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Nissan Leaf • Price, Variants & Specifications

We have heard quite often that the natural resources are depleting, but most of us have not bothered to save them except for few pioneers like Nissan. Nissan has given a sensible shape to the idealistic notions of eco-friendly cars by gifting humanity with Nissan Leaf. Electricity is the fuel for this car in lieu of the fossil fuels. Nissan leaf has a starting price of Rs. 12 lacs which falls well within the budget of Indian families. 

Nissan Leaf Variants

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Engine & Performance

The horsepower generated by the motor is 107 HP. The car uses an 80 kW AC synchronous motor and outputs 280 Nm of torque. The motor will get ignited with just one push of a small button. Nissan Leaf will offer one with ample feasibility of operation. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery stands for long hours, thus helping one to run a considerably longer distance.


For electric run vehicles the mileage is specified in miles per gallon (MPGe). Nissan Leaf can easily touch the 126 MPGe bar in city driving and 101 MPGe bar in highway driving. Nissan leaf can speed up to 100 km in just 12 seconds.


The aerodynamic design assists Nissan Leaf in achieving maximum speed by consuming minimum power. The charging port has been designed with utmost care to protect the port in case the car dives into mud or water. The wheelbase is big enough to accommodate tires of durable strength. The door handles have chrome finish.


The interior has a volume of 116 cu. Ft. with a seating capacity of 5 persons, the ideal Indian family size. The power steering will move smoothly as per the speed without a need to apply excessive pressure in taking sharp turns. Power doors and power windows further enhance the technicality of Nissan Leaf. The cup holders match well with the leather draping, which can have the color and fabric of one’s choice.

Features & Specifications

Carwings Information System used in this car is way beyond anyone’s imagination. Carwings smartphone app lets one control the climate inside the car by turning on or off the AC. Also with the help of this app one can find the nearby charging station and the best routes to reach them.  Automatic on/off lights also adds uniqueness to Nissan Leaf.   Electronic Brake Force Distribution will save the dislocation of brake-disc if the car has to be halted suddenly.  The rear spoiler gets charged by solar energy and is photovoltaic in nature.

Comparison to other cars in the same segment

Nissan Leaf is the best one among the technically advanced electric cars launched in India. Nissan Leaf has attracted a lot of attention in the market and the records show that it has more admirers than Mahindra Reva. Mahindra Reva before the launch of Nissan Leaf stood as the sole champion in the market of electricity based vehicles. But Nissan Leaf has pushed Mahindra Reva onto the second position and has proved to be better than Mahindra Reva in all perspectives. Even hatchbacks like Hyundai i20 may lag behind Nissan Leaf when it comes to vehicle control systems.

The chargeable feature of Nissan Leaf at any instant and at any location is quite interesting as well as enticing. Variety is the spice of life and one must go for this unconventionally designed car at least once in his or her lifetime. The results won’t be disappointing. The western countries, especially Japan and USA are already ahead of India in welcoming this fabulous car. Now it is our turn to join the bee line to book one Nissan leaf for our very own families.  

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