Venus Transit in Aries Image Source: Prokerala

Venus Transit in Aries

Venus transit is the transit most look forward to because of its love factor. We all look out for love- from new ones or existing ones. Love is a universal emotion. It gives a feeling of euphoria to find someone who completes you! Venus brings you that. Venus also is the planet which brings you beauty, glamor and luxuries. When the Venus transit is going great, we improve in our expressions related to love and romance. We will get some hot action in bed. Marriages are also brought about through a great Venus transit. Your lux factor also improves with the Venus transit, though your natal Venus will have a greater role to play for substantial results to show. But Venus will have an impact, even if it is just a transit.


You will be a love magnet during this transit of Venus in Aries. You will dole out honey coated words which will bring you love from all directions. You will find your dream love this time and if you are single,you are all in for a chase and conquer mentality. You will also add some more to your assets and your previous investments will bring in more money. Your family will be of utmost priority in your mind.


This transit of Venus in Aries is going to bring you some action in bed you had been wanting to have. But you have to take good care of your health this time. You may have some expenses related to health. So please be up-to-date on your health insurance. You should have some control over the tequila shots, as your liver may go a lil sluggish this time.


This transit of Venus in Aries will mutate a friendship into romance. You will think about earning money through your hobbies. You will find new ways to increase your income. You may have some hindrances in your expected pay-raise. You will have the luxury of having an enjoyable time with friends.


This transit of Venus in Aries will bring you domestic bliss in terms of luxury, happiness, peace, and abundance. You may do home improvements and renovations. You will work from home at ease or you will find your work environment enjoyable and comfortable during this time. You may get promoted or you may get placed in that spot in the office you always wanted to sit. Your mother will bring you a lot of happiness. Your reputation and desirability factor will have a meteoric rise.


You will go lucky with gadgets, Leos. You will make an expensive buy or get an expensive gift of a mobile phone or tab! Your father’s health will improve. Your relationship with your father and your superiors at work also will improve. You will take risks and will be found lucky as an outcome. You will earn money in unexpected ways. You will show the courage to take your heart’s desire to the next level- be it relationship, career change or travel. If you wanted to go abroad for your studies, this time is the most favourable time. If you want a vacay at an exotic foreign locale, you wait ends now. This is also a time you may be interested in spiritual matters.


You may not be able to keep your word given to your spouse. There will be expenses related to your father. You should not depend on fortitude alone and always seek second opinions when it comes to investments. Frankly speaking this is not an ideal time to make any investment. You may have to cancel a trip. And also be rest assured that whatever you lose now, be it opportunities, relationships etc, it will turn out to be for your good.


You will splurge on your spouse hugely! You will pamper them with all the goodies, perfumes, cosmetics, sun glasses- include whatever comes into your mind because this list is endless. You will centre your world around your spouse. You will spend time, money, energy and attention on them. You may also get in touch with your kinky side and have a lot of sex! This transit of Venus in Aries may also get you interested in occult practices, tantric sex, etc. to alarming lengths.


You will have a down time when it comes to sexual action. Your spouse may suffer some health problem. There may be isolation kind of situations for you. There will be expenses related to your spouse. If your spouse has been suffering some illness, there could be speedy recovery or right medical intervention coming at this time.


The transit of Venus in Aries will bring you financial prosperity. Your income will increase and your networks will be filled with admirers. You may have fights with your lover during this transit. But if you are single, you may pick a love interest from among your network of friends. You will feel abundance in every sense of the word with all your dreams turning into reality one by one. Try to be diplomatic when breaking up with your lover to make sure no scene is created. Try not to hurt their feelings. You may be worried about your health as well.


This transit of Venus in Aries will make you homesick, and you will find solace at home. You will prefer to work from home as well. You will be attached to your mother even more. You may discuss your love interest or lover with her and family. This is an ideal time to bring your lover home to be introduced to the family. You will find progress in your workplace. You will find your colleagues to be more understanding and cooperative. Your superiors will give you an easy time at the workplace.


You will communicate more with your parents during this transit of Venus in Aries. Your confidence will increase and you will feel more lucky during this transit. If you want to get a raise, write an email to your bosses explaining why you need to be considered for a pay hike. If you have a crush, get her phone number and give a call. You will find happiness with your youngest siblings. You will carve your own luck through your efforts and enterprise during this transit.


You may get into some verbal spats with others. You should be careful of your communications as you may land in some hot water and controversies. You will talk more on the phone during this time and miss some important deadlines, professionally and personally. There could be some losses you may have due to faulty speech. You will get the support of your family like never before, during this transit of Venus in Aries.

Hope Venus smiles upon you this time! Cheers to you until next time!!