₹25.14 lakh - ₹27.37 lakh

*Ex-showroom price in Delhi

Captiva [2015 - 2016] Mileage Details
Diesel City - 11.3 kmpl | Highway - 14.6 kmpl |
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Chevrolet Captiva [2015 - 2016] Variants

Variant NameEx-Showroom PriceCompare
Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 AT AWD

Diesel, 2231 cc, Automatic, City: 9.8 kmpl , Highway: 12.12 kmpl

₹27.37 lakh
Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 MT 2WD

Diesel, 2231 cc, Manual, City: 11.3 kmpl , Highway: 14.6 kmpl

₹25.14 lakh

Chevrolet Captiva [2015 - 2016] • Price, Variants & Specifications

General Motors has now launched its very new and completely updated version of the car called the captive. It is a luxury cum sports vehicle. It also has utility features. The car is an SUV model and like the previous model will offer similar good quality driving modes. It gives a dynamic performance and great style, comfort and safety features as well.

Chevrolet Captiva New- Price and Variants

The Chevrolet Captiva new is priced between 23.8lakh to 25.9lakh keeping the Indian market in view. This price suits the sort of technology and performance that the car provides. At this price it is bound to be a great investment. The car is only available as a diesel variant. However, it has two versions depending on the gearbox present. It has two different models of automatic and manual transmissions with different prices for each.

Chevrolet Captiva New- Price- 24.20lakh- 26.30lahk


The car is available in a number of color variants. These include snowflake white pearl, dark burgundy, switch blade silver, carbon flash, smokey eye grey and so on. The exteriors have been kept the same as the previous classical model. Not much change has been inflicted on the new model.


Unlike the exterior, a few changes have been made to the interior of this car to improve it over the previous classical model that was available in the market so far. The car now has an instrument panel that has been completely stylized and has a completely new design. It generates ions as well in order to purify and deodorize the air inside the cabin. This is a great new feature that ensures one travels not only in a comfortable but hygienic environment all the time. The space has been better used up in the cabin. 

Some other minor changes have also been brought about over the previous model of the car. The cabin is also very spacious with a large number of luxury and comfort features in it. The cabin has very comfortable seats that are covered with black leather upholstery. The row of second seats has double foldable and reclining features. These add to the overall comfort feature of the car. It also has an infotainment system that provides good quality entertainment during journeys. The driver seat is adjustable in eight different ways. This provides for ease of driving as it can be personalized for each driver in its own individual way. Long with the air conditioning system it also has climate control within the cabin and a number of other features to control the climate.

Features and Specifications

The vehicle is completely diesel powered. It is powered by an engine of 2.2 liters. It also has a diesel engine of four strokes under the hood of the car. The displacement capacity of the vehicle is at 2231cc. It can give a maximum power of 184 bhp with a torque of 424 Nm at 2000 rpm. It also comes with a very skillful transmission system of six speeds. It can have an automatic transmission as well. The automatic transmission system distributes the power of the machine to the wheels completely. It also has a very good system of brakes and suspension. This keeps it safe during long journeys. It keeps the car very proficient and well balanced as well. The car consists of an electronic stability control system. It also has a traction control system.

All of these together provide a very comfortable experience of riding for the user. Along with the safety and comfort features of the car, it also has a very dynamic engine that provides the best performance. 

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