Read Virgo weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting June 16.

Virgos will be focusing more on their family life during this week. A strong full moon will start influencing your family and home from this week onwards. Elderly females in the family will need more care and their demands can also be like little difficult to meet their needs. So, you will have to be very cautious and clear about your activities.

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When the Moon influences your family life you will have a focus on the real estate related deals as well. There may be some issues or discussions connected with your property. You may have to solve them in the coming days. During this week, you will start to settle it, since the influence of the Moon can last for six months, you will have the opportunity for better plans to solve the real estate deals.

This is also the time to improve your family life. Your relatives may come up and productive discussions also can come up. Buying a few types of equipment for home also can come up. Meeting with family members also can come up.

There are some concerns regarding your long-term projects. You were looking for a few solid plans for the last few weeks. From this week onwards, you will be witnessing the reality regarding your long-term relationships. The Sun will be marking its entry to the sign of Cancer and that may bring more visibility.

Elder siblings and children will need your help. There are so many chances to work for a project for children and young groups. You will have the zeal to work in an international organization as well.

Try to be very careful with your groups and friends. You may have to solve some issues with them. During this week, you will try to bring some changes in the existing long-term projects and relationships.

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