Branch names and IFSC of all Andhra Bank branches in Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh. The bank has 56 branches in Prakasam district. The table below shows Andhra Bank Prakasam IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Andhra Bank branches in Prakasam

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Andhra Bank Addanki ANDB0000027 Door #17/7-8, Main Roadaddanki, Prakasam
Addanki , Andhra Pradesh
2. Andhra Bank Chimakurthi ANDB0000078 19/521, Main Bazar, Chimakurthi, AP, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
3. Andhra Bank Chirala ANDB0000080 15-293, Muncipal Offipbno. 5, Prakasam
Chirala , Andhra Pradesh
4. Andhra Bank Chodavaram ANDB0000082 Opposite Vinayaka Temple, Main Raod, Prakasam - 532036
Chodavaram , Andhra Pradesh
5. Andhra Bank Csr Sarma College ANDB0001147 CSR Sarma College, Prakasam - 523001
Ongole , Andhra Pradesh
6. Andhra Bank Cumbum ANDB0001559 Nayak Street, Prakasam
Cumbum , Andhra Pradesh
7. Andhra Bank Darsi ANDB0001345 D #5-21-23 Subrahmanya Buildingmlancojanapally Road Darsi, Prakasham District , Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
8. Andhra Bank Doddavaram ANDB0000798 Doddavaram, Maddipadu Mandal, Prakasam
Doddavaram , Andhra Pradesh
9. Andhra Bank Dornala ANDB0003096 D #4 160 KG Road, Near Nataraj Circle, Prakasam - 523331
Dornala , Andhra Pradesh
10. Andhra Bank Duddukuru ANDB0002344 D #1 39, Main Road, Duddukuru, Inkollu Mandal, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
11. Andhra Bank East Gangavaram ANDB0000190 Boddikurapadu Road, East Gangavaram, Talluru M, AP, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
12. Andhra Bank Gavinivaripalem ANDB0000165 Dno. 192/1, Gavinivari, Chirala, AP, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
13. Andhra Bank Giddaluru ANDB0001038 Station Road, Giddaluru, AP, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
14. Andhra Bank Guravajipet ANDB0000921 1-118, Guravajipet, Kanigiri Mandal, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
15. Andhra Bank Inkollu ANDB0000232 8/73, Parchur Roadward #8, Prakasam
Inkollu , Andhra Pradesh
16. Andhra Bank Jandrapet ANDB0000927 Main Road, Jandrapetavia Botta Gudur, Chirala Mandal, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
17. Andhra Bank Kambaladinne ANDB0000196 Kambaladinne, Pamur Mandal, AP, Prakasam
Kambaladinne , Andhra Pradesh
18. Andhra Bank Kandukur ANDB0000304 Janardhnaswamy Temple Street, Kandukur, Prakasam Dsit. AP - 523105
Andhra Pradesh
19. Andhra Bank Kandukur ANDB0000962 Vemsur Mandal Khammam District , Prakasam - 507164
Kandukur , Andhra Pradesh
20. Andhra Bank Kanigiri ANDB0000336 Main Road Mandal, Prakasam - 523230
Kanigiri , Andhra Pradesh
21. Andhra Bank Karamchedu ANDB0000332 4-101, Main Road, Karamchedu, AP, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
22. Andhra Bank Kondapi ANDB0002638 Maddulur Road Kondapi Prakasam DT AP
Andhra Pradesh
23. Andhra Bank Kothapatnam Bus Stand ANDB0002257 Dno 42 1 1 Nearntr Statue Thurpu Kammapalem Kothapatnam Bus Stand Ongole, Prakasam - 523001
Andhra Pradesh
24. Andhra Bank Kurichedu ANDB0001581 1ST Floor, D. #2/173 B, Vinukonda Road, Prakasam
Kurichedu , Andhra Pradesh
25. Andhra Bank Markapur ANDB0001067 Cumbum Road, Markapur Mandalmarkapur, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
26. Andhra Bank Marturu ANDB0001387 Near Sub-registrar Office, National Highway, Martur, Prakasam - 523301
Marturu , Andhra Pradesh
27. Andhra Bank Medapi ANDB0000254 Medapi, Tripurantakam ( Mandal ), Prakasam
Medapi , Andhra Pradesh
28. Andhra Bank Medarametla ANDB0001570 2ND Floor, Opposite Bus Standmedarametla, Prakasam
Medarametla , Andhra Pradesh
29. Andhra Bank N. K. R. M. Jr. College ANDB0001182 D. #7/86 Kurnool Road Ongole, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
30. Andhra Bank Naguluppalapadu ANDB0000880 Naguluppalapadu, AP, Prakasam
Naguluppalapadu , Andhra Pradesh
31. Andhra Bank Nidubrolu ANDB0000879 12-2-35, Repalle Raod, Prakasam - 522123
Nidubrolu , Andhra Pradesh
32. Andhra Bank Ongole ANDB0000400 337-1-350, Trunk Roadongole, Prakasam
Ongole , Andhra Pradesh
33. Andhra Bank Pamur ANDB0000443 4-142, 143, Main Road, Pamur, Kanigiri TQ, Prakasam Dis
Andhra Pradesh
34. Andhra Bank Pandillapalli ANDB0002343 11 13, Block #11, Pandillapalli, Vetapalem, Prakasam - 523184
Pandillapalle , Andhra Pradesh
35. Andhra Bank Peda Ambadipudi ANDB0002939 D #4 114, Ramalayam Street, Peda Ambadipudi, Ballikuruva Mandal, Prakasam - 523301
Ballikurava , Andhra Pradesh
36. Andhra Bank Perala ANDB0000445 20-90, Main Road, Perala, AP, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
37. Andhra Bank Pernamitta ANDB0002653 D #6 6 144, Prakasam Milk Producer Company Limited, Kurnool Road, Pernamitta
Ongole , Andhra Pradesh
38. Andhra Bank Podili ANDB0000459 12-24, Mahalakshmammapodili, Prakasam
Podili , Andhra Pradesh
39. Andhra Bank Ponnalur ANDB0000187 Ponnalur, Ponnalur Mandal, Prakasam
Ponnalur , Andhra Pradesh
40. Andhra Bank Punur ANDB0000451 Punur, AP, Prakasam
Punur , Andhra Pradesh
41. Andhra Bank Ravinuthala ANDB0000482 Gandhi Road, Korisepadu Mandal, Prakasam - 523213
Ravinuthala , Andhra Pradesh
42. Andhra Bank Rims ANDB0001756 Dno. 37-1-421 ( 9 ), IV Floor, 5TH Lane, Bhagyanagar, Prakasam - 523001
Ongole , Andhra Pradesh
43. Andhra Bank Sbmc ANDB0001783 Near Venkateswara Temple, Sri Bapuji Market Complex, Ongole - 523002
Andhra Pradesh
44. Andhra Bank Seetharampuram ANDB0000193 Seetharampuram, Hanumanthunipadu Mandal, AP, Prakasam
Seetharampuram , Andhra Pradesh
45. Andhra Bank Singarayakonda ANDB0000509 Trunk Road Mandal, Prakasam - 523101
Singarayakonda , Andhra Pradesh
46. Andhra Bank Ssn Degree College ANDB0001305 Ongoleongole District , Prakasam
Ongole , Andhra Pradesh
47. Andhra Bank Tangutur ANDB0000983 Kondepi Road, Opposite Venkateswara Theatre, Prakasam - 523274
Tangutur , Andhra Pradesh
48. Andhra Bank Thurpunaidu Palem ANDB0001933 Main Road, Thurpunaidupalem, Tangutur Mandal, Prakasam DT
Tanguturu , Andhra Pradesh
49. Andhra Bank Ulavapadu ANDB0002118 6 136, Beside OLD Sbi Building, Krishna Nagar, Ulavapadu, Prakasam DT, AP
Andhra Pradesh
50. Andhra Bank Uppugundur ANDB0000581 3RD Ward, Bank ST, Naguluppalapadu Mandal, Prakasam - 523186
Uppugundur , Andhra Pradesh
51. Andhra Bank Veerannapalem ANDB0000617 720, Main Road, Veerannapalem, Parchur Man, AP, Prakasam
Andhra Pradesh
52. Andhra Bank Vetapalem ANDB0000603 D. #10-111, Station Raod, Veapalem, Prakasam - 523127
Vetapalem , Andhra Pradesh
53. Andhra Bank Yeddanapudi ANDB0000655 Yeddanapudi, A. P, Prakasam
Yeddanapudi , Andhra Pradesh
54. Andhra Bank Yedlurupadu ANDB0002996 Yedlurupadu Village, H #2 162, Jarugumalli Mandal, Prakasam - 523105
Kandukur , Andhra Pradesh
55. Andhra Bank Yerragondapalem ANDB0001941 2-216, Kothamasu Complex, Main Road, Prakasam - 523321
Yerragondapalem , Andhra Pradesh
56. Andhra Bank Zonal Office Ongole ANDB0001603 Bhagya Nagar, II Line, Upstairs Rto Office, Prakasam - 523001
Ongole , Andhra Pradesh

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