Venus Transit in Taurus Image Source: Prokerala

Venus Transit in Taurus March 2023

Venus is going to make its seductive entrée into its plush nest of Taurus, this 16th of March, 2023, according to western astrology. It was trying to do its best in Aries, where romance is shallow and romantic talks are all facile! But in Taurus, Venus is a game. It is marked by its sheer indulgence in pleasures. Time is ideal for throwing yourself on the couch, netflixing and enjoying gourmet meals. Feel the luxury seep into your whole self and let go of all the cares of the world. This is time for some expressive love, romantic rendezvous and chilling out!


You are going to indulge in some great decadent food choices. You are going to have a gala time with your spouse. You may go out more and indulge in meaningful romantic conversations. Your spouse will make your family ties stronger and inspire you to invest in profitable investments. If single, you are going to meet your future spouse during this time. Time for some flirty ticklish talks. The spouse you choose during this time will be physically extremely attractive. You will know how to turn on the opposite sex with your talks.You both will drink, eat and be merry. Romance is your game this time.


This transit of Venus in Taurus will bring you personal charisma and magnetism because of its influence in the first house. You will be under-confident or arrogant during this time, which may tamper with your killer style. You may make enemies with the opposite sex. If committed, you may have to go through a breakup. You should be careful with your temperament towards your spouse or it may end up in a full-fledged fight.


This transit of Venus in Taurus is in the twelfth house. You may have some great action in bed. You may have exciting trips which always wanted to make. You may travel abroad during this time. Students may get admission to foreign universities during this time. This is a time of break- ups, too. You may have to be careful about your secret self, which may not be so guarded during this time. You may lose your loved one due to your negligence.


Cancer guys will have enough resources to woo your girl. You may have night sleep overs and fun with friends at your home. You will find your comfort zone in your friends. You may find your ideal mate within your friends’ circle. You will make good money through your contacts. Your friends may bring you business and clients. Your networking will go great. Pubs and beer nights will be the norm after work.


Your reputation will soar. If you are in any creative field, you are going to be famous in your craft. If you are a writer, get ready to get your book published. It is going to be a huge hit. You will write love poems to your loved one. You may buy a new mobile. You will spend most of your time on the phone. You will be a tad flirty in your conversations. You will be daring when it comes to speaking out your feelings to your loved one.


Your family is going to be super supportive during this transit of Venus in Taurus. If into writing, media, sales, marketing, advocacy, advertising, singing, you are going to hit good luck charms everywhere you go. Your talk will be sparkly and sensuous. You will enjoy exotic food and kisses. You will be extra lucky during this time, in romance and otherwise. Your spouse will make you feel loved and fortunate. Your father will have a great time and health. Your superiors will support you and may give you a raise this time. Students will get opportunities for higher education.


You may overindulge in luxuries because money and charm will be in plenty for you. You may have to guard yourself against lifestyle diseases. You may be involved in scandals involving the opposite sex as your eight house Venus decides. An impulsive sexual encounter may make you lose your mental peace. You will feel super sexed during this time. You will enjoy great wine and sex. Your secrets may get out and make sure you keep your secrets sealed in every possible way. You may become interested in tantric sex and other esoteric practices during this transit of Venus in Taurus. Some wrong investments may cause you losses. Stay educated and seek professional opinions.


You may enjoy some great sex, as this transit of Venus in Taurus is in the seventh house. You may get your ideal spouse during this time as well. The chances of getting a foreigner as your spouse are even more. You may lose sleep with exotic sexual fantasies. Your spouse will become more attractive and amorous during this time. Your partnerships will bring you a lot of wealth. You and your spouse may enjoy a foreign trip together as well. You may overspend on your spouse.


You should be careful every time you take out your credit card at this time of the year. The transit of Venus in the sixth house will bring you to debts and it may affect your deposits. Your debts will be more than your income. You may spend more on luxuries and on the opposite sex. You may have problems with the opposite sex as well. You may have tiffs with a friend from the opposite sex. You should be careful about litigations involving the opposite sex. If married, you may have fights with your spouse. You may lose some from your networks.


You will spend most of your energy on your kids. If trying to have one, this is the time. Students will work hard and be successful in their studies. You may fall in love during this transit of Venus in Taurus. You will find comfort in your workplace. Your reputation will increase especially among the co-workers who belong to the opposite sex. You will speak smoothly. You will finalize some very profitable business bargains to your benefit. You will shine in your work place especially if you are related to medicine, sales, films, fashion, hotels or hospitality industry. You will make your talents known to the world. Your creativity will be high during this time.


This transit of Venus in Taurus is going to bring home a lot of goodies. You may do- up your place and have gatherings there. You may go on some long distance trips during this time. You will enjoy spirituality and you will see love as divine. Your parents will enjoy good health. You will get the support of your superiors. You may win a lottery or gamble. You will enjoy just sitting at home and chilling with your family. You may buy a new house or vehicle.


You should be careful with your communications and communication devices. You may flare up a scandal due to your communications. Make sure you do not gossip or let your secrets out, especially over the phone. You will communicate more. You may read and write a lot about sex. Sexual fantasies may find its way to you through your devices. You will communicate more with your siblings. You will find happiness on short trips, though some may be unnecessary.

So cheers in advance. This transit of Venus sounds like fun for all zodiac signs. Make the best out of it and live life King/ Queen size!!!