Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The bank has 25 branches in Muzaffarpur district. The table below shows BOI Muzaffarpur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Muzaffarpur

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Ahiyapur BKID0004664 AT & Post-ahiyapurdistrict Muzaffarpur, Ahiyapur (District t. Muzaffarpur)
Ahiyapur (distt. Muzaffarpur) , Bihar
2. BOI Bejha BKID0004659 AT & P. O. Ganipurbejha, District Muzaffarpur
Bejha , Bihar
3. BOI Bhagwanpur Chowk BKID0004669 NH-28, Vineet Complex, AT & Po-bhagwanpur, District Muzaffarpur, Bhagwanpur (District t Muzaffarpur)
Bhagwanpur (distt Muzaffarpur) , Bihar
4. BOI Bharwari BKID0004658 AT & Post Bharwaridistrict Muzaffarpur, Bharwari (District mazaffarpur)
Bharwari (dist.mazaffarpur) , Bihar
5. BOI Dholi Bazar BKID0004668 Po-T. C. A Dholi Block-murouldist Muzaffarpur
6. BOI Dilawarpur BKID0005772 AT & Po-dilawarpur, Block-darbhanga Sadar, Didistt : Darbhanga
7. BOI Hathouri BKID0004680 AT Hathouri, Po Sahilarampur, ( Via Narma ), District Muzaffarpur, Hathouri (District Muzaffarpur)
Hathouri (dist. Muzaffarpur) , Bihar
8. BOI Jhapaha BKID0005766 C/O MR. Sanjay Kumar & MR. Ajay Kumar, P. O. : Jhapaha, Block : Mushahari, Muzaffarpur
9. BOI Kachi Paki BKID0005763 J. K. Complex, Ramdayalu Road, Po-ramana, Muzaffarpur
10. BOI Kanhauli BKID0005761 Sri Ram Janki Complexbela Road, Po Mic, Muzaffarpur
11. BOI Kanti Thermal Power Complex BKID0004656 Station Roadpost Kanti, District Muzaffarpur, Kanti Thermal Power (District Muzaffarpur)
Kanti Thermal Power (dist. Muzaffarpur) , Bihar
12. BOI Karza BKID0005765 House OF MRS. Urmila Sharma, W/O MR. S. Singh, AT & Po Karza, Block-marwan, Muzaffarpur
13. BOI Kerma BKID0004682 Po Kerma, Block Kurhanikuzaffarpur, Muzaffarpur
14. BOI Mithanpura BKID0005997 Mithanpura Branch AT Po Ramna, Muzaffarpur - 842001
15. BOI Motijheel BKID0004655 Puja Marketmotijheel, Muzaffarpur
16. BOI Motipur - Muzaffarpur BKID0005762 Main Road, AT & Post Motipurdistt Muzaffarpur
17. BOI Motipur - Supaul BKID0004474 AT & P. O. Motipurblock Raghopur, District Supaul, Motipur (District Supaul)
Motipur (dist. Supaul) , Bihar
18. BOI Muzaffarpur BKID0004650 Pankaj Marketsuraiya Ganj, Muzaffarpur
19. BOI Muzaffarpur Zonal Office BKID000ZO62 Pankaj Market Saraiyaganj, Muzaffarpur
20. BOI Paigambarpur Kolhua BKID0004665 AT-paigambarpur Kolhuaayachigram Ner Bairia Bus Stand, Po-mit, Paigambarpur Kolhua (District t. Muzaffarpur)
Paigambarpur Kolhua (distt. Muzaffarpur) , Bihar
21. BOI Piar BKID0004660 AT & P. O. Piar, Muzaffarpur
22. BOI Sakra BKID0004653 Devki Bhavan, First Floorsakra Bazar, P. O. - Dholi, District Muzaffarpur, Sakra (District Muzaffarpur)
Sakra (dist. Muzaffarpur) , Bihar
23. BOI Sakri Saraiya BKID0004667 AT & Post-sakri Saraiyablock-kurhani, District Muzffarpur, Sakri Saraiya (District t Muzaffarpur)
Sakri Saraiya (distt Muzaffarpur) , Bihar
24. BOI Saraiya BKID0004666 AT & Po. Saraiya, Agrawal Complex, Block Road, NH-77, District Muzaffarpur, Saraiya (muzaffarpur)
25. BOI Sujawalpur BKID0004661 Sujawalpur, Post Dholidistrict Muzaffarpur, Sujawalpur (District Muzaffarpur)
Sujawalpur (dist. Muzaffarpur) , Bihar

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