Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Giridih, Jharkhand. The bank has 45 branches in Giridih district. The table below shows BOI Giridih IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

List of BOI branches in Giridih

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddress
1. BOI Ahilyapur BKID0004881 AT & Post Ahilyapurdistrict Giridih, Ahilyapur (District giridih)
Ahilyapur (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
2. BOI Alkapuri Chowk BKID0004791 Near Carmel School, Giridihpachamba Main Road Alkapuri, District Giridih, Alkapuri (District t. Giridih)
Alkapuri (distt. Giridih) , Jharkhand
3. BOI Amo Giridih BKID000A422 LDM Office Court Road, Giridih
4. BOI Atka BKID0004837 G. T. Roadat & Post Atka, District Giridih, Atka (District Giridih)
Atka (dist. Giridih) , Jharkhand
5. BOI Baddiha BKID0004782 AT & P. O. Baddihavia Rajdhanwar, Block Jumua, District Giridih, Baddiha (District giridih)
Baddiha (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
6. BOI Bagodar BKID0004792 AT & Post Bagodarbagodar, District Giridih, Bagodar (JD)
Bagodar (jd) , Jharkhand
7. BOI Barmasia More BKID0005863 Barmasia Po-palounjia, PS Birni, District Giridih, Barmasia (District Bokaro)
Barmasia (dist. Bokaro) , Jharkhand
8. BOI Beko BKID0005256 Beko Branch Village Beko Basti P. O. Beko Thana Bagodar, Giridih - 825322
9. BOI Bengabad BKID0005862 AT & Post Bengabaddistt Giridih, Bengabad (District t Giridih)
Bengabad (distt Giridih) , Jharkhand
10. BOI Chainpur ( Bargaon ) BKID0005887 Vill/po : Chainpur, Block-mandu, District Ramgarh, Chainpur (bargaon) - 829134
11. BOI Chatro BKID0004842 AT & Post Chatrodistrict Giridih, Chatro (District giridih)
Chatro (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
12. BOI Chotki Kharagdiha BKID0004886 P. O. Chotki Kharagdihavia Bengabad, Chotki Kharagdiha (District giridih)
Chotki Kharagdiha (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
13. BOI Dandidih BKID0005253 AT Po Dandidih JH, Giridih - 815301
14. BOI Doranda BKID0004843 AT & Post Dorandavia Rajdhanwar, District Giridih, Doranda (District giridih)
Doranda (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
15. BOI Dwarpahari BKID0004889 P. O. Dwarpaharidistrict Giridih, Dwarpahari (District Giridih)
Dwarpahari (dist. Giridih) , Jharkhand
16. BOI Gandey BKID0005861 AT & Po Gandeydistt Giridih, Gandey (District Giridih)
Gandey (dist Giridih) , Jharkhand
17. BOI Gawan BKID0004788 P. O. Gawandistrict Giridih, Gawan (District Giridih)
Gawan (dist. Giridih) , Jharkhand
18. BOI Ghorthamba BKID0004891 P. O. Arkhangovia Domchach Bazar, District Giridih, Ghorthamba
19. BOI Giridih BKID0004801 Katchery Road, Giridih
20. BOI Isri Bazar BKID0004802 Isri Bazardistrict Giridih, Isri Bazar (District giridih)
Isri Bazar (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
21. BOI Jamtara Dumri BKID0005251 AT Po Jamtara Dumri PS Dumri Jharkhand - 825106
22. BOI Jamua BKID0004764 AT & Post Jamuadistt Giridih, Jamua (District t Giridih) JD
Jamua (distt Giridih) Jd , Jharkhand
23. BOI Jarmune BKID0005255 Banarsi Complex Jarmune 1st Floor Harihardham Road Jarmune Bagodar, Giridih - 825322
24. BOI Kalyandih BKID0004759 AT Kalyandih, Post Pachambakalyandih, Kalyandih (JD)
Kalyandih (jd) , Jharkhand
25. BOI Kendua BKID0004890 Koradih Gangapurp. O. Orkhar, Kendua (District giridhi)
Kendua (dist.giridhi) , Jharkhand
26. BOI Kharagdiha BKID0004845 AT & Post Kharagdihadistrict Giridih, Kharagdiha (District Hazaribagh
Kharagdiha (dist Hazaribagh , Jharkhand
27. BOI Koldiha BKID0005254 Giridih Dumri Road AT Po Koldiha - 815301
Giridih , Jharkhand
28. BOI Lalpur - Giridih BKID0004963 Tiwari Enclave, Circular Road, Lalpur, Ranchi
29. BOI LDM Office Giridih BKID000L142 LDM Officebokaro Zo, Giridih
30. BOI Mahesh Munda BKID0004780 P. O. Mahesh Mundablock-gandey, Railway Station, District Giridih, Mahesh Munda (District Giridih)
Mahesh Munda (dist. Giridih) , Jharkhand
31. BOI Makdiha BKID0004781 AT & Makdiha, Post Kharagdihablock Deori, District Giridih, Makdiha (District Giridih)
Makdiha (dist. Giridih) , Jharkhand
32. BOI Mirzaganj BKID0004806 Main Roadmirzaganj, District Giridih, Mirzaganj (District giridih)
Mirzaganj (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
33. BOI Nimiaghat BKID0004846 Nimiaghatvia Isri Bazar, District Giridih, Nimiaghat (District Giridih)
Nimiaghat (dist. Giridih) , Jharkhand
34. BOI Parasnath BKID0004809 AT Madhubhanparasnath, Parasnath (bihar)
35. BOI Parsan BKID0004783 Parsanp. O. Khijarsota, District Giridih, Parsan (District giridih)
Parsan (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
36. BOI Pesham BKID0004786 P. O. Pesham, Block Birnivia Pachamba, District Giridih, Pesham (District giridih)
Pesham (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
37. BOI Phulchi BKID0004785 AT & Post Phulchiblock Gandey, District Giridih, Phulchi (District Giridih)
Phulchi (dist. Giridih) , Jharkhand
38. BOI Pichari BKID0004763 AT & Post Pichari, PS Peterwardistt Bokaro, Pichari (District t Bokaro)
Pichari (distt Bokaro) , Jharkhand
39. BOI Pirtand BKID0004833 Dumri-giridih Roadat & Post Pirtand, District Giridih, Pirtand (District giridih)
Pirtand (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
40. BOI Rajdhanwar BKID0004816 Rajdhanwardistrict Giridih, Rajdhanwar (District giridih)
Dhanbar , Jharkhand
41. BOI Remba BKID0004887 P. O. Rembadistrict Giridih, Remba (District giridih)
Remba (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand
42. BOI Saram BKID0005964 AT-saram, Po-saram, District Ramgarhjharkhand - 829110
Saram , Jharkhand
43. BOI Sihodih BKID0004761 AT & Po-sihodih, Giridih
44. BOI Suriya BKID0004805 AT & Post Suriyadistrict Giridih, Suriya (District Giridih)
Suriya (dist. Giridih) , Jharkhand
45. BOI Tisri BKID0004789 AT & P. O. Tisriblcok Tisri, District Giridih, Tisri (District giridih)
Tisri (dist.giridih) , Jharkhand

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