Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in East Singhbhum, Jharkhand. The bank has 43 branches in East Singhbhum district. The table below shows BOI East Singhbhum IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in East Singhbhum

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Azadnagar BKID0005958 Po-mango, District Singhbhum East, Landmark-tata Ranchi Road, Near Mango Thanad, Jamshedpur
2. BOI Bamangora BKID0005946 Bamangora, Main Road Post-rahargora DT-east Singhbhum, Jamshedpur
3. BOI Bend BKID0004529 AT & P. O. Bendvia Chakulia, District East Singhbhum, Bend (District east Singhbhum)
Bend (dist.east Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
4. BOI Bhagabandi BKID0004514 Post Bhagabandivia Dumaria, District East Singhbhum, Bhagabandi (District East Singhbhum)
Bhagabandi (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
5. BOI Bhalubasha BKID0005955 AT/po-bhalubashadistt-singhbhum East, Jamshedpur
6. BOI Bodam BKID0005942 AT & Po Singhbhum East, Bodam
7. BOI Buyangdih Kerukocha BKID0005952 Kerukocha Chowk Buyangdih-kerukochapo Mural Via Chakulia DT-east Singhbhum
Kerukocha , Jharkhand
8. BOI Chakulia BKID0004760 Purana Bazar, Chakuliapost-chakulia, District Purbi Singhbhum, Chakulia (purbi Singhbhum)
9. BOI Chhota Gobindpur BKID0005943 Janata Market Chhota Gobindpurnear Railway Crossing Area, Jamshedpur
10. BOI Circuit House BKID0004507 Gulnar Mahal, 4. Inner Circle Road ( North ) Jamshedpur, District Singhbhum
11. BOI Collectorate ( Jamshedpur ) BKID0005945 Collectorate Jamshedpur Branch Collectorate ( Drda ) Building
12. BOI Dhalbhumgarh BKID0004516 Station Roaddhalbhumgarh, District East Singhbhum, Dhalbhumgarh (District east Singhbhum)
Dhalbhumgarh (dist.east Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
13. BOI Dhatkidih BKID0004509 Block No. B, Holding #84 Line #1, Dhatkidih, District East Singhbhum, Dhatkidih (District East Singhbhum)
Dhatkidih (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
14. BOI Dumaria BKID0004517 AT & P. O. Dumariadistrict East Singhbhum, Dumaria (District East Singhbhum)
Dumaria (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
15. BOI Galudih BKID0004544 AT & P. O. Galudihvia Amda, District Seraikela-kharsawan, Galudih (District Seraikela-kharsawan)
Galudih (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan) , Jharkhand
16. BOI Ghatsila BKID0004513 Main Roadghatsila, District East Singhbhum
Ghatsila , Jharkhand
17. BOI Ghorabandha BKID0005949 Ghorabandha Post-luabasa P. S. Govindpur DT-east Singhbhum Jamshedpur
18. BOI Ghuiyapal BKID0004549 AT & Post Ghuiyapalvia Baharagora, Ghuiyapal (District East Singhbhum)
Ghuiyapal (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
19. BOI Gohal Dangra BKID0004546 AT & Post Gohal Dangradistrict East Singhbhum, Gohal Dangra (District east Singhbhum)
Gohal Dangra (dist.east Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
20. BOI Golmuri BKID0005941 Hno-3 Golmuri Shop Area Golmuri Main Roadpo Golmuri, East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur
21. BOI Haludpukur BKID0005956 Tata-rairangpur Road, Po-haludpukur, Block-potka, District Singhbhum East
Haludpukur , Jharkhand
22. BOI Hata BKID0004526 AT Hata, P. O. Jurivia Tata Nagar, District East Singhbhum, Hata (District East Singhbhum)
Hata (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
23. BOI Jamshedpur BKID0004500 Bistupurpost Box #36, Jamshedpur
24. BOI Jawalkata BKID0004536 AT & P. O. Jawalkatavia-dhalbhumgarh, District East Singhbhum, Jawalkata (District East Singhbhum)
Jawalkata (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
25. BOI Jugsalai BKID0004502 127, Station Roadjugsalai, District East Singhbhum
Jugsalai , Jharkhand
26. BOI Kalikapur - East Singhbhum BKID0004530 P. O. Kalikapurdistrict East Singhbhum, Kalikapur (District East Singhbhum)
Kalikapur (district East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
27. BOI Katin BKID0004575 AT & Post Kumir, Via Patamda, P. S. Kamalpur, District East Singhbhum, Katin (District East Singhbhum)
Katin (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
28. BOI Kolhan University BKID0005954 Gitilipee ( Sarjamgutu ), Po-tata Collegedistrict-singhbhum West, Chaibasa (JD)
Chaibasa (jd) , Jharkhand
29. BOI Kopali BKID0004757 AL-kabir Polytechnic. Road #15. Kabir Nagarp. O. Kopali. Via Mango. District Saraikela-kharswan, Kopali Jharkhand
Kopali Jharkhand
30. BOI Mango Dimna Chowk BKID0004574 Mango-dimna Roadp. O. - MGM College, Jamshedpur
31. BOI Mechua BKID0004539 1ST Floor, Murmu Complex, Bhatin Roadjadugora More, Post Jadugora Mines, Mechua (District East Singhbhum)
Mechua (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
32. BOI Mohanpur BKID0004751 Mohanpurblock Baharagora, District East Singhbhum, Mohanpur (District East Singhbhum)
Mohanpur (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
33. BOI Mosabani BKID0004508 Badia Roadp. O. Mosabani Mines, District East Singhbhum, Mosabani (District East Singhbhum)
Mosabani (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
34. BOI Moudasholi BKID0004520 Moudasholip. O. Mohanpur, Via Ghatsila, Moudasholi (District East Singhbhum)
Moudasholi (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
35. BOI Muturkham BKID0004532 AT Muturkham, Po Kantabanivia Dhalbhumgarh, District East Singhbhum, Muturkham (District East Singhbhum)
Muturkham (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
36. BOI Narga BKID0005951 Narga Belajuri Pancdt-east Singhbhum, Jamshedpur - 831012
37. BOI NH 33 Galudih BKID0005892 NH-33 Galudih, C/O Madhuban, AT/po Mahulia, P. S-galudih
38. BOI Patamda BKID0004505 AT & Post Patamdadistrict East Singhbhum, Patamda (District East Singhbhum)
Patamda (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
39. BOI Potka BKID0005957 Hata-jadugora Link Road, Po-potka, District Singhbhum East
Potka , Jharkhand
40. BOI Sarangashol BKID0004577 AT & Post Nutangarhvia Dhalbhumgarh, District East Singhbhum, Sarangashol (District East Singhbhum)
Sarangashol (dist. East Singhbhum) , Jharkhand
41. BOI Sini BKID0004515 Railway Colonyat & Post Sini, District Seraikela-kharsawan
42. BOI Sundernagar BKID0004533 P. O. East Singhbhum, Sundernagar
43. BOI Uliyan BKID0004553 Main Road, Uliyan Kadmajamshedpur
Jamshedpur , Jharkhand

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