Branch names and IFSC of all Allahabad Bank branches in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 45 branches in Mirzapur district. The table below shows Allahabad Bank Mirzapur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Mirzapur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Allahabad Bank Adalpura ALLA0210853 P. O. Adalpura ; Block-shikhar, Mirzapur, U. P
Uttar Pradesh
2. Allahabad Bank Ahraura ALLA0210634 Kharanja, P. O. Ahraura, ( U. P. ), Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
3. Allahabad Bank Baraundha ALLA0210944 P. O. Baraundha, U. P, Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
4. Allahabad Bank Barkacha ALLA0210943 P. O. Barkacha, U. P, Mirzapur
Barkachha , Uttar Pradesh
5. Allahabad Bank Beershahpur ALLA0211452 P. O. Beershahpur, U P, Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
6. Allahabad Bank Bharuhana ALLA0212982 Chunar Road Bharuhna, Mirzapur - 231001
Uttar Pradesh
7. Allahabad Bank Bihasara Bazar ALLA0210881 P. O. Bihasara, U. P, Mirzapur
Bihasara Bazar , Uttar Pradesh
8. Allahabad Bank Bijaipur ALLA0210270 P. O. Bijaipur, Pin231313, U. P, Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
9. Allahabad Bank Chatra - Uttar Pradesh ALLA0211922 Chatra Via Ramgarh P. O. Mazda, P. S. Pannugany, Block Robertsganj, District Sobhad - Ra. Uttar Pradesh
10. Allahabad Bank Chilh ALLA0210308 P. O. Chilh, Mirzapur - 231211
Uttar Pradesh
11. Allahabad Bank Chunar ALLA0210810 P. O. Chunar, U. P, Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
12. Allahabad Bank Dremandganj ALLA0210840 P. O. Dremandganj, Mirzapur - 231211
Dreamandganj , Uttar Pradesh
13. Allahabad Bank Gaura ALLA0212983 Po Gaura Via Jigna, Mirzapur - 231313
Uttar Pradesh
14. Allahabad Bank Ghatampur - Mirzapur ALLA0211111 Ghatampur, P. O. - Gothaura, Mirzapur
Ghatampur , Uttar Pradesh
15. Allahabad Bank Hargarh ALLA0210948 P. O. Hargarh, Pin231313, U. P, Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
16. Allahabad Bank Jamalpur - Mirzapur ALLA0210829 Rattesh Chauraha, Semra Kalan, Po-babura Kalan, U. P, Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
17. Allahabad Bank Jamua Bazar ALLA0210892 P. O. Jamua Bazar, Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
18. Allahabad Bank Jamui ALLA0212579 Jamui, Tehsil-marihan, ( U. P ), Mirzapur
Jamui , Uttar Pradesh
19. Allahabad Bank Jangi Road ALLA0213205 Jangi Road, Jangi Road Branch, Mirzapur - 231001
Uttar Pradesh
20. Allahabad Bank Kachwa Bazar ALLA0210265 Kachwa Bazar ; , Pin231501, U. P, Mirzapur
Kachhwa , Uttar Pradesh
21. Allahabad Bank Kailhat Bazar ALLA0210746 P. O. Kailhat Bazar, ( U. P. ), Mirzapur
Kailahat , Uttar Pradesh
22. Allahabad Bank Kakrahi ALLA0211045 P. O. Kakrahi ; Sonbhadra, U. P
Uttar Pradesh
23. Allahabad Bank Khaira - Mirzapur ALLA0210492 Khaira, Post-bagha, ( U. P ), Mirzapur
Khaira , Uttar Pradesh
24. Allahabad Bank Khaliyari ALLA0211062 Vaini, P. O. Pauni, U. P, Sonbhadra
Khaliyari , Uttar Pradesh
25. Allahabad Bank Kisan Pragati Kendra ALLA0213613 Main Branch, Dankinganj, U. P, Mirzapur - 231001
Uttar Pradesh
26. Allahabad Bank Kolna ALLA0210884 Spring Meadows Public School Dewan Estate Najafgarh Road New Delhi - 110059
Uttar Pradesh
27. Allahabad Bank Kota - Mirzapur ALLA0211096 Dalla Market, J. P. Cement Factory, Dalla, ( U. P. ), Sonbhadra
Dalla , Uttar Pradesh
28. Allahabad Bank Lachha Patti ALLA0212580 Lachha Patti, Post-beershahpur, ( U. P ), Mirzapur - 231001
Beershahpur , Uttar Pradesh
29. Allahabad Bank Lalganj ALLA0210272 P. O. Lalganj, ( U. P. ), Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
30. Allahabad Bank Lohandi Kalan ALLA0211603 Rampur, Po-hariya Bhir Bishanpur, Block-korha Via Semapur More ( Bihar )
Korha , Uttar Pradesh
31. Allahabad Bank Madhupur - uttar Pradesh ALLA0210723 P. O. Madhupur, District Sonbhadra ( U. P. ), Jaunpur
Uttar Pradesh
32. Allahabad Bank Marihan ALLA0210334 P. O. Purna, District Sonbhadra ; District Sonbhadra, U. P, Mirzapur
Marihan , Uttar Pradesh
33. Allahabad Bank Mirzapur Shivala Mahanth ALLA0211876 AT + Po-shivala Mahant, Mirzapur - 231001
Uttar Pradesh
34. Allahabad Bank Mirzapur  ALLA0210096 Dankin Ganj, Mirzapur - 231001
Uttar Pradesh
35. Allahabad Bank Narainpur ALLA0210221 P. O. Narainpur, Mirzapur - 231012
Uttar Pradesh
36. Allahabad Bank Paho ALLA0212984 Paho Po Domanpur, Mirzapur - 231306
Uttar Pradesh
37. Allahabad Bank Panderi ALLA0210643 P. O. Panderi, Mirzapur, U. P
Uttar Pradesh
38. Allahabad Bank Pathraur ALLA0211586 P. O. Pathraur, Block-marihan, ( U. P ), Mirzapur
Marihan , Uttar Pradesh
39. Allahabad Bank Pawari Kalan ALLA0211602 Ghatwari Po-lahela Ghatwari ( Bihar )
Ghatwari , Uttar Pradesh
40. Allahabad Bank Rajgarh - uttar Pradesh ALLA0210623 Dadra, Rajgarh, ( U. P ), Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
41. Allahabad Bank Rastogi Talaab ALLA0211057 P. O. Adalhat, Rastogi Talab ; , U. P, Mirzapur
Uttar Pradesh
42. Allahabad Bank Rudauli - mirzapur ALLA0213006 Po Rudauli, District Mirzapur, Bara Banki - 231212
Uttar Pradesh
43. Allahabad Bank Sherwan ALLA0211018 P. O. Serawan, Mirzapur - 231302
Uttar Pradesh
44. Allahabad Bank Tejgaon Complex -lalganj ALLA0212084 Tejgaon Complex, Mirzapur
Lalganj , Uttar Pradesh
45. Allahabad Bank Thatra Kachhwa Road ALLA0212960 Thatra Post Kachhawa Road, Varanasi, Mirzapur
Kachhwa , Uttar Pradesh

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