Read the Taurus weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting July 15. Detailed forecast and prediction for people born under Taurus zodiac sign.

The week ahead for Taurus

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and magnification was in a slowdown mode but from the last week onwards it turned direct. This direct mode will trigger the sector for personal and professional relationships. You might have had some issues in the last few months, especially regarding partnerships, but now, it’s time to improve the relationships. It is applicable in case of personal and professional relationships. The existing relationships may show the signals of deviations. You will realize that this is the time to take your next step.

In marital relationships, you will try to make negotiations. Your intention is to bring progress, but you have to be diplomatic. Jupiter also shows magnification and expansion, so new partners from the professional sector can come up. New contracts and business deals are also possible. You may try to start a new relationship like a love affair or a business deal. New job offer is also expected.

Mars, the warrior of the zodiac has started its slow down mode in the sector for career and bosses. It is the planet for courage and vigor, so when it goes in a slow mode, you may become little impatient. This nature may bring some issues at work. You may have rework in the old projects. There can be some discussions related to work and responsibilities. Your bosses may give you additional responsibilities. There are chances to get new projects or job offers, but, you have to be very cautious.

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