Star sign refers to the part of the zodiac the sun was in at the time of your birth. If you are not sure about your sign, know your zodiac sign here.

There are certain characters common to all the members of the same star sign. To know about the characteristics of people born under Sagittarius zodiac sign, continue reading.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

You belong to the ninth house of the Zodiac circle, Sagittarius. You are usually intellectual, enthusiastic, tolerant and optimistic. Jupiter is your ruling planet. Your lucky colours are purple and royal blue. Gemini is your opposite sign and you are least compatible with Cancer and Taurus. You are most compatible with Aries, Leo and Taurus. You can be extravagant, excessive, hotheaded and a gambler. Your ruling planet symbolizes growth and wisdom and you can be an excellent teacher. Although fundamentally serious there is nothing you like more than fun and laughter when in company which makes you a great friend once others have come up to your very high standards. Your restlessness enables your to adapt to life's changing patterns. Career options best suited for you are athletic and sport, dance, astrology and space, teaching and scholarship, shipping and air trade, international finance, transportation etc…

Other Information

  • Birthstone: Turquoise
  • New age stone: Lapis lazuli, Azurite
  • Element: Fire
  • Anatomy ruled: Hips, thighs, sciatic nerve
  • Flower: Narcissus
  • Your Tarot card: XIV Temperance

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