Branch names and IFSC of all Allahabad Bank branches in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 35 branches in Sitapur district. The table below shows Allahabad Bank Sitapur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Sitapur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. Allahabad Bank Armi ALLA0212992 House #27, K Patel Nagar, Vill Armi P. O. Pichorra, Block Hargaon, Tehsil Sitapur - 261121
Uttar Pradesh
2. Allahabad Bank Baragaon ALLA0210398 P. O. Baragaon, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh
3. Allahabad Bank Behta Pakauri ALLA0210826 P. O. Bihta ( Pakuri ), Sitapur - 261208
Behta(pakauri) , Uttar Pradesh
4. Allahabad Bank Belandapur ALLA0213289 Village Belandapur, Block Machreta,, Sitapur
Machhrehta , Uttar Pradesh
5. Allahabad Bank Biswan ALLA0210597 P. O. Biswan Uttar Pradesh - 261201
6. Allahabad Bank Civil Lines - Sitapur ALLA0210110 Civil Lines Sitapur Branch, Civil Lines Sitapur - 261001
Uttar Pradesh
7. Allahabad Bank Dandpurwa ALLA0211518 Dandpurwa P. O. Bhadphar, Nowapurghat, Sitapur
Bhadfar , Uttar Pradesh
8. Allahabad Bank Emilia Sultanpur ALLA0210349 P. O. Emilia Sultanpur Camp, P. O. A-3576, U. P, Sitapur - 261001
Emiliya Sultanpur , Uttar Pradesh
9. Allahabad Bank Gaddipur ALLA0213290 Village Madvapur, Block Khairabad,, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh
10. Allahabad Bank Gonda Deoria ALLA0211503 P. O. Gonda-deoria Via-rampur Mathura, Sitapur
Godhana , Uttar Pradesh
11. Allahabad Bank Hajipur ALLA0211181 Debiyapur ( Hajipur ), Po-kaimhra Kalan, Block-mahmoodabad, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh
12. Allahabad Bank Hargaon ALLA0212205 Mohalla Hargaonganj, P. O-hargaon Uttar Pradesh - 261001
13. Allahabad Bank Kasraila ALLA0211179 Kasraila Chauraha, Sitapur
Kasraila , Uttar Pradesh
14. Allahabad Bank Khairabad ALLA0212989 Khairabad U. P, Sitapur - 261131
Khairabad , Uttar Pradesh
15. Allahabad Bank Kic Maholi ALLA0212209 Maholi, P. O. - Maholi, Sitapur
Maholi , Uttar Pradesh
16. Allahabad Bank Laharpur ALLA0210111 Rly. Station Hargaon P. O. Laharpur, Sitapur - 261135
Uttar Pradesh
17. Allahabad Bank Mahmoodabad ALLA0211108 P. O. Mahmoodabad Uttar Pradesh - 261203
18. Allahabad Bank Manpara ALLA0211430 Manpara Po-sidhauli, Sitapur
Sidhauli , Uttar Pradesh
19. Allahabad Bank Misrikh Cum Neemsar ALLA0210112 Ganj, Mohana P. O. Naimisharanya ( Neemsar ), Sitapur - 261402
Misrikh Cum Nimsar , Uttar Pradesh
20. Allahabad Bank Pisawan ALLA0212990 Pisawan, Po Pisawan, Sitapur - 261151
Piswan , Uttar Pradesh
21. Allahabad Bank Pokhrakalan ALLA0213395 Gram & Post-Pokhrakalan, Block Mehmoodabad, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh
22. Allahabad Bank Rajeshwari Inter College Misrikh ALLA0212210 P. O. - Mishrikh, Sitapur
Misrikh Cum Nimsar , Uttar Pradesh
23. Allahabad Bank Ralamau ALLA0211664 Via Ralamau, Via Aurangabad, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh
24. Allahabad Bank Ramkot ALLA0210342 P. O. Ramkot, Sitapur - 261001
Uttar Pradesh
25. Allahabad Bank Rathorpur ALLA0211634 P. O. Machhrehta, Sitapur
Rathorepur , Uttar Pradesh
26. Allahabad Bank Rewsa ALLA0212988 Rewsa, Po Rewsa, Sitapur - 261205
Uttar Pradesh
27. Allahabad Bank Saidanpur ALLA0211649 Saidanpur P. O. Paitepur, Block Rampur Mathura, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh
28. Allahabad Bank Salarpur ALLA0212859 Village Salarpur, Lakhimpur Road, Mudrasau, Tehsil, Laharpur, Sitapur - 261135
Uttar Pradesh
29. Allahabad Bank Sandana ALLA0211404 P. O. Sandana, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh
30. Allahabad Bank Sidhauli ALLA0211127 P. O. Sidhauli District Sitaur Uttar Pradesh - 261303
31. Allahabad Bank Sikanderabad ALLA0210833 Sikandrabad P. O. Sarayan Raja Saheb, Sitapur
Sikanderabad , Uttar Pradesh
32. Allahabad Bank Sitapur Lalbagh ALLA0210694 Sehgal Building, Lalbagh Sitapur - 261001
Uttar Pradesh
33. Allahabad Bank Sonsari ALLA0211623 Matua P. O. Matua, Block Behta, Sitapur
Matua , Uttar Pradesh
34. Allahabad Bank Terwa Manka [ Pur ALLA0211640 Baghaiya, Po-shankarpur, Block Rampur Mathura, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh
35. Allahabad Bank Vikash Bhawan ALLA0212208 Vikash Bhawan Branch, Sitapur
Uttar Pradesh

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