Read Virgo weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting August 14.

Weekly Virgo Horoscope

The transit of Mercury, your ruler, is very important as it is moving through your sign. Mercury is very strong, and it has good as well as complex results. On a positive note, you will be interested in improving your health and wealth. You will be looking for new beginnings, and you must plan for that. However, when Mercury is strong, you will have stress as Mercury indicates nervous issues. You have to move wisely and don't be in haste. This is a very good time for networking and meeting new people. PR professionals also will be getting good opportunities.

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The conjunction of the Sun and Venus are in Leo, which is not a great phase for your emotional issues. Please connect this planetary influence with the transit of Mercury. This transit will increase the desire for isolation and spirituality. You will be looking for some time alone, which is a very good time for solo trips. You will be reading spiritual texts and getting some insights. You can also expect foreign collaborations at work, so you will be working with such projects. There will be some short projects, and you have to participate in competitive events too.

The transit of Mars is impacting the tenth house of career, and this is a very good time for career-related moves. Media and mass communication professionals will be busy. Mars also indicates arguments at work, so you must be careful with what you talk. New opportunities will come up, and job seekers should be alert. This is also an important time for those who work with their ventures. You will be looking for multiple ways to improve the business. Career-related debates also will be part of this week.

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This free Virgo weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between August 14 and August 20 and its effect on natives of Virgo zodiac sign.

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