Branch names and IFSC of all Andhra Bank branches in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. The bank has 67 branches in Kurnool district. The table below shows Andhra Bank Kurnool IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Andhra Bank branches in Kurnool

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Andhra Bank Adoni ANDB0000002 19/1 Opposite Municipal Office PB #65 Gotty Local Fund Road Adoni, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
2. Andhra Bank Ahobilam ANDB0001862 Sri Ahobilam Mutt Sannidhi Street, Allagadda, Kurnool - 518545
Andhra Pradesh
3. Andhra Bank Allagadda ANDB0000020 Tbroad, Near JR. College, Allagadda, AP, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
4. Andhra Bank Ashoknagar ANDB0000293 DR #45/25-B, Shopping Complex, Ashoknagar, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
5. Andhra Bank Atmakur ANDB0000026 Opposite Mandal Revenueatmakur, AP, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
6. Andhra Bank Ayyalur ANDB0002050 4 By 94, Ayyalur Metta, Nandyal, Kurnool DT - 518502
Andhra Pradesh
7. Andhra Bank Balaji Complex ANDB0002767 D #21 125 15 D, Bypass Road, Balaji Complex, Kurnool - 518501
Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh
8. Andhra Bank Banaganapalle ANDB0000059 5/105, College Road, Banganapalle, AP, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
9. Andhra Bank Bandi Atmakur ANDB0002766 Shop #8 9 10, PRR Shopping Complex, Near RTC Busstand, Kurnool - 518523
Bandi Atmakur , Andhra Pradesh
10. Andhra Bank Bethamcherla ANDB0001019 3-1413, Panchayat Offbethamcherla, AP, Kurnool
Bethamcherla , Andhra Pradesh
11. Andhra Bank Budhavarpet ANDB0000053 Central Plaza, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
12. Andhra Bank Ch. Malkapuram ANDB0000762 Chinna Malkapur, Dhone Mandal, Kurnool - 518601
Ch.malkapuram , Andhra Pradesh
13. Andhra Bank Collectorate Anantapur ANDB0001429 Collectorate Campus, Anantapur - 515001
Andhra Pradesh
14. Andhra Bank Court ANDB0001428 District Court ( Kurnool )
Dist Court (kurnool) , Andhra Pradesh
15. Andhra Bank Dhone ANDB0000111 Dhone BR, D #9/33 To 36 KVS Colony, Kothapeta, Kurnool - 518222
Dhone , Andhra Pradesh
16. Andhra Bank Dinnedevarapadu ANDB0002578 Amma Hospital Line, Opposite To Kisan Park, D #86 424 4 1, Main Road, Kurnool, Dinnedevarapadu Road
Andhra Pradesh
17. Andhra Bank Dornipadu ANDB0002676 Dornipadu Branch, Main Road, Kurnool - 518135
Dornipadu , Andhra Pradesh
18. Andhra Bank G Pullareddy Engg College Ec ANDB0001521 G. Pullareddy ENG College, Kurnool - 518003
Andhra Pradesh
19. Andhra Bank Ghani ANDB0002801 Main Road, Ghani Village, Gadivemula Mandal, Kurnool - 518010
Andhra Pradesh
20. Andhra Bank Kallur ANDB0002214 Dno 77 41 Upstairs Industrial Estate Road Kallur Kurnool - 518003
Andhra Pradesh
21. Andhra Bank Kodumuru ANDB0002757 Shop #33 To 35, Hemadri Reddy Complex, Near New RTC Bus Stand, Kodumuru, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
22. Andhra Bank Koilkuntla ANDB0000805 Main Road, Koilakuntala-kurnool AP - 518134
Koilkuntla , Andhra Pradesh
23. Andhra Bank Konidela ANDB0000842 Konidela, Nandikotkur Mandal, Kurnool Dis
Andhra Pradesh
24. Andhra Bank Kothakota ANDB0000334 NH-7, Kurnool Road, Wanaparthy Talukkothakota, Mahbub Nagar District , AP
Andhra Pradesh
25. Andhra Bank Krishnanagar ANDB0001430 80/112 Aabbas Nagarabbasnagar, Kurnool - 518002
Krishnanagar (kurnool) , Andhra Pradesh
26. Andhra Bank Krishnaraopet ANDB0000294 Krishnaraopet, Timmaluru Postatmakur TQ, AP, Kurnool
Krishnaraopet , Andhra Pradesh
27. Andhra Bank Kurnool Main ANDB0000320 Near Pedda Marketkurnool
Kurnool , Andhra Pradesh
28. Andhra Bank Kurnool Medical College ANDB0001379 Kurnool Medical Collbudhwarpet
Kurnool , Andhra Pradesh
29. Andhra Bank Laddagiri ANDB0002051 D. #2 206, Laddagiri Vill, Kodumur M, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
30. Andhra Bank Mahanandi ANDB0002213 Mahanandeswara Chowltry Opposite Mahanandeeswara Devasthanam OFF Mahanandi Kurnoolap - 518673
Andhra Pradesh
31. Andhra Bank Mettugadda ANDB0001216 D. #8-6-241 Padmavathi Colony, Mahaboobnaga, Kurnool
Mettugadda , Andhra Pradesh
32. Andhra Bank Munagalapadu ANDB0002417 3 114 1, Santosh Nagar, Munagalapadu Panchayat, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
33. Andhra Bank Nandayal Road ANDB0001243 Madam Complex, First Floor, Beside Sakuntala Kala Mandir, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
34. Andhra Bank Nandikotkur ANDB0000390 12/1450 ( 1 ), 1ST Floorkg Road, Nandikotkur, Kurnool Di
Andhra Pradesh
35. Andhra Bank Nandyal ANDB0000379 3-282, Byrmal Streetnandyal, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
36. Andhra Bank Nannur ANDB0002126 Dno 1 By 50, H By O Sherkhan, Orvakal Mandal, Kurnool - 518002
Nannur , Andhra Pradesh
37. Andhra Bank Narayanpeta ANDB0000870 T. Mallappa Complex, Main Road, Narayanpet, Mahbub Nagar, Mahbubnagar
Narayanpeta , Andhra Pradesh
38. Andhra Bank Narsingaraopet ( Kurnool) ANDB0000884 Kurnool Municipal Co OP Officenarasingaraopet
Narsingaraopet(kurn , Andhra Pradesh
39. Andhra Bank New R. T. C. Bus Stand ANDB0001107 Krishna Complex Opposite A. P. Transco Sub Stati, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
40. Andhra Bank Ngo Colony ANDB0002540 Ngo Colony, Kurnool - 518502
Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh
41. Andhra Bank Noonepalli Nandya ANDB0001096 Nandyal, Kurnool
Noonepalli , Nandya , Andhra Pradesh
42. Andhra Bank Padmavathi Nagar ANDB0002768 Main Road, Padmavathi Nagar, Kurnool - 518501
Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh
43. Andhra Bank Palkur ANDB0000407 3/83, Banaganapalli Palkur, AP, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
44. Andhra Bank Pamulapadu ANDB0000786 Pamulapadu, Pamulapadu Mandal, Kurnool
Pamulapadu , Andhra Pradesh
45. Andhra Bank Panyam ANDB0002539 Gandhi Road, Panyam, Kurnool - 518112
Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh
46. Andhra Bank Park Road ANDB0001095 Opposite Gandhi Nagar, Park Raod, Kurnool - 518002
Park Road , Andhra Pradesh
47. Andhra Bank Patiikonda ANDB0001949 D. #18-1-1/3, Beside RTC Bus Stand, Main Road, Patiikonda, Kurnool
Pattikonda , Andhra Pradesh
48. Andhra Bank Peapully ANDB0002245 9 683 2 Main Road Peapully Village, Kurnool - 515221
Andhra Pradesh
49. Andhra Bank Peddachintakunta ANDB0002038 D. #7 333, Pedda Chintakunta, Alagadda Mandal, Kurnool DT
Pedacintakunta , Andhra Pradesh
50. Andhra Bank Perusomula ANDB0000913 Perusomula, Sanjamal Mandal, A, Kurnool
Perusomula , Andhra Pradesh
51. Andhra Bank Poluru ANDB0002631 Holy Family, Church Complex, Main Road, Poluru Village, Nandyal Mandal, Kurnool, AP
Andhra Pradesh
52. Andhra Bank Raithu Nagaram ANDB0002769 Allagadda Road, Raithunagaram Village, Nandyal Mandal, Kurnool - 518502
Andhra Pradesh
53. Andhra Bank Ramapuram ANDB0002244 Main Road OWK Mandal Ramapuram Post Andhra Pradesh - 518122 5238224
54. Andhra Bank S. K. University ANDB0000410 S. V. Puram, Anantapur, Ananthapur
Andhra Pradesh
55. Andhra Bank Service Center ANDB0001272 DR. #52-54, Bastion Road, Kurnool-518001
Andhra Pradesh
56. Andhra Bank Sirvel ANDB0002598 D #7 253, Opposite ZP High School, Main Road, Sirvella, Kurnool - 518563
Andhra Pradesh
57. Andhra Bank Sri Ramakrishna Degree College ANDB0001523 Sri Ramakrishna Degree College, Nandyla, Kurnool - 518501
Andhra Pradesh
58. Andhra Bank Srinivasanagar ( Nandyal ) ANDB0001578 H. #25/568, Srinivasanagarnandyal, Kurnool
Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh
59. Andhra Bank Srisailam ANDB0000515 Main Road, Kurnool
Srisailam , Andhra Pradesh
60. Andhra Bank Udumalpuram ANDB0002632 Plot #29, Main Road, Auto Nagar, Kurnool - 518502
Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh
61. Andhra Bank Urukunda ANDB0001950 Flat #182, R & B, Adoni Road, Urukunda, Kurnool - 518344
Kowthalam , Andhra Pradesh
62. Andhra Bank Veldurthy ANDB0001948 D. #13-110-2, Sameer Reddy Complexramallakota Road, Kurnool
Veldurthi , Andhra Pradesh
63. Andhra Bank Venkata Ramana Colony ANDB0001525 D #45/142-A-27 A, Venkata Ramana Colonykurnool
Kurnool , Andhra Pradesh
64. Andhra Bank Vignan Mandir Vidya ANDB0001125 B-camp, Near Vignan Mandirkurnool
Vignan Mandir Vidya , Andhra Pradesh
65. Andhra Bank Wanaparthy ANDB0000632 N. R. Rajiv Chowk, Wanaparthy, AP-509 103, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh
66. Andhra Bank Yemmiganur ANDB0000652 Vajragiri Shopping Complex, Near RTC Busstand, Opposite Police Station, Yemm, Kurnool
Yemmiganur , Andhra Pradesh
67. Andhra Bank Zonal Office ANDB0000679 L40-301, 1ST Floor, Bellari Road, Kurnool
Andhra Pradesh

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Andhra Bank Toll free Numbers

1800-425-1515 - General issues
1800-425-2910 - ATM card related issues
1800-425-4059 - Credit Card issues
1800-425-7701 - Any Pension related

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