Branch names and IFSC of all Allahabad Bank branches in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 71 branches in Gonda district. The table below shows Allahabad Bank Gonda IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Gonda

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Allahabad Bank Achalpur Chaudhary ALLA0211443 Achalpur Chaudhuri, P. O. Kaitholia, Balrampur
Achalpur Chaudhuri , Uttar Pradesh
2. Allahabad Bank Aryanagar ALLA0210846 Aryanagar P. O. Bangain P. O. Bangain Gonda
Aryanagar , Uttar Pradesh
3. Allahabad Bank Babhanjot ALLA0210699 P O. Babhanjot ( Goura Chowki ), Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
4. Allahabad Bank Babhnan ALLA0212996 Karanpur, Post Chini Mill, Bhabhan, Block Chapiya, Gonda
Babhanan , Uttar Pradesh
5. Allahabad Bank Baijalpur ALLA0211856 Baijalpur, P. O. Kothanga, Block Nababganj, Gonda
Baijalpur , Uttar Pradesh
6. Allahabad Bank Balpur ALLA0210702 P. O. Balapur Bazar Balpur Balpur Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
7. Allahabad Bank Bhagwanpur ALLA0211188 Bhagwanpur, P. O. Belha, Balrampur - 271201
Bhagwanpur , Uttar Pradesh
8. Allahabad Bank Bishunpur Beriya ALLA0211398 P. O. Bishunpur Beriya , - 271601, Gonda
Bishunapur , Uttar Pradesh
9. Allahabad Bank Chandapur ALLA0211557 P. O. Chandapur Tehsil-tarabganj Tehsil-tarabganj Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
10. Allahabad Bank Chanddipghat ALLA0211684 P. O. Chandradeep Ghat, Block Babhanjot, Gonda
Chanddipghat , Uttar Pradesh
11. Allahabad Bank Chowk ALLA0212945 Chowk Bazar, Po Gonda City, Police Station City Kotwali Gonda - 271001
Uttar Pradesh
12. Allahabad Bank Chunginaka ALLA0212946 Chungi Naka, Ragarganj Road, Po Gonda City, PS City Kotwali, Block Jhanjari, Tehsil Gonda Sadar - 271001
Uttar Pradesh
13. Allahabad Bank Collectorate Ext. Counter ( Kums ) ALLA0212529 Collectorate Extension Counter, Premises OF Collectorate, Gonda U P - 271001
Uttar Pradesh
14. Allahabad Bank Colonelganj ALLA0210314 Gari Bazar Colonelganj, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
15. Allahabad Bank Daulatpur ALLA0211480 Auradeeh, P. O. Sitarampur Grant, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
16. Allahabad Bank Debtaha ALLA0211506 P. O. Debtaha, Block-ramaideeh, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
17. Allahabad Bank Dhaneypur ALLA0210357 P. O. Dhaneypur, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
18. Allahabad Bank Dhaurharaghat ALLA0211611 Po Dhaurharaghat Block Tarabganj Block Tarabganj Gonda
Dhauraraghat , Uttar Pradesh
19. Allahabad Bank Diwakar Nagar ALLA0212995 PS & Block Paraspur, Tehsil Colonelganj, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
20. Allahabad Bank Dulhapur ( T ) ALLA0211225 Dulhapur, P. O. Dhaneypur, Gonda
Dulhapur , Uttar Pradesh
21. Allahabad Bank Dumariadeeh ALLA0211853 P. O. Dumuriadeeh, Gonda
Dumaria Deeh , Uttar Pradesh
22. Allahabad Bank Etai Rampur ALLA0211479 Village-paltendeeh, Block-gendas Buzung, Balrampur
Etai Rampur , Uttar Pradesh
23. Allahabad Bank Gainsari ALLA0210642 P. O. Gainsari Gonda Gonda Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
24. Allahabad Bank Goddopur ALLA0211607 Goddopur, P. O. Parsa Maheshi, Tehsil-colonelganj, Gonda
Goddopur , Uttar Pradesh
25. Allahabad Bank Gonda ALLA0210237 Bahraich Zone, Near Bus Station, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
26. Allahabad Bank Gonda K. U. M Samity ( U. P ) ALLA0211010 Near Kunwar Takies, Campus OF Krishi Utpadan Mandi, Gonda - 271001
Uttar Pradesh
27. Allahabad Bank Gwalior Granth ALLA0211608 Gwalior Grant Po Datauli Po Datauli Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
28. Allahabad Bank Haldharmau ALLA0210828 Haldarmau Block Office Buildng, P. O. Haldharmau, Gonda - 271126
Uttar Pradesh
29. Allahabad Bank Hariharganj ALLA0211852 P. O. Hariharganj, Block Balrampur
Uttar Pradesh
30. Allahabad Bank Hariya Sat Gharwa ALLA0210660 Haraiya Sat Gharwa P. O. Gugauli P. O. Gugauli Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
31. Allahabad Bank Imilia ALLA0211855 Imilia Banghusra, P. O. - Utraula, Balrampur
Imilia Banghusra , Uttar Pradesh
32. Allahabad Bank Itiyathoke ALLA0210287 Itiyathoke Bazar Itiyathoke Gonda
Itiyathoke , Uttar Pradesh
33. Allahabad Bank Jamthara ALLA0211522 Jamthara P. O. - Kauria Bazar P. O. - Kauria Bazar Gonda
Kuria Bazar , Uttar Pradesh
34. Allahabad Bank Janki Nagar ALLA0210867 Jankinagar, P. O. Jai Prabhagram, Gonda - 271209
Janakinagar , Uttar Pradesh
35. Allahabad Bank Jhilahi ALLA0210978 P. O. Jhilahi Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
36. Allahabad Bank Kandela ALLA0211631 Kandela ( Gulariha ), P. O. Badalpur Block-tulsipur, Balrampur
Kandela(gulariha) , Uttar Pradesh
37. Allahabad Bank Kathauwa ALLA0211217 Kathauwa, P. O. - Bhopatpur, Gonda
Kathawa , Uttar Pradesh
38. Allahabad Bank Katra Bazar ALLA0210610 P. O. Katra Bazar, Gonda - 271503
Uttar Pradesh
39. Allahabad Bank Katuwanala ALLA0211205 Katuwanala, P. O. - Dubha Bazar, Gonda
Katuwanala , Uttar Pradesh
40. Allahabad Bank Khardauri ALLA0212949 Sahdaiya Khardaur Block By Post By Police Station Sriduttganj, Tehsil Utraula, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
41. Allahabad Bank Khargupur ( U P ) ALLA0210382 P. O. Kharagupur, Gonda - 271204
Khargupur , Uttar Pradesh
42. Allahabad Bank Kutubgang ALLA0211514 Kutubganj, P O-ujainikala, Block-mujena, Gonda
Kutubgang , Uttar Pradesh
43. Allahabad Bank Laukhava ALLA0211632 P O-laukhava, Block-tulsipur, Balrampur
Laukhava , Uttar Pradesh
44. Allahabad Bank Maijapur ALLA0211397 Maizapur P. O. B. B. Singh P. O. B. B. Singh Gonda
Maijapur , Uttar Pradesh
45. Allahabad Bank Malda ( U. P. ) ALLA0211238 Malda Ganeshpur, P O-dhawai, Balrampur
Malda , Uttar Pradesh
46. Allahabad Bank Manhana ALLA0211612 Pakadi Bazar Po. Jamtha Bazar Po. Jamtha Bazar Gonda
Manhana Pakri , Uttar Pradesh
47. Allahabad Bank Mankapur ALLA0211026 P. O. Mankapur, Gonda - 271302
Uttar Pradesh
48. Allahabad Bank Mankapur Bus Stand ALLA0212994 Mankapur Bas Stand, Faizabad By Pass Road, P. O. - City Post Office, Police Station City Kotwali, Block Gonda Sadar, Tehsil Gonda Sadar, District . - Gonda
Mankapur , Uttar Pradesh
49. Allahabad Bank Maskanwa ALLA0210417 P. O. Maskanwa, Gonda
Maskanawa , Uttar Pradesh
50. Allahabad Bank Matwaria ALLA0211224 P. O. Deoria Allawal, Gonda
Matwaria , Uttar Pradesh
51. Allahabad Bank Pachperwa ALLA0210385 Pachperwa Nayi Bazar, P. O. Pachperwa Nayi Bazar, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
52. Allahabad Bank Paraspur ALLA0210399 P. O. Paraspur, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
53. Allahabad Bank Paska ALLA0212997 Po. Paska, Police Station-parspur, Tehsil Colonelganj, Block Paraspur, Gonda - 271504
Uttar Pradesh
54. Allahabad Bank Ragarganj ALLA0210652 Ragarganj ( Belsar ) Post. Belsar Post. Belsar Gonda
Ragarganj , Uttar Pradesh
55. Allahabad Bank Ramnagar ( Shivpura ) ALLA0211237 Ramnagar, P. O. Sheopura, Balrampur - 271207
Ramnagar , Uttar Pradesh
56. Allahabad Bank Rampur Arna ALLA0211197 Rampur Arna, P. O. Rampur Grant, Balrampur
Rampur Anar , Uttar Pradesh
57. Allahabad Bank Ranibazar ALLA0212260 Ranibazar, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
58. Allahabad Bank Ranipur ALLA0211196 Vill/po Ranipur Tarabganj Tarabganj Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
59. Allahabad Bank Rehra Bazar ALLA0210818 P.O. Rehra Bazar, Balrampur - 271306
Rahra Bazar , Uttar Pradesh
60. Allahabad Bank Sadashiv ALLA0211441 Sadashiv, P O-belbhariya, Gonda
Sadashiv , Uttar Pradesh
61. Allahabad Bank Sadullanagar ALLA0210458 P. O. Sadullanagar Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
62. Allahabad Bank Shahpur Dhanwa ALLA0211556 Shahpur, P. O. Dhanwa, Tehsil-colonelganj Tehsil-colonelganj Gonda
Shahpur , Uttar Pradesh
63. Allahabad Bank Shitalaganj ALLA0211216 Village-Shitalganj, P. O. - Maskanwa, Gonda - 271305
Uttar Pradesh
64. Allahabad Bank Tarabganj ALLA0210107 P. O. Tarabganj Uttar Pradesh - 271403 255216
65. Allahabad Bank Tilka ALLA0211206 Village-tilka Pure Chandi, P. O. - Tilkadeeh, Gonda - 271503
Uttar Pradesh
66. Allahabad Bank Tulsipur ALLA0210283 P. O. Tulsipur Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
67. Allahabad Bank Turkadiha ALLA0211192 Po Bebhniadiha Teh : Tanabganj Teh : Tanabganj Gonda
Turkadiha , Uttar Pradesh
68. Allahabad Bank Umari Begumganj ALLA0212947 Tehsil Tarabganj, Block Belsar, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
69. Allahabad Bank Utraula ( A D. B. ) ALLA0210768 P. O. Utraula Gonda Gonda
Uttar Pradesh
70. Allahabad Bank Vikas Bhawan - gonda ALLA0212499 Vikas Bhavan, Gonda - 271001
Uttar Pradesh
71. Allahabad Bank Wazirganj ALLA0210288 P. O. Wazirganj Wazirganj, Gonda
Uttar Pradesh

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