai- chi should help. You may develop blood pressure related problems during this time. You have to be careful not to escalate the blood pressure problem that it will not develop into any serious condition. Make an effort to give vent to your anger through art therapy or writing/ journaling. You could also try music therapy, if you can tolerate music! You should make sure that you discuss your problems with someone close and not to make any rash decisions.

Sunny vibes from me to you! Cheers!!