Venus Transit in Cancer Image Source: Prokerala

Venus Transit in Cancer

The transit of Venus in the watery sign of Cancer always heralds the flow of emotions which requires some careful handling of the emotional baggage from the relationship- good or bad ones. Venus is the planet of love, sex, luxuries and money . It also points out our ways of dealing with pleasure and people who are within our reach. Yes, Venus in Cancer shows us how we should process our emotions for a smooth flowing relationship. As Cancer has a fluidic, loving, emotional and nurturing energy associated with it, the same will apply to our relationships. There will be a better demand for food and hospitality industries during this transit of Venus in Cancer. The beverages and food industry will need to up their management to cater to the personal needs of their clientele. Hospitality industry should include staff who can serve their customers gauging their EQ. There will be emotional decisions involved in making decisions, especially related to marriages. Breakups can be ultra emotional during this time. There will be emphasis on mother’s love and a slew of products related to expectant mothers or new moms are going to roll out. Venus-related professions which take care of the nurturing element like the hospitality, spas, massage parlours, beauty salons, home gadgets and personal nurturing products will see a surge in business globally.

This transit of Venus in Cancer on the 7th of May is going to send some soft loving vibes to all the zodiac signs. Let’s see how it will pan out.


Aries are the fiery ones but they will want to let their hair down and relax, during this transit of Venus in Cancer. They will enjoy the nurturing energy of your mother and the comfort of their home. You may get introduced to your lover or if already in a relationship, you may bring the person home. You will not be afraid to be emotionally vulnerable with your spouse. You may want to spruce up the luxury element in your house as well. You will love to sit in the comfort of your home and chill. You may enjoy some great home-cooked meals. If planning to buy a car or home, you are going to jump in and buy it off. You will be emotionally available to your spouse.


You should be careful about your communications. It may either go misplaced or unsent. You may spend a lot of time on the social media. You may develop some issues with those from the opposite sex. If already married, you should be careful with your interactions with the opposite sex. You will not be hesitant to express your love towards your loved one. You are a die- hard romantic but you may get emotionally drained out by the wrong people during this transit of Venus in Cancer.


You are going to talk things out loud with your lover. You will spend a lot of money on food ar expensive food joints. You will enjoy gourmet meals like never before. You will be extremely creative during this time. You will be very touchy if anyone dares to criticize your work. You will spend a lot of emotional energy on your work. You will be able to impress others better with your speech and will be highly benefited if you are involved in any profession that requires you to talk to others like in sales and marketing or coaching etc You should be guarded against those who would love you for material things and are self centred. You may plan a romantic get-away. If single, you may travel on your own to the paradise of your choice.


You are going to make money by being yourself. You will attract sources of income like never before during this Venus transit in Cancer 2023. You will get all the emotional pampering from your mother. You will define luxury as sitting at home and chilling with your friends. Your friends will boost your self image and confidence. They will bring you a lot of support and encouragement, which you will very well reciprocate. You will want to spend more time at home, may be beautifying or renovating it! You may buy your dream vehicle as your income sources are stable. You will feel emotionally secure and will get your feelings about things sorted out. You may undergo a makeover like a new hairstyle, hair colour or treat yourself with a tattoo.


You may feel a need to take a break from things to approach the reality with a fresh perspective. You may need to bring out your communications carefully. You may speak out emotionally which may only help to paint yourself in a bad light. You may make chivalrous moves which may cost you badly. You may repent your actions and carry the wounds. You will get deeply emotionally hurt during this transit of Venus in Cancer. Your siblings will be emotionally unavailable during this time.


You will hold your family values close to you. You will stick to your words, especially with your friends. You will become more emotionally attached to your father. You will get attracted to spirituality . You will find yourself appreciated and recognised at your workplace. You will see a raise in your income, and your dream trip with family or solo, will become true. You may fall in love with someone on an emotional impulse. You will be able to go abroad for your further studies. You will do extremely well in interviews and exams during this time. Your words will work magic on others. You will do great if into any creative professions or those related to food, beverages, beautification, comfort and hospitality.


You will get sudden gains during this transit of Venus in Cancer. You will enjoy the company of your friends. You may find your love from among your friends, spontaneously. You may be interested in occult because of your friends. You may spend your income on buying luxurious products for yourself . You may get influenced by your friends in decisions related to your nuptials. You may get involved in a controversy because of a friend. You will get emotionally stirred due to it and will make some strong decisions. You may come across a financial windfall as well.


You may meet your lover while indulging in your travel lust. You will find other cultures and countries extremely attractive during this transit of Venus in Scorpio. You will love to travel with your spouse. You may spend money and energy on your spouse. You will get emotionally dependant on your spouse. Your father will mean a lot to you. You will get all emotional support you need from your father. You will get more spiritually inclined during this time. You will want to travel long distances to explore your spirituality. You will love to learn more. Students will find this time perfect for getting into higher studies in other countries. Your business partners will help to bring in more income.


Your friend may bring your troubles in your marital life. You may be emotionally involved with someone who will not reciprocate your feelings. You will experience problems with the opposite sex. You will spend most of your money on others who may emotionally juice you out. You may feel like acting out on your spirit for adventure. You should be careful, nevertheless! You may experience problems from those who belong to the opposite sex. You should choose your friends wisely.


You may jump into a marriage and you won’t be sorry about it. You will get good partners in business who will help you with its progress. You will be well received in your career circles. You will be well respected and feel more supported in all your endeavours. You will bring in more business and recognition to your workplace. Your creativity will help you lots in your place of work. You will feel that your creativity is bursting and you will be duly credited for that. Your love affair will graduate into a marriage, no doubts!


You should be careful about your spending. Your expenses may soar high. You have to be careful about your parent’s health. You may feel uncomfortable in your home. You may feel distant from spirituality. You may feel distracted if you are a student. Enemies from the opposite sex can create problems in your life. You may feel emotionally drained by family members. You may be garnering wounds from past break-ups and the hurt may resurface during this transit of Venus in Cancer.


You have to be careful about what you communicate over the social media. You may get attracted to someone over the internet. You may bring in controversies which may take off your peace of mind. You may feel more creative during this phase. But you may spend your energy on the wrong projects. This is an ideal time to do shadow work and explore your inner hurts through creativity. You can close your hurtful chapters forever. You may fall in love after communicating for a long time. You may feel recognised on the social media networks. You should be careful while communicating with your loved ones as your bluntness may hurt them. This is a time to pamper them with your kind words.

Venus in Cancer is going to tug at your heart strings hard. Whichever way it gets pulled, let us be determined to bring out some music of self love, positivity and gratitude. Cheers to Venus!