Volkswagen Passat B8

₹25 lakh - ₹30 lakh

*Ex-showroom price in Delhi

Volkswagen Passat B8 • Price, Variants & Specifications

After stopping the production of Passat cars temporarily, Volkswagen roared into the market with all new Passat B8, the eighth generation of the B-segment or mid-class cars. With sublime clarity and power, the new model is a mark of exclusivity from the famous automobile company. Preserving the essential qualities of the Passat cars, the design has been overwhelming improvement on design. It combines a saloon car and an estate car. Passat being a model favoured by the business class, Passat is going to be a worthy choice once again with the all new B8 model as it lessens the gap between the mid-class cars and the premium-class vehicles.

Volkswagen Passat B8 Variants

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Volkswagen Passat B8- Price and variants

The price of B8 is likely to start above 35 lakhs, and will increase depending on the model specifications. There are two kinds of models- the saloon cars and the estate cars. The saloon is 4767 mm long and comes with a increased wheelbase of 2791 mm. The front and rear wheels were shifted to increase the occupant cell length by 33 mm. It led to minimizing of body overhangs both at rear and front. The design makes Passat lower, wider and gives an increased aerodynamics. These dimensions are ideal to make sure Passat gives a powerful boost. Passat, because of its design, is visually attracting and dynamic too.

Expected Price view Rs. Above 35 lakh


The beautiful image that Passat B8 produces owes to the finest exterior design that elevates Passat to a car even premium class will desire. The precise edges and the light-reflecting surfaces based on creases, the character line at the height of the door handle, merging of creases and edges to form the shoulder section of the car are some of its exciting external features. the fantastic cross-bar of grille and headlights with a bending edge and fog lights outside make Passat look like car with a purpose. The new all-LED highlights come with two levels that use reflector technology and projection technology. It is a multi-beam lens module that provides strong lights like summer days.


Like the elaborate exterior, the interior is rich with aesthetic essence and clarity. Innovative technologies combine with executed details to form displays such as active info display. The interior length has increased; the dashboard is lean with a horizontal structure. The front door panels are part of this stylish design. An air vent in the dash board adds to the utility and decoration of the car. Hence, dashboard attains a continuous feeling except a few panels and the clock. The air vent also brings in chrome fins and decorative panels. The beautiful lighting system that circumscribes the doors has a dim yet ambient nature with different color options for lights. This wrap-around light comes into being as soon as the engine starts. The active info display is another addition that helps the driver to manage things simultaneously. It integrates all the feature of speedometer and tachometer to produce a system that can provide important assistance functions while driving.

Features and Specifications

There are multiple assist systems life the side assist, rear traffic alert, emergency assist, traffic assist, front assist and emergency breaking for city. Also, easy open and easy features make sure there is no possibility of removing anything from the rear of the car unless the person with the Passat key does not go close to it. There are multiple external interfaces that incorporate WLAN, Bluetooth and SD card. Other features such as iPhone and iPad interface are also available. The engine comes in four variants with a 1.4 TSI engine and three separate 2.0 TDI engines. Also, there is a 240 PS twin-turbo flagship model. Later, they came out with 1.8 TSI and 2.0 TSI models too.

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