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Your life is going through a transformational phase, and the Mars-Venus transit will support the transformation. Your seventh house is covered by this planetary duo. Mars is aggression and Venus is diplomacy, so you will have issues, but at the same time you will have solutions too. Try to handle any conflicts with diplomacy and patience. You should maintain balance and harmony in your partnerships. Venus will bring good business opportunities, so you will have such discussions. There will be public functions like marriages, engagement parties, or networking events. You will gather public attention too, so you should be at your best.

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Both planets will aspect your sign, which will improve your looks. You will have an aura, so you should use this favorable time wisely. Being an Aquarius, you are an air sign, and air indicates intelligence. During this time, Mars and Venus will trigger the air element, which will bring new ideas to you. You should not resist someone's new ideas, as you can learn from them. You will have new friends or new teammates, and your physical health will also improve during this transit. Single Aquarius will search for like-minded people too.

The solar transit will be accompanied by Mercury, and both planets will tickle your creative buds. The sun is the ultimate planet for creativity, so there will be a lot of creative activities in your life. There will be new business ideas, but you should make some calculated moves. This is not a great time to jump into any high-risk ventures. It will be good if you do some research before making any financial decisions during this transition. This transit supports spending time with children and youngsters, and such sessions will help you learn new things too. You will spend more time on fun and entertainment, too.

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Aquarius monthly horoscope - June, 2023

This free Aquarius weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between June 4 and June 10 and its effect on natives of Aquarius zodiac sign.

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