Tata Megapixel

₹4 lakh - ₹5 lakh

*Ex-showroom price in Delhi

Tata Megapixel • Price, Variants & Specifications

The futuristic design of the Tata Pixel had left everyone admiring its innovative design. Then, Tata unveiled its concept of Tata Megapixel in the Geneva car show in 2012 and it was definitely a feather in the cap of this Indian automobile manufacturing company. No official announcement has been made about when this four seater hatchback is coming to India, but according to reports, it will hit the Indian roads around the middle of 2015. With a price tag between Rs 4 lakhs to Rs. 4.5 lakhs, this hybrid car using petrol engine and electric motor is expected to do very well in the Indian market.

Tata Megapixel Variants

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The technical specifications

The Tata Megapixel is a hybrid car. The result is an unbelievable mileage which will surely be the biggest selling point of the car. It is a range extended electric vehicle (REEV) that runs on a lithium ion phosphate battery and a petrol engine. The car comes with a single cylinder petrol engine with a displacement of 325 cc. It produces a maximum power of 22kW, of which 13 kW is used to charge the battery. Four electric motors are attached individually to each of the wheels. The motors deliver a power of 10 kW and a maximum torque of 500 Nm. The petrol engine and the battery can work together to deliver unbelievable performance. According to tests, the Tata Megapixel will be able to travel 900 kms with one full tank of fuel. Charging the car is easy. It only needs to be parked on the charging pad. 80% charging will be completed within 30 minutes.Tata has incorporated its zero turn technology in this model so that it has a turning radius of only 2.8 m. The car is equipped with disc brakes front and rear. These as well as the four speed automatic transmission make the Tata Megapixel extremely easy to handle. It is also environment friendly with very little carbon footprint.The hybrid engine delivers an average mileage of 100 kmpl on battery only. This is truly amazing and will probably be the leading selling point of the car in India.

The style and design

The futuristic design of the Tata Pixel has been cleverly adapted for this hatchback. The Tata Megapixel is 3505mm long, 1673mm wide and 1405mm high. The four door body is streamlined, but stylish. The double sliding door is another feature along with the turning radius which will make it easy to park the car.The panoramic roof is the one feature which has helped the Tata Megapixel appear so stylish. The body styling is aggressive while rose and metal trims in the interior grabs the attention easily. The dashboard is rear projected and the “India global” themed design imparts a unique look to the interior. The one-touch touch screen command centre adds to the futuristic look. Features like remote oil filler, remote boot, rear wiper and defogger add to the convenience while airbags, fog lamps, ABS with EBD and parking sensors are the safety features of the car.

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According to weiht&ratio 30 bhp is an good. Pl. Try to raise ground clearance

By swamy on Oct 4, 2015 2:55 PM IST

I like this car when launch this plz send me mail with dealer location in U. P. Thanks.

By Ayaz on Sep 17, 2015 2:45 PM IST
Devidas Uddhavrao Vispute


By Devidas Uddhavrao Vispute on Aug 31, 2015 11:01 PM IST

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