Branch names and IFSC of all Allahabad Bank branches in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 31 branches in Allahabad district. The table below shows Allahabad Bank Allahabad IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Allahabad

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Allahabad Bank Allahabad Allenganj ALLA0211044 108 A, Allenganj, Allahabad - 211002
Uttar Pradesh
2. Allahabad Bank Allahabad Alopibagh ALLA0210611 46, Alopibagh, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
3. Allahabad Bank Allahabad City Office ALLA0210087 Allahabad City Office Chowk Near Sabji Mandi211003
Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh
4. Allahabad Bank Allahabad Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Marg ALLA0210695 12 KT Kakkar Road, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
5. Allahabad Bank Allahabad Kalyani Devi ALLA0210351 187 A, Attarsuiya Gol Park, Allahabad - 211003
Uttar Pradesh
6. Allahabad Bank Allahabad Kareli Hsg. Sch ALLA0211131 House No. C-883, Kareli Housing Scheme, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
7. Allahabad Bank Allahabad Katra ALLA0210086 64, Master Zahurul Hasan Road, Katra, Allahabad - 211002
Uttar Pradesh
8. Allahabad Bank Allahabad Lukerganj ALLA0210908 11, Lukerganj, G. T. Road, Allahabad - 211001
Uttar Pradesh
9. Allahabad Bank Allahabad  ALLA0210901 Mundera Bazar, GT Road, Allahabad - 211012
Uttar Pradesh
10. Allahabad Bank Allapur ALLA0213323 213/78, Bagambari Housing Scheme, Allapur, Allahabad - 211003
Uttar Pradesh
11. Allahabad Bank Ayodhya ALLA0211519 AT. / P. O. Ayodhya Block-koraon Ayodhya, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
12. Allahabad Bank Banka Jalalpur ALLA0211489 Bankajalalpur, Block & P. O. Mau Aima, Allahabad
Bankajalalpur , Uttar Pradesh
13. Allahabad Bank Capc Allahabad ALLA0213575 Hazratganj Main 1st Floor, Hazratganj, Allahabad - 226001
Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh
14. Allahabad Bank Chaka ALLA0210975 Chaka Station Road Village-chaka, P. O. Naini, Allahabad
Chaka , Uttar Pradesh
15. Allahabad Bank Civil Lines - Allahabad ALLA0210085 22 PD Tandon Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad - 211001
Uttar Pradesh
16. Allahabad Bank Damc Allahabad ALLA0213567 1st Floor, Civil Lines Branch, 22 P. D. Tondon Road, Near High Court, Civil Lines, Allahabad - 211001
Prayagraj , Uttar Pradesh
17. Allahabad Bank Damgarah ALLA0211511 Damgarha, P. O. Utraon, Block-dhanupur Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 0
18. Allahabad Bank Dandoopur ALLA0213003 P. O. Dandoopur, Block Chaka, Allahabad - 212505
Uttar Pradesh
19. Allahabad Bank Deva ALLA0213324 Devraj Prem Chand Public School, Vill Deva, Po Dhannupur, Tehsil Handia, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
20. Allahabad Bank Handia ALLA0212138 Bharati Bhawan, AT. / P. O. - Handia, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
21. Allahabad Bank Jasra ALLA0210088 P. O. Jasra, Uttar Pradesh - 212107 284239
22. Allahabad Bank Jhunsi ALLA0212224 Chak Harihar Ban, G. T. Road ( South ), P. O. Jhunsi, Uttar Pradesh - 211019
23. Allahabad Bank Kohrar ALLA0213197 P. O. Kohrar, Tehsil Meja, Allahabad - 212302
Uttar Pradesh
24. Allahabad Bank Lalgopalganj ALLA0210089 AT. / P. O. Lalgopalganj. Uttar Pradesh - 229401 252329
25. Allahabad Bank Naya Bairhana ALLA0211033 10, Naya Baihrana, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
26. Allahabad Bank Ojha Ki Patti ALLA0211395 Ojha Ki Patti, P. O. Manpur, Tehsil-bara, Allahabad
Ojha Ki Patti , Uttar Pradesh
27. Allahabad Bank Phaphamau ALLA0213288 Plot No F11 7 B, Sector Aa, Shantipuram Awas Yozana, Phaphamau, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
28. Allahabad Bank Polytechnic ALLA0210520 E. R. T Campus, Prayag Station Crossing, Allahabad - 211002
Uttar Pradesh
29. Allahabad Bank Sangipur ALLA0212667 P. O. : Sangipur, Near Police Station, Sangipur, District Pratapgarh, UP, Allahabad - 230139
Uttar Pradesh
30. Allahabad Bank Serawan ALLA0211442 Serawan, P. O. Atrampur Uttar Pradesh - 229412
31. Allahabad Bank Tharwai ALLA0210839 P. O. Tharwai, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh

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