Read Libra weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting June 16.

All the Librans around the world will be interested in multitasking and communications during this week. Such things will be prominent because of a powerful full moon when it comes up on the 17th.

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This is a good time to complete a few projects which require skills like writing, editing, teaching or sales. Due to these busy activities, you may get issues like headache or cold. You need to take enough rest, otherwise, you may not be able to complete your projects. Most of these projects can be short term. You will be trying to make a few necessary changes in the existing projects and own ventures as well.

This phase also shows the importance of your siblings or such relatives, whom you consider as relatives. You may have something common to discuss. It is a little difficult to have productive discussions because you will be emotional while dealing with them.

Working with small groups can also be a part of this phase. Please make direct and clear communications during this week. Otherwise, you may have misunderstandings. Short travels and studies also can be a major part of this week.

The 21st day of this month has a lot of importance. The Sun will enter the sign of cancer during this week and that means a lot for you as Libran, your career sector will get highlighted. The sun is showing you how your work was in the past and how you can improve it.

During this week, you may be consumed by the projects from media, sales, marketing, IT, counseling and writing. This is not a very secure placement as Cancer is not the favorite place for the Sun. You need to be very cautious at your work. Try to be in the good books of your superiors.

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