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Tata does not have any serious contender in the MPV section, but the demand for this type of car is growing by leaps and bounds. So, Tata is all set to enter this sector with its all new Tata Aria mini. This MPV will probably appear in the market by June 2016. It is expected to compete with the Mahindra Quanto and the Ford Ecosport.

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Tata Aria mini: price, variant and specification

The details about this car are being kept under tight wraps. Since the Tata Aria fared badly in spite of its advanced technological features because of the very high pricing policy, Tata is determined to offer the Aria Mini at a reasonable cost. In order to avoid the 12% excise duty, the engine must have a displacement less than 1500 cc. This eliminates the current 2.2 liter engine of the Aria. Instead, Tata will probably use the 1.3 liter multijet engine that is being successfully used in the Fiat Ertiga. However, no further details about the technical specs, power or performance of the engine is known. The company has also not revealed anything about the trim levels of the car.

Expected Price View Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs 9 lakhs


In order to reduce the cost of the car, the company has to use a lighter engine. This puts the heavier platform of the Aria out of the question. Instead it is being speculated that the company will use the Safari strome chassis and platform for the new car. This will reduce the weight and therefore the cost of the car. However, the sophisticated styling of the Aria will be adopted to a very great extent in this Aria mini. So, you can expect a dashing and stylish car which performs as well as the Aria but at a much lower price.


Most features of the interior of the car are in a developmental stage. The car will have five seats and two jumper seats in the rear. This will reduce the overhang at the back. Tata is all set to cut costs and make it a competitive car. So, it is reducing the size of the car so that the lighter 1.3 liter engine can provide the required power without compromising the efficiency or the performance. This car will be less than four meters in length. The downside is that, unlike the Tata cars, it may be somewhat cramped. The rear seats have also reduced the boot size. The rest of the car is still in the designing stage.

Features and specifications

No details are revealed about the features and specifications of the Tata Aria mini and they are still in the developmental stage. However, since Tata us determined to cut costs, it is almost certain that most of the awesome technologies that appear in the Aria will not be seen in the Aria Mini. It remains to be seen how successful Tata is in the MPV sector in India with the launch of this new Tata Aria mini.

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