Branch names and IFSC of all Allahabad Bank branches in Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. The bank has 36 branches in Paschim Medinipur district. The table below shows Allahabad Bank Paschim Medinipur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Paschim Medinipur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Allahabad Bank Amlasuli ALLA0211825 P. O. : Amlasuli, District West Midnapore, Medinipur
West Bengal
2. Allahabad Bank Amrakuchi ALLA0211122 P. O. : Amrakuchi, Block Keshpur, Paschim Medinipur - 721104
West Bengal
3. Allahabad Bank Biswanathpur ALLA0211121 P. O. : Biswanathpur, Via Maratola, Paschim Medinipur
West Bengal
4. Allahabad Bank Chatinasole ALLA0211198 P. O. : Chhatinasole, Paschim Medinipur - 721506
West Bengal
5. Allahabad Bank Chorchita ALLA0211220 P. O. : Chorchita, Block : Gopiballavpur II, District West Midnapore, Medinipur
West Bengal
6. Allahabad Bank Dhalhara ALLA0211629 Dhalhara, Po : Parsura, Block-keshpur, District West Midnapore, WB, Medinipur
Dhalhara , West Bengal
7. Allahabad Bank Dhamtore ALLA0211448 P. O. : Dhamtore, Block-debra, District West Midnapore-721126, WB, Medinipur
West Bengal
8. Allahabad Bank Dhansole ALLA0211690 P. O. : Dhansole, Block-gopiballavpur-I, District West Midnapore, Medinipur
West Bengal
9. Allahabad Bank Durlavganj ALLA0211639 Chandrakona Road, Po-sat Bankura, District West Midnapore, East Medinipur
Sat Bankura , West Bengal
10. Allahabad Bank Gopali ALLA0211244 Vill-Gopali, P O. Salua, Paschim Medinipur - 721145
Kharagpur , West Bengal
11. Allahabad Bank Gopemahal ALLA0211125 P. O. Gopemahal P. S. Ghatal Paschim Midnapore, Medinipur
Gopmahal , West Bengal
12. Allahabad Bank Jhargram ALLA0211741 AT Po PS Jhargram, Paschim Medinipur - 721507
West Bengal
13. Allahabad Bank Jhentla ALLA0211630 P. O. : Jhentla, Block : Keshpur, District West Midnapore, Medinipur
West Bengal
14. Allahabad Bank Jirapara ALLA0211644 P. O. : Jirapara, Block-garbette-II, District West Midnapore-721121, WB, Medinipur
West Bengal
15. Allahabad Bank Kalmapukuria ALLA0211323 P. O. : Kalmapukuria, Via : Kharika Mathani, District West Midnapore, Medinipur
West Bengal
16. Allahabad Bank Kamalpur - Paschim Medinipur ALLA0211604 P. O. : Kamalpur, Sriramnagar, Block-daspur-II, District West Midnapore-721212, WB, Medinipur
West Bengal
17. Allahabad Bank Kharagpur ALLA0210501 Inda, Kharagpur, District Paschim Medinipur, East Medinipur - 721305
West Bengal
18. Allahabad Bank Kharagpur Railway Market ALLA0211720 Railway Market, Golebazar, District Paschim Midnapore, West Medinipur - 721301
Kharagpur , West Bengal
19. Allahabad Bank Kharbandi ALLA0211199 Kharbandi, P. O. : Kharbandi, District West Midnapore State :, Medinipur
Kharbandhi , West Bengal
20. Allahabad Bank Krishnanagar ALLA0211322 Krishna Nagar, Po-janardanpur, District Midnapore, WB, Medinipur - 721149
Krishnanagar , West Bengal
21. Allahabad Bank Kukai ALLA0211483 P. O. : Kukai, Block-keshiary, District East Midnapore, WB, Medinipur
West Bengal
22. Allahabad Bank Kum Chhindwara ALLA0212336 Gopali P. O. : Salua, District West Midnapore State :, Medinipur
West Bengal
23. Allahabad Bank Mansuka ALLA0211104 P. O. : Mansuka, Via : - Ghatal, Paschim Midnapore, Medinipur - 721212
West Bengal
24. Allahabad Bank Midnapore ALLA0210390 Bidhan Nagar ( Near Mahua Cinema ), East Medinipur - 721101
Midnapore , West Bengal
25. Allahabad Bank Nota ALLA0211626 Nota : Po : Dhadangri Block : Gopiballavpur, Paschim Midnapore, Medinipur - 721517
Nota , West Bengal
26. Allahabad Bank Radhamohanpur ALLA0213148 Radhamohanpur Branch, Radhamohanpur, Kharagpur, Debra, West Midnapore, Medinipur - 721160
West Bengal
27. Allahabad Bank Rajnagar ALLA0210950 Rajnagar P. O. Chetua Rajnagar Via-daspur Paschim Midnapore, Medinipur
Rajnagar , West Bengal
28. Allahabad Bank Ranichak ALLA0211117 P. O. : Ranichak, PS : Dashpur II, District West Midnapore, Medinipur
West Bengal
29. Allahabad Bank Rantua ALLA0211627 P. O. Nawada Bazar ( Bihar )
West Bengal
30. Allahabad Bank Sagarpur ALLA0211219 P. O. : Sagarpur, Block-daspur-I, District West Midnapore, Medinipur - 721211
West Bengal
31. Allahabad Bank Sankoa ALLA0211628 P. O. : Sankoa, Block-kharagpur-II, District West Midnapore, WB, Medinipur
West Bengal
32. Allahabad Bank Singhaghai ALLA0211412 Singhaghai, Po : Harirajpore, Block-daspur-I, District West Midnapore, WB, Medinipur
Singhaghai , West Bengal
33. Allahabad Bank Talibhata ALLA0210893 Khar Radha-krishnapur, Po : Radha Kantapur, District West Midnapore-721211, WB, Medinipur
Talibhata , West Bengal
34. Allahabad Bank Teghori ALLA0211547 Teghori, Po : Bara-teghori, District West Midnapore-721122, WB, Medinipur
Teghari , West Bengal
35. Allahabad Bank Topsia ALLA0211184 P. O. : Topsia, Block Gopiballvpur-II Paschim Medinipur - 721517
West Bengal
36. Allahabad Bank Trilochanpur ALLA0211543 Trilochanpur, Po : Sijgeria, Block-debra, District West Midnapore-721139, WB, Medinipur
Trilochanpur , West Bengal

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