Branch names and IFSC of all Andhra Bank branches in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. The bank has 39 branches in Warangal district. The table below shows Andhra Bank Warangal IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of Andhra Bank branches in Warangal

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Andhra Bank Bhupalapally ANDB0001290 Police STN Road, Warangal
Bhupalapally , Andhra Pradesh
2. Andhra Bank C. J. I. T. Extn Counter ANDB0001548 Cjits, Yaswanthapur, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
3. Andhra Bank Cherial ANDB0002049 Survey #1339, Near Bus Stand, Near SBH, Cherial, Warangal - 506223
Cheriyal , Andhra Pradesh
4. Andhra Bank Chitiyala Warangal ANDB0000096 H. #74, Chittyala-506 356, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
5. Andhra Bank Collectorate ANDB0001318 Collectorate Campus, Subedari, Warangal - 506002
Andhra Pradesh
6. Andhra Bank Dantalapalli ANDB0000121 Main Road Dantalapa, Narasimulupeta Mandalmahaboobabad T Q, Warangal
Dantalapalli , Andhra Pradesh
7. Andhra Bank Devaruppala ANDB0000120 Main Roaddevaruppala Mandal, Warangal, AP
Devaruppala , Andhra Pradesh
8. Andhra Bank Dornakal ANDB0000103 Main Road, Dornakalwarangal
Andhra Pradesh
9. Andhra Bank Fatimanagar Waranga ANDB0000094 Lcatholic Church Campfatimanagar, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
10. Andhra Bank Geesukonda ANDB0000923 Geesukonda Po & Mand, AP, Warangal
Geesukonda , Andhra Pradesh
11. Andhra Bank Gudur ANDB0000163 Market Road, Gudur, AP-506 112, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
12. Andhra Bank Hanumakonda ANDB0000206 NRR Bhavan, Opposite Hotel Ashokahanumakonda, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
13. Andhra Bank Hasanparthy ANDB0001912 Dno 8-144, Main Road & Mandal, Warangal
Hasanparthy , Andhra Pradesh
14. Andhra Bank Janagalapalli ANDB0000267 Main Roadjanagalapalli, AP, Warangal
Jangalapalli , Andhra Pradesh
15. Andhra Bank Janagaon ANDB0000261 Bank Street, Jangaon, 506167, AP, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
16. Andhra Bank K. M. C Campus ANDB0000302 Kakatiya Medical College Campus, Warangal - 506007
Andhra Pradesh
17. Andhra Bank Kakatiya Autonagar ANDB0001292 Municipal Complex, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
18. Andhra Bank Kazipet ANDB0000299 Station Road, Kazipet, Warangal DT. AP
Andhra Pradesh
19. Andhra Bank Kesamudram ANDB0000642 Kesamudram, AP-506 112, Warangal
Kesamudram , Andhra Pradesh
20. Andhra Bank Kuravi ANDB0001829 Main Road, Kuravi Post, Kuravi Mandal, Warangal - 506105
Andhra Pradesh
21. Andhra Bank L. B. Nagar ANDB0000760 L. B. Nagar, Vasavi Colony, Warangal - 506012
L B Nagar , Andhra Pradesh
22. Andhra Bank Madikonda ANDB0001828 H #2-390/1, Main Road, Nehrunagar, Warangal - 506142
Madikonda , Andhra Pradesh
23. Andhra Bank Mahabubabad ANDB0000367 Main Road, Mahabubabad, Wrangal District AP, Warangal
Mahbubabad , Andhra Pradesh
24. Andhra Bank Mangapeta ANDB0000866 Main Road Opposite Police, Mangapetvia Yeturunagaram, Warangal Dis
Medak , Andhra Pradesh
25. Andhra Bank Mulug Ghanpur ANDB0000849 Mulugu Ghanpur, AP, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
26. Andhra Bank Nakkalagutta ANDB0000881 1-8-157 Main Road, Near Water Tanknakkala Gutta, Hanam Konda, Wara, Warangal
Nakkalagutta , Andhra Pradesh
27. Andhra Bank Narasampet ANDB0000395 Dwaraka Road, Narasampet, Warangal - 506132
Andhra Pradesh
28. Andhra Bank Nayeemnagar ANDB0001224 H. #21-1-586, Kuc X Roads, Nayeem Nagar, Hanamkonda-506 009, Warangal
Nayeemnagar , Andhra Pradesh
29. Andhra Bank Parakala ANDB0001385 Parakala, A. P, Warangal
Parakala , Andhra Pradesh
30. Andhra Bank Rudrampur ANDB0000483 Main Raod, Warangal
Rudrampur , Andhra Pradesh
31. Andhra Bank Sangam ANDB0000549 Main Road, Warangal - 506330
Sangam , Andhra Pradesh
32. Andhra Bank Sc Warangal ANDB0001437 Service Centre, 8-11-23/1, First Floorstation Road, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
33. Andhra Bank Shambunipeta ANDB0001382 H. #19-9-370/A, Shambunipeta, Khammam Road, Warangal - 506005
Andhra Pradesh
34. Andhra Bank Shayampet ANDB0002147 H. #1 7 895, Shayampet, Hunter Road, Hanamkonda, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
35. Andhra Bank Suryaraopet ANDB0000523 29-19-35 Dornakal Road, Suryarao Pet, Vijaywada, AP, Warangal
Suryaraopet , Andhra Pradesh
36. Andhra Bank Thorrur ANDB0001551 Behind AP RTC Bus Stand, Thorrur, Andhra Prade, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh
37. Andhra Bank Tngo's Colony ANDB0001560 Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple Complextngo'S Colony, Warangal
Waddepally , Andhra Pradesh
38. Andhra Bank Warangal ANDB0000630 Station Road, Warangal - - 506 002
Andhra Pradesh
39. Andhra Bank Zonal Office Warangal ANDB0000239 Door #4-7-152, NRR Bhavancomplex, Hanumakonda, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh

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