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Tata Mini Cat • Price, Variants & Specifications

The Tata Mini Cat is a revolutionary car which has the potential to completely change the face of the automobile industry. It is based on a technology which allows the car to run completely on compressed air. Since no fossil fuel is used, this is truly a zero emission car. However no fixed time for its launch has yet been determined. Tata has been developing the technology since 2007 and it was reported that the car will be launched by 2012. That did not happen and now the car is expected to appear in the market by July 2016.

Tata Mini Cat: price, variants and specifications

Very little details are available about the Tata Mini Cat. There will probably be one trim level only. The most outstanding specification of this car is its engine which is powered completely by air power. The technology was developed by Air engine developer Guy Nègre as early as in the 1990s. it was bought by Tata in 2007 and since then the company is developing it in a commercial way. 

This Mono energy engine technology developed by Moteur Development International (MDI) uses tanks of compressed air instead of an internal combustion engine. The air is kept in storage cylinders made of carbon fiber composite. The engine uses pistons and the cool combustion effect to generate the energy needed to move the car. According to reports, the car can run for 300 kms with one tank-full of air and can achieve a top speed of 105 kmph. It is a zero emission car. However, the disadvantage is that it can take up to four hours to completely refill the air tank. The car will be doubly efficient compared to a traditional electric car and it will cost only Rs 50 to travel 100 kms.

Expected price view  Rs. 6.5 lakhs to Rs 7.5 lakhs


There is so much buzz around the revolutionary new air technology, that the other aspects of the car are being neglected. It sits low and has definite resemblance to the cheapest car that Tata put on the market – the Nano. The bonnet has the same blunted look. The external appearance is not very dominating, though the car definitely gets marks for style. Bumpers have been added to the sides of the car and the rear has a muscular appearance. Sliding doors at the rear make the car appear very sophisticated.


While no details have yet been revealed, the photos show that the interior of the Tata Mini Cat is quite spacious. It can easily accommodate six passengers, and keeping with the Tata tradition, it has ample legroom and headroom. Contrast upholstery in ash and red has been used.

Features and specifications

The most remarkable feature of the new Tata Mini car is that the entire chassis is glued together instead of being welded together. This has hugely reduced the weight of the car. Another feature is that this car will not use a key. Instead it can be opened with the help of an access card.

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