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We may lose today, but surely we will gain tomorrow, and that’s what I want to remind you of. The Sun, Mars, and Mercury will be triggering your sign, and it can be a bit heavy for you. You have a lot of things to do in the battle of relevance, but you should not be in a hurry to achieve anything. Physical issues like a cold, fever, or headache can come up, but if you are getting them, it can be primarily due to this planetary transit. However, there is nothing wrong with getting a medical checkup rather than going for online home remedies.

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The universe will measure your values, health, beauty, wealth, and relationships, so it could be a testing time for these. Please don’t push the past into oblivion, but learn from those mistakes, as when the sun visits your sign, it will ask you to go through a refining process. Life is a cycle, so some events will repeat, but you should not put a full stop to your endeavors. New people, new projects, and new events are supposed to come at this time, so feel blessed as you have enough time to put your strategies into practice. Make good plans with expert help, and then you will be fine.

Your ruler Venus is moving through the eleventh house of hopes and wishes, so amidst the inner conflicts, you will be pleasant and hopeful. This is the time to get engaged in the social sector, and you will surely make new contacts. There will be team gatherings, which can connect you with new acquaintances who can give you new ideas. You would not feel unacknowledged, and that itself is good news. This is the week to go global and see what happens in the world in general. There will be great moments to get a great cause for teamwork.

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Libra monthly horoscope - October, 2023

This free Libra weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between October 1 and October 7 and its effect on natives of Libra zodiac sign.

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