Virgo Zodiac Sign

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgos are people who are born between August 23 and September 22. Virgos are often described as hardworking, detail-oriented, and practical. You are also known for your shy and reserved nature. Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac, and you often have high standards for both yourself and others.

Always seeking to improve, always learning and growing, you have high standards and expect the same from others. You are critical, but you are also fair. Hardworking and having a solid work ethic, Virgos are loyal and reliable and always willing to help. You are a great problem solver, always looking for ways to make things better.

Inside, you carry a very idealistic, romantic and often realistic streak if you have a strong Virgo placement.

Virgo Zodiac Sign - Quick Facts

  • Virgo Date: August 23 - September 22*
  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Quality: Mutable Sign
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Opposite Sign: Pisces
  • Virgo Birthstone: Opal, Agate
  • Anatomy Ruled: Abdominal Organs, Intestines
  • Flower: Buttercups
  • Color: Yellowish Green, Brown
  • Tarot card: IX The Hermit

* Date may change for some years
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Virgo Zodiac Sign Guide

Virgo Positives and Negatives

Positives Negatives
Practical, Realistic, Organized, Intelligence, Expressive, Sensual, Sympathetic, Humane, Dedicated, Logical Hyper Critical, Perfectionist, Irritable, Fussy, Conservative, Demanding, Prudish

Virgo - Likes and Dislikes

Here are few things Virgo-born people like and dislikes.

Virgo Likes:

  1. Complex Challenges: Virgo zodiac people are attracted to complex challenges. They have a keen eye for detail, like to be able to analyze a situation and find a way to improve it.
  2. Mimicking Others: Virgo zodiac people often mimic the behavior of others. They are quick to observe and learn from those around them. This can be a useful tool for them, as they can learn new skills quickly. However, it can also lead to them being seen as copycats.
  3. Punctuality: Virgo zodiac people are known for their punctuality. They value time and hate to waste it. This can sometimes make them seem rigid, but it also means that they are always on time for appointments and commitments.
  4. Dealing with Details: Virgo zodiac people are known for their attention to detail. They like to have all the information before making a decision. This can sometimes make them seem indecisive, but it also means that they are very thorough in their thinking.

Virgo dislike:

  1. Being messy or disorganized, Virgos like things to be in their proper place and hate when things are out of order. A messy or disorganized person can be a source of frustration for a Virgo.
  2. Virgos are proud and don't like to admit a mistake when they've made one. They hate it when they have to admit failure. Failing in their eyes, even if it's just a small thing, can be a hard pill to swallow.
  3. Virgos hate to be seen as critical. They are often seen as perfectionists and as a result, can come across as critical of others. This is something that they dislike in others and can often be a source of tension in relationships.
  4. Virgos are known for their love of order and their hatred of chaos. When schedules go off the rails, Virgos can be counted on to be the ones trying to put them back in order. This can be frustrating for those around them, who may not share their need for orderliness.

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