Read Aquarius weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting June 16.

Aquarians will try to complete a few projects during this week. The full moon on 17th is indicating the chances for completions in the long-term projects. You will be working hard to complete a few projects and that can be little complicated as well. There should not be any confusions in the terms and conditions of new long- term projects.

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This is a great time to get a new friend, but you may find someone leaving your circle as well. Arguments are also seen in long-term relations. New groups and teams may invite you to join them. Team projects and charity deeds are also seen throughout this phase.

Due to the emotional nature of the Moon, you may take everything in an emotional way. You must control that as well. New projects can come from the technology sector. During this week, all the Aquarians around the world will have some projects or activities for children or young groups. Those who work with NGOs will find new projects. Your creative energies are on during this week and you will try to use them.

Aquarians will have to take up more challenges during this week as the Sun will move into Cancer during the 21st of this month, that is this week. The Sun will show the real nature of your work. It will be visible to you how your work is going on. Your focus will be on your work. At the same time, you will see how your colleagues see you and what they expect from you.

You must not get into any office politics, if you do so, then there can be bad consequences. Don’t put your career at stake. This is a good time to improve your health as well. You may start doing yoga or meditation.

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