Read Gemini weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting May 31.

Dear Gemini, this is the time to evaluate your relationships. You should also consider your role in that than your partner. Let it be a business partner or life partner. The penumbral lunar eclipse is not going to be very stable about the relationships. It will surely bring some emotions regarding all the relationships where you play a major role. Since Moon rules your values, you will think about how much you valued your relationships or how your relationships helped you to increase your value. The lunar eclipse indicates endings and quite naturally, you will be forced to end certain agreements. Despite personal or profession, that can put you in stress.

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Singles will feel like ending their singlehood and getting into a new relationship. In business or personal relationships, you will be trying to negotiate a lot. The annual solar transit will trigger the desire to improve your values. Including your material assets, you will be evaluating whether you are a success or a failure. At times, you will feel a little down, as the Sun will always let you feel, the need for a realistic approach. Don’t be so consumed, otherwise, you will feel like underestimating yourself. You will try to improve your wealth and make more income. Lack of confidence can make you argue with your dear and near ones. There will be some expenses and you neither should nor jump into expansive buying. During this week, you should try to improve whatever you were doing and this is not a great time for a fresh start. However, chances to get new part-time projects can come up and you must save them. This is a great time for budgeting and you will study a financial plan. However, due to the Venusian retrogression, you may feel a little lazy and dissatisfied about yourself. That will be part of this transit.

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This free Gemini weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between May 31 and June 6 and its effect on natives of Gemini zodiac sign.

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