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Honda NSX • Price, Variants & Specifications

The Honda NSX is one of the elite cars produced by the legendary automobile company from Japan, Honda. It is the next dimension and direction of supercars. With extremely dynamic style, the NSX stands for the New Sports eXperimental. It is surely going to set standards for the performance vehicles in the coming years as its lightweight body, excellence in engineering efficiency combines with driving spirit to produce the next great car. The perfect synergy of man and machine, the Honda NSX is sure to redefine racing car engines too with a different philosophy of power-to-weight ratio. Excitement is already running high among car lovers as they finally can see the unveiling of this prized car.

Honda NSX Variants

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Honda NSX- Price and variants

The NSX model is of course a futuristic model with supreme specialities. The exclusive nature of the car and customizations it will be put through makes the car extremely costly. When the pre-order booking starts in summer, the price is likely to be $150,000 or 99,000 GBP. The car also boasts of an unique model. Hence, there are no variants anywhere.

Expected Price View Rs. 95 Lakhs


The exterior of the NSX comes in Red for the latest model and is said to be a hybrid of Audi R8 and McLaren 650S. The body is curved out of aluminium alloy and steel and makes a startling profile even for a race car. The characteristic low rooflines and side vents in a gaping manner makes it an aggressive car from the very first look. The rear is composed of four exhausts in a centrally mounted manner. The all-LED headlights and a diffuser tailor-made for racing also are part of the exterior design. In fact, the exterior design is made in such a way that complete stability is offered even at the highest speed. With intensive tunnel testing, the bonnet vents, boot spoiler and side air intakes have been modified to achieve aerodynamic perfection. The alloy wheels have huge dimension of 19 inch or 20 inch. Also, the car boasts of the lower centre of gravity among its peers.


The instrument cluster is a magnanimous creation from Honda. With an TFT display that is adaptable according to necessity, the centre console also has a screen for displaying various data. It is just about the climate and heating controls. The instrument panel features an integrated dynamics system regulated dial control that lets the driver shift between different driving modes like Quiet, sport, sport+ and track modes. For a special head-start, the driver can opt for a launch mode. The whole interior is dashed with leather of bright red. The passenger and the driver sit comfortably between the dashboard and the console.

Features and specifications

There are multiple stunning features in both technological and design level. both the front and rear suspension is made of aluminium and carbon ceramic brakes add up to this unique car. The engine of this car deserves a special mention. It is the V6 petrol engine with direct-projection principle. This longitudinally mounted engine is backed up with an electric motor. Also, there is an addition of the dual-clutch gearbox. With two more motors in the front section, the torque variation generated results beyond imagination. The whole configuration is known as SH-AWD or super handling all-wheel drive. The system allows curbing the effect of torque by anticipating the possible direction. It improves handling. It has a stupendous power rating of 550 HP.

The overall design of car ensures it improves in every aspect of the shape. Overall, it is a car of the future with special abilities like acceleration without delay and a new driving dynamics.

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