Get the best Valentine's day tips and impress your valentine with a special gift. Understand your lover based on his or her sun sign. This is an astrology based guide to make your Valentine's day experience memorable. Know what your Valentine or lover wants. Understanding his/her sun sign reveals his or her heart truly desires.


Normally your Aries lover likes to party hard on any occasion. Your typical Aries would like to be pampered for the Valentine's Day; so stars advise you to make use of this opportunity to the fullest. A candle lit dinner at the pool side or a quiet restaurant and bottle of champagne would do nicely to escape all the mayhem of the prior weeks. Get a bunch of twenty four red roses and a champagne; bend down on your knees and propose to your Arian- after all this is what they have been longing for all the yearlong!


Be sweet to your Taurian lover this day as this is the sensual sign of the zodiac. Anything you buy for your love should have a fine feel to it. Clothing that is soft and sumptuous will please a Taurian any time. Also, keep in mind the comfort level while buying for your lover as they can't afford to compromise with this side. A chocolate cake with "I love you" written on the icing will certainly be pleasing.


After drinks and sharing gifts together, your Gemini Lover might be interested in doing the town up with other like minded couples. While others might like to be alone on Valentine's Day, Gemini might like the expensive valentine's gift you plan to give him/her to show off. A get together with close friends will be an ideal gift for your Gemini lover this day.


Those born under the sign of the crab are not only shy and retiring; they're off the Richter with sentimentality! You can please your Cancer lover best by treating him/her royally this day. It would be heaven for this Sun Sign if you gift them a really tasteful and elegant gift! Their sweet tooth is going wild now days! Astonish your beloved with an 'I Love You' engraved on a chocolate box containing exotic and stunning assorted wine chocolates. This will enable you to declare your feelings in the language of love.


This sign probably likes to play dress up and are usually over dressed for any occasion. Even at home you might find your Leo all decked out! They tend to like high quality accessories and jewelry (particularly gold). A spa getaway would be a great hit with a Leo- someplace where he or she could be pampered and treated like the star which every Leo really is deep inside. Leos tend to be proud of their manes so hair accessories are a good gift idea.


A simple and quiet place where they can just pour out their heart and soul about how everyone's picking on them and how misunderstood they are will put you in the winner's circle. Anything that can help create an ambience of serenity will always be a good gift for a Virgo. Love pillowcase sets can prove to be a perfect gift to tell your sweetheart that the two of you are linked not only through heart but also in your dreams.


If you could wave a magic wand and remove their blockages, and plenty Libra's have them now, that would be the ideal gift for Valentine's Day. The second best gift for Valentine's Day would be to tell them you are going to grant them one wish, because it's possible that shortly after you say that, their troubles will begin to fade. Romantic Love Shower Mugs available in various designs and styles predicting different love quotes can be a good option for this day. Buy them in a set of 2 for both the partners.


Scorpios love mystery. Dark glasses are a great gift for this zodiac sign. Spy gadgets are also quite fascinating to Scorpios. A book about lost treasures, unsolved mysteries, or unsolved crimes would make an intriguing gift. Lakeside, poolside, oceanfront will surely calm the easily ruffled feathers of your Scorpio. Perfume and cologne make excellent romantic gifts if chosen wisely. Gift your Scorpion, a new fragrance never used by him/ her before.


Sagittarius is the sign of the wanderer and being pinned to one place is real torture. Travel books and DVD's that tour the world are also good replacements for the real thing. They are generous and also appreciate generosity in others; therefore a donation to a charity or religious institution in their name would be welcome too. All they appreciate is the thought of being really special this day; so make sure you make them feel the same!


The shy and quiet goat will just appreciate your 100% attention, as for an overlooked Capricorn that's rare. This Valentine's Day your Capricorn lover is expecting real loyalty and friendship. Unique but, heartfelt gifts that mean something to the relationship will go over big. Whatever you do, make the evening simple and talk about them and nothing and nobody else. Surprise your love by taking him/her out to the place where you had your first meeting or date


Make your Aquarian forget they are normal human beings. They want to feel like stars and there is no harm in making them feel the same on this day. Put your Aquarian on a pedestal, get over your knees, pull the shining gem out of your pocket and propose to them with the words you have been rehearsing since long. Make sure that whatever you say comes direct from heart, as there is a strong possibility for you to emerge as a winner!


This is a dreamy sign that loves fantasy. A fancy get away to a spa, a pampering massage or a refreshing trip to a beach side resort will be a thrilling gift for this sign. This sun sign sometimes feels victimized by life. Encouraging posters, Motivational tapes, books, sayings, pictures, and cards always deeply touches and helps them. You can also gift your love a candlelight dinner where both of you can share some moments to speak your heart out. It can be further complimented with a long-drive.

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This article has been specially written for by Astrologer Dr.Prem Kumar Sharma.