Branch names and IFSC of all Andhra Bank branches in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. The bank has 44 branches in Anantapur district. The table below shows Andhra Bank Anantapur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Andhra Bank branches in Anantapur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. Andhra Bank A Narayanapuram ANDB0002802 D #3 323, Tapovanam Circle, A Narayanapuram Road, Anantapuram, 515001
Andhra Pradesh
2. Andhra Bank Amarchintha ANDB0000712 Near Bus Stand, Amarchinta, Anantpur - 509130
Amarchintha , Andhra Pradesh
3. Andhra Bank Ananthapur ANDB0000013 P. B. #25, D #12/28 Tilak Road, Ananthapur, Anantpur
Anantapur , Andhra Pradesh
4. Andhra Bank Ashok Nagar ANDB0001477 Hno. 12-2-810 8TH Cross Sainagarashok Nagar Ananthapur, Anantpur
Ashok Nagar , Andhra Pradesh
5. Andhra Bank Balasamudram Kokkanti Cross ANDB0002102 Kokkanti Cross, Balasamudram Post, Thanakallu Mandal, Kadiri Taluk, Ananthapur DT, AP, Anantapur - 515571
Kokkanti Cross , Andhra Pradesh
6. Andhra Bank Dharmavaram ANDB0000101 17/25 Bsiddartha Co, 1ST Floorrly Station Ro, Dharmavaram, Ana, Anantpur
Andhra Pradesh
7. Andhra Bank Dimmagudi ANDB0002145 Gram Panchayati Community Hall Dimmagudi Vill, Anantapur
Kurnool , Andhra Pradesh
8. Andhra Bank Garladinne ANDB0002170 Dam Circle, Main Road, Garladinne, Ananthapuram District , Anantapur
Andhra Pradesh
9. Andhra Bank Georgepet ( Ananatpur ) ANDB0001285 DR #1-384, Near Neelima Theatregeorgepeta, Anantapur, Anantpur
Georgepet (ananatpur) , Andhra Pradesh
10. Andhra Bank Gooty ANDB0000170 Railway Station Road, Anantpur - 515402
Gooty , Andhra Pradesh
11. Andhra Bank Govt. Cocoon Market ANDB0001222 Govt. Cocoon Market Branc, Regatipalli Road, Dharmavaram, Ananpur District , Anantpur
Andhra Pradesh
12. Andhra Bank Guntakal ANDB0000149 8/11 B Bank Street, Post Bo #1, Guntakalananthapur District A. P, Anantpur
Andhra Pradesh
13. Andhra Bank Jntua Campus ANDB0002254 Jntu Administrative Building Jntua Campus Anantapur
Andhra Pradesh
14. Andhra Bank Kadiri ANDB0000301 Bypass Raod, Kadiri, Ananthapur District , Anantpur
Andhra Pradesh
15. Andhra Bank Kalyandurg ANDB0000337 9-234, Bellary Tumkur Roadkalyandurg, Ananthpur District , AP, Anantpur
Kalyandurg , Andhra Pradesh
16. Andhra Bank Kanekal ANDB0000802 6/425, Mian Road, Ananthapur District AP, Anantpur - 515871
Kanekal , Andhra Pradesh
17. Andhra Bank Kothacheruvu ANDB0000339 2/1 A Main Road, Kotha Cheruvupenukonda T Q, Ananthpur District , A, Anantpur
Bukkapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
18. Andhra Bank Lakshmipuram ANDB0002103 Lakshmipuram BR, Kallur Mandal, Kurnool DT, AP, Anantapur - 518218
Lakshmipuram , Andhra Pradesh
19. Andhra Bank Lepakshi ANDB0002836 D #1 109, Main Road, Lepakshi Village, Anantapuram District 515331
Andhra Pradesh
20. Andhra Bank Madakasira ANDB0001861 Dno 15/360/2, GPR Complex, Amarapuram Road, Madakasira Anantapur DT - 515301
Andhra Pradesh
21. Andhra Bank Malayanur ANDB0002035 H/O Hanumamma, Malayanur, Kundurpi Mandal, Anantapur DT
Andhra Pradesh
22. Andhra Bank Morbagula ANDB0002151 Dno 130 Morbagula Villagegudibanda Mandalanantapur Dt515286
Gudibanda , Andhra Pradesh
23. Andhra Bank Mudigubba ANDB0001854 1-37 A, Mudigubba Anantapur
Andhra Pradesh
24. Andhra Bank Mulakaledu ANDB0000973 Mulakaledusettur Mandal, Anantpur District , AP, Anantapur
Mulakaledu , Andhra Pradesh
25. Andhra Bank Muradi ANDB0002006 D #1/26, Muradi Villaged. Hirehal Mandal, Anantapur
D.hirehal , Andhra Pradesh
26. Andhra Bank New Town Ananthapur ANDB0000385 Court Road, New Townananthapur, Ananthapur District A. P, Anantpur
Anantapur , Andhra Pradesh
27. Andhra Bank Pamidi ANDB0000422 1-1-277, BCC Road, Gooty TQ, Anantpur - 515775
Pamidi , Andhra Pradesh
28. Andhra Bank Papampet ANDB0002541 Papampet Branch, Kalyan Burg Road, Ananthapur, Anantapur - 515004
Kalyandurg , Andhra Pradesh
29. Andhra Bank Pedavaduguru ANDB0000412 5/23 Near Bus Stoppedavaduguru, Gooty T. Q. Ananthp, Anantpur
Pedavadiguri , Andhra Pradesh
30. Andhra Bank Penukonda ANDB0000902 Penukonda Branch, D. #3-46, Gadang Streetpenukonda, Ananthpur, Anantpur
Penukonda , Andhra Pradesh
31. Andhra Bank Pothulanagepally ANDB0002007 D. #2-64, Pothulanagepally Villagedharmavaram Mandal, Anantapur
Dharmavaram , Andhra Pradesh
32. Andhra Bank Puttaparty ANDB0001476 H. #3-375, Near Prasanthinilayam North Gategopuram Street, Puttaparty, Ananthapuram District , Anantpur
Andhra Pradesh
33. Andhra Bank Rallapalli ANDB0000945 Survey #260, Near Poppam Roadrallapalli, Anantapur
Rallapalli , Andhra Pradesh
34. Andhra Bank Ramnagar ANDB0000217 6-3-162, Ramnagar, Ananthapur, Anantpur - 515004
Anantapur , Andhra Pradesh
35. Andhra Bank Rayadurg ANDB0000487 Main Road, Rayadurg, Mehabubnagar District , Anantpur
Andhra Pradesh
36. Andhra Bank S. D. G. S. College ANDB0001164 S. D. G. S. College Hindupur, Anantpur
Andhra Pradesh
37. Andhra Bank Sku Administrative Ec ANDB0001522 Skuniversity, Admin Building, Anatapur - 515003
Anantapur , Andhra Pradesh
38. Andhra Bank Tadipatri ANDB0000552 11/141 Main Bazar, Tanantapur District 515411 A. P, Anantpur
Tadipatri , Andhra Pradesh
39. Andhra Bank Talupula ANDB0000570 Main Road, High School Raod, Kadiri TQ, Anantpur - 515581
Talupula , Andhra Pradesh
40. Andhra Bank Uravakonda ANDB0001955 Flat #9-2-222/7, Opposite Ci Officeanantapur Road
Uravakonda , Andhra Pradesh
41. Andhra Bank Vennapusapally ANDB0002005 C/O Special Officer Grama, Panchayat Communitvennapusapally Yellanur MDL, Anatapur, Anantapur
Andhra Pradesh
42. Andhra Bank Vepulaparty ANDB0000285 Gummagattavia Rayadurg, Ananthapur District , Anantapur
Eradikera , Andhra Pradesh
43. Andhra Bank Yellanur ANDB0000657 2/119 M Yellanur, Tadipatri Tqyellanur, Ananthapur District , Anantpur
Andhra Pradesh
44. Andhra Bank Yerragunta ANDB0001863 Dno 2/41, Main Road, Yerragunta, Kundurpi Mandal, Anantapur - 515766
Andhra Pradesh

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