Venus Transit in Aquarius January 2023 Image Source: Prokerala

Venus, the iridescent planet in the night sky, named after the Roman goddess of love, is a planet whose transit is waited upon with bated breath. Venus stands for all the luxuries we can only dream about. The position of Venus in our natal chart and the transits determine how we will love, what we will love, how we will seduce, what do we hold precious, how happy will we be, and how our love life will be- only to name a few. This transit of Venus in Aquarius is going to sweep some off their feet for sure. From a practical Capricorn, Venus is humming its tune into the air sign of Aquarius. Airy and unconventional, Aquarius will make Venus a dating pro here.

So, who is going to woo or get wooed?? Are you ready to own the dream prize you have always wished for? Venus will get you what you want.

So let me drive you through what life holds for you during this transit of Venus in Aquarius from January 2nd, according to western astrology. So goodbye, Capricorn.


Aries is running an eleventh house Venus with this transit of Venus in Aquarius. You will become this cynosure among friends. Your friend circle will get engorged during this transit. You will seek unconventional partners during this time and stick with them. You will find a dream partner hidden inside your networks. A workplace romance is also going to go into full bloom. The inflow of money is going to be jaw dropping. A hike in salary is on the cards and you are going to be the Miss or Mr Popular among your colleagues with your honey coated attitude. The second and the seventh lord in eleventh surely include your family in your financial map. Your family will be super supportive and your wife, in particular, will be a pillar of support for you and an enigma of true friendship and companionship. Time for the family business to raise up the gears.


Venus transit in Aquarius is going to be in the tenth house for Taurus. The first and sixth house lord is gracing the tenth! You are going to be the workplace god or goddess. You will benefit a lot from work and the work environment. Your reputation will spike up, so will your haters club within the organisation. You will be focussed on how to expend yourself more meaningfully in the work environment. You are looking out for a partner who will help you build something stable out there.


This transit of Venus is Aquarius, is in the ninth house for Gemini. Your kids will make it big now during this transit, though you have to be careful about the health of your father. There could have expenses related to your father coming up now. You are yet to know that fortune favours one who dares. You will get the gambler’s luck now, in romance and for real. You could also be inclined towards higher learning and spirituality. It will pay to contemplate in silence and do meditations. You could travel abroad as your luck has given you a clean chit in those terms- for work or sightseeing.


This Venus transit in Aquarius is in the eight for Cancer. You could have more expenses related to your house and it will leave a dent in your financial situation. Be guarded against that. Your mother will guide you in matters beyond your comprehension. Your domestic bliss may get disturbed. You will love to sit at home, and this could affect your social ties, for you will enjoy giving that air of mystery now. You will dive deep into intimacy and have deep conversations with those close to you.


You will have romantic conversations with your spouse and you both will enjoy it! You will enjoy the workplace better, as you will feel yourself shining brighter at work. You will have better collaborations in the workplace. You are going to get daring and romantic. You will dare to get on one knee if you were hesitant for long. You will show your heart out no matter what. You are not going to keep it hidden anymore. You are going to blurt it out. You will feel more dutiful towards your spouse. You will have smooth, meaningful conversations a lot during this transit.


You will be more vocal about your partner’s hygiene and grooming, which may sound not so diplomatic. Bite your tongue, guys! Sugar coat or you may make enemies. This Venus transit is in the sixth house for Virgos. You are good at heart, but when you speak out your heart, it may hurt many. You will give good advice to people. You may volunteer at a religious institution. You will have opportunities to serve your father. If a student, your teachers could get a little unfriendly due to your ways. Behave well with family members as well. Luck may not favour the good-hearted always. So do not be overoptimistic in your endeavours.


The natural lord of the first and eighth is in the fifth house during this transit of Venus in Aquarius. You will give yourself into creativity now. You will be able to express your ideas better creatively. You are a diehard romantic now. You feel more passionate about your partner. Some could get possessive about their partners to the point of exasperation. You want to clink glasses and enjoy a quiet passionate night in dimmed lights with your significant other.


The transit of Venus in Aquarius is in the fourth during this time of the year. This is a time you want to lock yourself and your partner away inside the four walls of your house and watch Netflix cuddling on the sofa. You want to spend more time at home and say a big NO to socializing. You may have more expenses at home and on vehicles. Your partner will be ultra cooperative during this phase. Love is in the home environment now. Enjoy your cuppa of love!


Sagittarius has a third house Venus during this Venus transit in Aquarius. You should be careful about your communications. Do not reveal much to your friend's circle for now. You will be super daring in your overt gestures towards love. The gallant lover will be vocal about the feelings, whether it is by texting, calling, visiting! Your communications could turn against you if you are not careful. You could lose friends due to some misunderstandings in communication. You could flirt much with this transit of Venus. Your cell phone is going to be your buddy for the next few days! Eat, drink and walk the gadget! Be careful!


You have a second house Capricorn, with this transit of Venus. You will work smoother now. Your work place communications would be a spot on. Your creativity starts at home. You will work from home as well. Ideal time to introduce your love interest or lover to your parents! You will prioritise on family and values. You will make extra time to talk to your lover and you will love it!


You are playing the host to Venus now with this Venus transit. Your father and mother are going to be the center of your life now. You are going to get lucky for no reason. Money is going to find you wherever you are! You will enjoy home and homely comforts more than ever. Pampered at home, you will search for no other venue for your romantic stunts. You will find your dream lover now! You may buy your dream vehicle as well.Your spouse will bring you a lot of happiness. Luck favours you big time!


Take good care of your phone as well as the data in it. Passwords! Be careful about your communications. You could light up a scandal. You will be more daring during the wrong time. Hence, this is the time to stay low and enjoy your solitude and do some soul searching. You will spend money on the whim. Be careful about your romantic escapades as well! Let no one catch you with your pants down! You know what I mean!!!

Venus is bright and brilliant. Do harness the beauty, but do not give yourself into pleasures excessively! Everything in moderation and you can sail smooth in any journey! Wish you a brilliant Venus transit!!