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Venus Transit ( Shukra Gochar) in Aries (Mesh Rashi)

The planet Venus amplifies love, luxury, pleasures, and money in a person's life. This is a huge reason why Venus transits are awaited with nail-biting enthusiasm. Venus is a planet associated with perfumery, films, beauty, interior beautification, hotels and other luxury specific industries. Venus is the teacher of the asuras and someone who can bring you back to life. Hence, Venus can be associated with doctors, especially when in Aries, as there will be a Mars connection.

Venus brings about marriage, sex, love affairs, and sensual pleasures. If placed favourably, it can bring a glow which no face cream can get you!! It brings loose morals and bad appearance, if malefic. You will enjoy good food, vehicles, house, luxuries and a good spouse if it stands exalted in your horoscope. Goddess Mahalaxmi is associated with the planet Venus.

The transit of Venus in Aries can prove to improve the luck, beauty and luxuries elements in many. Let us check that out through the zodiac readings!

Aries (Mesh Rashi)

Venus, in its first house during this transit of Venus in Aries, brings in a lot of goodies. You may go in for a dentist's appointment after a long time. This may be a time you might consider revamping your wardrobe or getting a new haircut, as love is very much in the air. For Aries, the lord of the second and seventh is gracing your first. You will start being proactive about relationships. Time to introduce your special person to your family. You may enjoy gourmet meals during this phase and yes, there would be engagement and wedding feasts coming up. If already married, you may splurge money on your spouse. You will be very romantic and happy during this phase of Venus transit. You will beget good partners in your business who are from the opposite sex. You will spend time on communications more. You will embrace the wild side of fashion and beauty. You may also go in for body piercings and tattoos this time if you had been brooding over it.

Taurus (Vrishab Rashi)

The lord of the first and sixth is in the twelfth, during this transit of Venus in Aries. You may become unsure of yourself during this Venus transit. You may have health related expenses. You may pay a visit to the dentist or get dentures. You may spend money on cosmetics and hair care products. You may separate from your family due to work related travels. You may also lose your temper or speak harshly to someone and make enemies with them. You may work harder during this time. Students will find this time very distracting.

Gemini (Mithuna Rashi)

This transit of Venus in Aries brings the lord of the twelfth and fifth into the eleventh house. You may pick a friend to be your lover. You may go on adventure trips and other entertainments with your friends. You may incur some losses due to your friends. You will be invested in your friends, energy wise; and you will be quite popular in your circles, which will boost your self-confidence. Students will fare well in studies. Business men will make investments which may not be rewarding in the long term.

Cancer (Karka Rashi)

The tenth house is being graced by the lord of the eleventh and fourth during this transit of Venus in Aries. You will get the pay hike you have worked for or decent incentives, which you will find encouraging. You will help out your friends in need. Your popularity quotient will soar. Your mother will be your ally and there is going to be financial prosperity for her. You may earn money by working from home. Your mother would open sources of income for you.

Leo (Simha Rashi)

The third and tenth lord is in the ninth house for Leos during this transit of Venus in Aries. You are going to talk your way into things. If into publishing, you are going to make it big now. You will break all records in sales, if you are into sales and marketing. You will also prosper if into the real estate and hospitality business. You could get into your dream job if you are seeking out. You will be recognised in your field of work and superiors will appreciate you for your expertise. You will get the support of the higher ups. Students who aspire to take up higher studies are going to get through the impediments smoothly. Surgery, toxicology, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, trichology, alcohol, exotic food, photography, fashion, vlogging, beauty, films etc. can be good study options that you may be interested in during this transit of Venus. If into careers related to these, you are going to be a huge hit! Bam!

Virgo (Kanya Rashi)

The lord of the second and ninth is in the eighth house during this transit of Venus in Aries. You may not be able to keep your promises to your spouse. Your speech could bring you legal troubles. You should be careful about your communications. You could have a litigation involving a family member. Your father's health could suffer. Your relationship with your superiors may take a u- turn. You will enjoy flirting over the phone. But you should be extra careful in that regard. You may feel super sexed during this time and it can land you in you in troubles.

Libra (Tula Rashi)

The lord of the first and eight is in the seventh house during this transit of Venus in Aries. Your thoughts may be romantic all the time. Married Libra folks are going to have a great time now. Some may think about breaking off an engagement or commitment during this time. Do not jump to conclusions. You may feel more attractive during this time. You may spend time self absorbed, ignoring others. Your spouse could bring about losses. You may be interested in occult sciences during this Venus transit. If unmarried, you may end up having a relationship that may become controversial!

Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi)

The lord of the seventh and twelfth is in the sixth house. Your spouse may suffer ill-health and may need hospitalisation. You may work harder during this period. You may lose sleep over the work and may have to take night shifts. Your life is going to feel a little tedious during this time. Remember, it is just a phase. Those into medicine and social work are going to get recognised for their work. It may not be a right time to commit to any relationship or partnerships. You should tread carefully and avoid any litigation that involves your spouse. You may incur expenses in court cases.

Sagittarius (Dhanus Rashi)

This transit of Venus in Aries is going to bring your sixth lord and eleventh lord to the fifth house. Your salary will increase and you will have new sources of income. You will work hard and make money, as you realise the importance of hard work. You may have to undergo a breakup during this time, if in a relationship. You could also choose a lover from your friend's circle. Your lover may help you financially. You will be service oriented during this time and will be inclined towards humanitarian works. You may have doubts and fears regarding your sex life.

Capricorn (Makara Rashi)

This transit of Venus in Aries will bring the tenth house lord and the fifth house lord to the fourth. You may work from home. You will fulfil your household expectations without grumbling. You will find that your home brings you a lot of peace. You may renovate your home or buy cute accessories for the same. You may bring your lover home. You will enjoy your lovers' company more than ever. You will follow your mother's instructions regarding home. You may think about buying a new vehicle. You will get involved in gardening or other hobbies.

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

The transit of Venus in Aries will bring the lords of the fourth and the ninth to the third house. You may be gifted with a mobile phone. If you have been thinking of writing and publishing a book, this is the apt time. You will interact with your mother a lot. Your communication skills will improve drastically. You may travel a lot with your mother. You spend a lot of time on the social media and phone. Your siblings will be touched by the Goddess of luck.

Pisces (Meena Rashi)

The lord of the third and eighth is brought to the second house with this transit of Venus in Aries. You may have to be careful about your communications. You may have to be careful about your siblings' health. You may become estranged from one of your family members. You should be careful about your speech as it may land you in troubles. You should eat healthy and avoid junk food. You may also risk food contamination during this time. So please have warm food which is fresh. You will communicate more with your family.


If your reading was not as great as you expected, do follow the remedies of Venus, including maintaining good hygiene, prayers and fasts on Fridays, donating milk and sweets to small children, etc. You could also visit Mahalaxmi temple or Devi temples on Fridays. Never forego dinner on Fridays. For Venus to improve respect and help out women. Venus never favours those who objectify women and ignore their sufferings. Making your wife or any woman cry can turn your Venus into a malefic, no matter how the reading goes. Bear these points in mind and live beautifully.

Hoping that you will have a peaceful and beautiful time during this transit of Venus in Aries. Cheers!