Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Bokaro, Jharkhand. The bank has 55 branches in Bokaro district. The table below shows BOI Bokaro IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Bokaro

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI ' ST. Xavier '' S School Bokaro ' BKID0004859 ' ST. Xavier '' S School Campus, Sector-Ibokaro Steel City, '
Bokaro , Jharkhand
2. BOI Amo Bokaro BKID000A421 Near Gurudwara Chas, Bokaro
3. BOI Baghmara BKID0004717 Suraj Market, Harna Morevillage-dumra, P. O. - Nawagarh, Dhanbad
4. BOI Balidih BKID0005853 Govind Market, AT & Post-balidih, District Bokaro, Balidih (District Bokaro)
Balidih (dist Bokaro) , Jharkhand
5. BOI Barmasia BKID0004729 AT & Post Barmasiadistrict Bokaro, Barmasia (District Bokaro)
Barmasia (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
6. BOI Batbinor BKID0004731 P. O. Batbinorp. S. Chandankyari, District Bokaro, Batbinor (District Bokaro)
Batbinor (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
7. BOI Bermo BKID0005252 AT Po Phusro Bazar PS Bermo Jharkhand - 829144
8. BOI Bhatdee BKID0004703 P. O. Bhatdeedistrict Dhanbad, Bhatdee (District Dhanbad)
Bhatdee (dist. Dhanbad) , Jharkhand
9. BOI Bhendra BKID0004885 AT & Post Bhendravia Gomoh Junction, Bhendra (District Bokaro)
Bhendra (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
10. BOI Bhojudih BKID0004727 Lower Bazarat & Post Bhojudih, District Bokaro, Bhojudih (District Bokaro)
Bhojudih (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
11. BOI Bokaro Steel City BKID0004800 Plot No. E-17 City Centre, Bokaro Steel City, District Bokaro
12. BOI Bokaro Steel City Service BKID0005260 Service Branch, E17, First Floor, City Centre, Sector 4 Steel City, Bokaro - 827004
Bokaro Steel City , Jharkhand
13. BOI Bokaro Thermal Power Station BKID0004797 QR No E-27, DVC Colony, Near Patel Parkbokaro Thermal Power Station, Bokoro
Bokaro , Jharkhand
14. BOI Bokaro Zonal Office BKID000ZO42 1st Floor City Center Sec IV Steel City, Bokaro
15. BOI By Pass Road Chas BKID0004796 Trimurti Palace, By Pass Road, Chas, Bokaro
16. BOI Chandankiyari BKID0004762 AT & Post Chandankiyari, Bokaro
17. BOI Chandrapura BKID0004855 D 127, DVC Colony, Chandrapura, Po Chandrapura, District Bokaro, Chandrapura (jharkhand)
18. BOI Chas BKID0004711 Ramgarh Roadp. O. Chas, District Bokaro, Chas (jharkhand)
19. BOI Cheera Chas BKID0005852 Main Road, AT-cheerapo-chas, District Bokaro, Cheera Chas (District Bokaro)
Cheera Chas (dist Bokaro) , Jharkhand
20. BOI Chiksia BKID0005865 DR. S. Radhakrishnan College OF Education, Vil, Po : Chiksia, P. S. Chas, Mufassil, District Bokaro, Chas (jharkhand)
21. BOI D. C. Office Bokaro BKID0004858 ' Deputy Commissioner '' S Office, Camp Iibokaro Steel City '
Bokaro , Jharkhand
22. BOI Dav School Campus BKID0005858 Sector-IV, B. S. City, District Bokaro, Bokaro Steel City
23. BOI Dugda Coal Washery BKID0004863 Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Dugda Marketat & Post Dugda Coal Washery, District Bokaro, Dugda Coal Washery, District Bokaro
Dugda Coal Washery, Dist. Bokaro , Jharkhand
24. BOI Gomia BKID0004811 Gurudwara Roadnear Railway Station, Gomia (bihar)
25. BOI Gurudwara Saheb BKID0005856 Gurudwara Road, Chas, District Bokaro, Chas (jharkhand)
26. BOI Iti More BKID0005855 Purulia Road, Opposite Bdo Office, Chas, District Bokaro, Chas (jharkhand)
27. BOI Jainamore BKID0004798 Garg Mansion, Ramgarh Road, Jaina More, District Bokaro, Jainamore ( Jharkhand)
28. BOI Jaridih Bazar BKID0004893 P. O. Jaridih Bazardistrict Bokaro, Jaridih Bazar (District Bokaro)
Jaridih Bazar (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
29. BOI Kamlapur - Bokaro BKID0005250 Kamlapur Post Ponda PS Kasmar, Bokaro - 827302
30. BOI Kasmar BKID0004807 AT & Post Kasmardistrict Bokaro, Kasmar (District Bokaro)
Kasmar (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
31. BOI Kathara BKID0004793 AT & Po. Kathara, Bokaro
32. BOI Kessurgarh BKID0004736 AT Kessurgarhp. O. Nudkhurkee, District Dhanbad, Kessurgarh (District dhanbad)
Kessurgarh (dist.dhanbad) , Jharkhand
33. BOI Khaira Chatar BKID0004883 P. O. Khaira Chatarvia Kasmar, District Bokaro, Khaira Chatar (District Bokaro)
Khaira Chatar (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
34. BOI Lalpania BKID0005868 Hospital Annexi, Tenughat Thermal Powerstation Lalpania, District Bokaro ( Jharkhand )
35. BOI LDM Office Bokaro BKID000L042 LDM Office, Bokaro
36. BOI Mamarkudar BKID0004710 Mamarkudarp. O. Dudhigajar, District Bokaro, Mamarkudar (District Bokaro)
Mamarkudar (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
37. BOI Mohuda BKID0004722 AT & P. O. Mohuda, Dhanbad
38. BOI Nawada BKID0004986 Arbi College Mod& P. O. Nawada, District Nawada, Nawada (District Hazaribagh)
Nawada (dist. Hazaribagh) , Jharkhand
39. BOI Nawadih - Bokaro BKID0004808 AT & Post Nawadihdistrict Bokaro, Nawadih (District bokaro)
Nawadih (dist.bokaro) , Jharkhand
40. BOI Petarbar BKID0004799 AT & Po Patarbardist Bokaro
41. BOI Phusro Bazar BKID0004892 Bermo, Main Road, Bhoot Bangala1st Floor, Phusro Bazar ( Bermo ), District Bokaro, Phusro Bazar (District Bokaro)
Phusro Bazar (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
42. BOI Pindrajora BKID0004730 AT & Post Pindrajoradistrict Bokaro, Pindrajora (District Bokaro)
Pindrajora (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
43. BOI Saram Bazar BKID0004836 AT & Post Saram Bazardistrict Bokaro, Saram Bazar (District Bokaro)
Saram Bazar (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
44. BOI Sector 12 B. S. City BKID0005867 Mount Sion School, Sector-12 D, B. S. City, ( Jharkhand ) - 827012
45. BOI Sector 6 B. S. City BKID0005866 Sree Ayyappa Public School, Sector V D, B. S. City, ( Jharkhand ) - 827006
46. BOI Sector 9 Steel City BKID0004795 Plot No. B/9, Centre Market, Sector 9, Bokaro Steel City
47. BOI Siwandih BKID0004871 House OF Abdul Aziz Ansarivil Siwandih, Siwandih (JD)
Siwandih (jd) , Jharkhand
48. BOI Swang Colliery BKID0004898 AT & Post Swang Collierydistrict Bokaro, Swang Colliery (District Bokaro)
Swang Colliery (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
49. BOI Talgaria More BKID0005860 Plot #187, Talgaria More, Po : - Jamgadia, PS-chas, District Bokaro ( Jharkhand )
Chas (jharkhand)
50. BOI Telidih More BKID0005851 Telidih More, Near BSNL Towerat & Post-telidih, District Bokaro, Telidih (District Bokaro)
Telidih (dist Bokaro) , Jharkhand
51. BOI Telo BKID0005869 C/O Nakul PD. Thakur, AT + Po-telops-nawadih, Via Chandrapura, District Bokaro
Telo , Jharkhand
52. BOI Tentulia, Bokaro BKID0005859 Plot #304, Bari Co-operative, AT Tentuliadistrict Bokaro, Tentulia Bokaro
Tentulia Bokaro , Jharkhand
53. BOI Tenughat BKID0005854 AT & Post Tenughat, District Bokarojharkhand
Tenughat (distt Bokaro) , Jharkhand
54. BOI Tetulmari BKID0004704 P. O. Chandore ( Via Sijua ) District Dhanbad, Tetulmari (District Dhanbad)
Tetulmari (dist. Dhanbad) , Jharkhand
55. BOI Tupkadih BKID0004794 AT & Post Tupkadihdistrict-bokaro, Tupkadih (bokaro JD)
Tupkadih (bokaro Jd) , Jharkhand

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