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Skoda Laura • Price, Variants & Specifications

The Skoda Laura model has now been completely redesigned and re engineered to incorporate some of the latest technologies available in the field. The updated model now has a fresh new look along with greater power, better interiors and more useful equipment that will attract a greater mass of people. It has the freshest design and is completely safe in all aspects.

Skoda Laura Variants

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Skoda Laura New- Price and Variations

The new model of the Skoda Laura is available at a price between 12.9lakh to 16.5lakh. The price is completely justified by the amazing performance the new model delivers. It combines comfort and style with overall safety, something that is much desirable from a car. It is available in only one petrol variant. It has a very sharp look to it and provides a very dynamic performance.

Expected Price view Rs. 12.9lakh- 16.5lakh


The new model of the Skoda Laura looks much sharper than the previous model. It has a very prestige like style for the exteriors. The car boasts of a very prominent grille and an elevated ridge right at the very center of the car bonnet. There is a kink on the rear of the car or the C pillar. It also comes with a tail that is squared off. It lends a grown up look to the model. The area around the headlights of the car bears a very prominent and large stable mate.


The interiors have been specifically redesigned to provide only the most comfortable travelling experience. The cabin is stylish and very contemporary. The top portion of the dash board is completely covered with plastics that have a soft touch quality. It also has a large amount of very high quality chrome on it. The dashboard boasts of wood trims. It is also present on the trim for the ash tray. A lot of attention has been paid to the minutest details. There are molded and huge door bins available inside the car. It is suitable for holding one liter bottles. The car also comes with parking sensors. There are also certain good qualities such as a touch screen audio system. The car is completely equipped for long journeys. It also has very comfortable leather seats, a mounted steering audio controls, a system for controlling the climate and a driver seat having memory options. It makes for very comfortable rides. It also helps in aiding towards the safety.

Features and Specifications

The car is powered by a 2.0 liter engine that can produce around 140 bhp. It also has a gear box that has a twin touch clutch with six speeds. The engine has many advanced features including a 1968cc twin cam unit that can breathe through sixteen different valves. It can produce a maximum torque of about 1750 rpm. It produces the extra torque for achieving cruising speeds of three digits and maintaining it. The engine is also completely silent even during acceleration. There is only a slight hint of tire noise that can be received while driving. Otherwise, the entire experience is peaceful and comfortable as well as safe to say the least. The new model can also cover a huge amount of ground very rapidly. It gives a comfortable speed till the last velocity. The accelerating capabilities are pretty good. It can give around 100 kph in around 11.07 seconds. It is much faster than contemporary models available in the market. It is ideal for driving on the city streets. In fact, the tires have been so designed to give the maximum performance in city streets. However, there are no paddle shifts available.

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