Branch names and IFSC of all Allahabad Bank branches in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 27 branches in Gorakhpur district. The table below shows Allahabad Bank Gorakhpur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Gorakhpur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. Allahabad Bank Alinagar - Gorakhpur ALLA0213020 Alinagar Branch, Charanlal Chowk, Gorakhpur - 273001
Uttar Pradesh
2. Allahabad Bank Azad Chowk ALLA0213022 Aazad Chowk Branch, 113 By A, Bagaha Baba Road, Azad Chowk, Gorakhpur - 273001
Uttar Pradesh
3. Allahabad Bank Bastiya ALLA0211613 Bastiya, P. O. Karamdeva, ( U. P. ), Gorakhpur - 211613
Bastiya , Uttar Pradesh
4. Allahabad Bank Bhathat ALLA0210236 Bhathat, P. O. : Bhathat Bazar, ( U. P. ), Gorakhpur - 273306
Bhathat , Uttar Pradesh
5. Allahabad Bank Ccdu Pipraich ALLA0212370 Pipraich, P. O. Pipraich, Gorakhpur - 212370
Uttar Pradesh
6. Allahabad Bank Gajaikol ALLA0211207 P. O. Nai Bazaar, Chaurichaura ( U. P. ), Gorakhpur - 272152
Chauri-chaura , Uttar Pradesh
7. Allahabad Bank Geeta Vatika ALLA0212847 Geeta Vatika Branch, Shivpur, Shahbazganj, P. O. Geeta Vatika, Gorakhpur, UP - 273006
Uttar Pradesh
8. Allahabad Bank Gorakhpur City ALLA0210105 City Office Reti Chowk District Gorakhpur, Gorakpur - 273001
Uttar Pradesh
9. Allahabad Bank Gorakhpur Civil Lines ALLA0210104 Civil Lines, Gorakpur
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
10. Allahabad Bank Gorakhpur Dharamsala Bazar ALLA0211071 Dharamsala Bazar District Gorakhpur, Gorakpur - 273001
Uttar Pradesh
11. Allahabad Bank Gorakhpur G. N. N ALLA0212054 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur, Gorakpur - 273015
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
12. Allahabad Bank Gorakhpur R.N Happy Memorial School ALLA0212163 Kasya Road, Mohaddipur, Gorakpur
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
13. Allahabad Bank Gorakhpur ST. A ALLA0212020 ' ST. Andrew '' S College . - ', Gorakhpur - 273001
Gorakpur , Uttar Pradesh
14. Allahabad Bank Gorakhpur University ALLA0210106 Ddu University Campus, Gorakpur
Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh
15. Allahabad Bank Hq North Eastern Railway ALLA0212439 Head Quarter, North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
16. Allahabad Bank Jungle Dumri ALLA0211476 Jungle Dumri #2 Post Bhathat ( U. P. ), Gorakhpur
Uttar Pradesh
17. Allahabad Bank Katghar Chauraha ALLA0211394 Katghar Chauraha P. O. Khajni ( U. P. ), Gorakhpur - 273212
Uttar Pradesh
18. Allahabad Bank Khajani ALLA0210486 : Khajani, ( U. P. ), Gorakhpur - 273212
Khajni , Uttar Pradesh
19. Allahabad Bank Medical College RdGorakhpur ALLA0213052 Medical College Road Branch, Moglaha, Gorakhpur, UP - 273013
Uttar Pradesh
20. Allahabad Bank Mishrauli ALLA0211204 P. O. Barhalganj, Gorakhpur - 273402
Misrauli , Uttar Pradesh
21. Allahabad Bank Mmm Engg College Road ALLA0213021 MMM ENGG College Road Branch, Opposite ENGG College Gate, Gorakhpur - 273010
Uttar Pradesh
22. Allahabad Bank Padauli ALLA0211178 Padauli P. O. Kakrahi ( U. P. ), Gorakhpur
Padauli , Uttar Pradesh
23. Allahabad Bank Patara ALLA0211236 P. O. Patra, Pipraich Road, Gorakhpur ( U. P. )
Patara , Uttar Pradesh
24. Allahabad Bank Pipiganj ALLA0213023 Pipiganj Branch, Near Hero Honda Agency, Nautanwa Road, Pipiganj, Gorakhpur - 273165
Peepiganj , Uttar Pradesh
25. Allahabad Bank Sahajanwa ALLA0213024 Sahajanwa Branch, Near Sbi, Pipra Main Road, Sahajanwa, Gorakhpur - 273209
Sahjanwa , Uttar Pradesh
26. Allahabad Bank Salempur ALLA0213027 Salempur Branch, Near Bank OF Baroda, Deoria Road, Salempur, District Deoria, Gorakhpur - 274509
Uttar Pradesh
27. Allahabad Bank Tilak Nagar ALLA0211190 Harnahi, P. O. Mahuraon ( Khajni ), ( U. P. ), Gorakhpur - 273212
Tilaknagar , Uttar Pradesh

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